Xperia X Performance (SOV33) heading to au by KDDI in Japan

by XB on 10th May 2016

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Xperia X Performance SOV33_6Sony Mobile Japan has announced that the Xperia X Performance (SOV33) will land on au by KDDI in mid-June 2016. This is slightly ahead of the western release, where it is expected to arrive in early July.

The handset has broadly the same specifications as the global model with 32GB internal storage (the 64GB variant will only arrive in the dual-SIM models). The one difference that we spotted in this model vs. the global model is a lower battery capacity (2570mAh vs 2700mAh). However, given how long ago the Xperia X Performance was announced, we hope there has not been a revision down in battery specs of the global model too.

Xperia X Performance SOV33_1

Xperia X Performance SOV33_2

Xperia X Performance SOV33_3

Xperia X Performance SOV33_4

Xperia X Performance SOV33_5

Xperia X Performance SOV33_6

Xperia X Performance SOV33_7

Xperia X Performance SOV33_8

Xperia X Performance SOV33_9

Xperia X Performance SOV33 au KDDI_Schematic

Via Sony Mobile Japan.

  • Mohamed adel ali

    Huge bezel for flagship and small bezel for mid-range what the point the phone is great but i’t doesn’t offer anything unique it’s the same design since xperia z (3 years ) upgrade is so minimal doesn’t offer anything new
    1? still no OIS for pic
    2 ) so soft picture
    3) dull picture
    4) no full manual control
    5)design the same
    6) over priced compared to competitor
    7) optimization is not better at least against touchwiz which is already heavy
    don’t get me wrong i really like sony but i don’t see between this and even z5(premium and Regular) big changed compared to z1

  • Nodar Sixarulidze
  • could_you_doge

    I like Sony too. But the X series just sucks. Nothing new, expensive as hell.
    Also, allahu snackbar

  • Mohamed adel ali

    you should read about Islam better brainwashed

  • Thanks. Colors looking good, but as the pictures are cropped and compressed, I hope we see some full sized pics soon.

  • Chee Siong Lee

    I wonder when will it arrive to Singapore. I’m not getting Z5 though.

  • ramuk

    You lost your credibility when you said optimization is not better than touchwiz. And how do you know the pic taken by XP looks so soft or dull, I would say that’s a legit complain when the retail version is released but for now it’s a unjustified complain.

  • Mohamed adel ali

    i mean the current line up like Xperia z5 and for comparison for touchwiz see test between Samsung and sony and will see that samsung open apps quickly

  • ozanyalcn45

    Ah Sony Ah! Why you gonna make something like that?

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Please SONY… stop making ridiculous product like this =0= I’m your big fan but you disappoint time over time.

  • ramuk

    That’s because S6 series have better processor and memory than Z5. And the initial lag was iron out with successive update. You are confusing higher capacity hardware with software optimization. While I agree touchwiz comes a long way buts its not better than Xperia UI. For prove you just have to look at their RAM management. Z5 has better RAM management than S6/Note5 despite having less RAM. Not to mention Xperia UI is far better looking than touchwiz which is a monstrosity considering the mixed bag of style they used. The new look the introduced with XP series is modern and sleek. Truely worthy of beautiful looking phones like XP. I may be wrong but I think Xperia XP has the highest screen to body ration among phones that has Front facing stereo and ip 68 rating ( under 5 inch screen)

  • ramuk

    Don’t post anything that offend other people’s religion.
    Stick to the gadget talk.

  • Nodar Sixarulidze

    I Love Xperia X Perfomance….

  • mizu

    look at the back panel
    is that plastic..?

  • mUSICA

    only if they manage to put flagship spec on XA i would have bought it

  • ruba

    still waiting for a Xperia with IR Blaster u.u

  • Azzy

    You forgot to say “IMO’ when you compared xperia to tw… jus sayin’

  • ESniper

    japan always get the great gadgets

  • fried_egg

    phones need a bezel… unless you are a very boney person your fingers touch the screen and you are forever getting the “remove apps” x just as you are about to press the icon to launch the app.

  • Bassel

    Farewell Sony. I’d love to say it’s been great, but it hasn’t. My journey started out with the ZL and onto the Z1, Z3 and finally the Z5 just sealed the coffin. Enough was enough of the shitty camera experience, buggy updates and lack of actual useful features. Just moved to a Samsung Galaxy S7 (international version) and I didn’t know what I’ve been missing until now. The simple pleasure of finally owning a phone with a camera that focuses instantly and takes pics faster than you can touch the shutter button, all of which can be done in full manual mode with shutter speed control and RAW support. GOLD! The always on screen is also a feature that I didn’t know how I’ve ever lived without.

    So needless to say, Samsung only moving forward. It’s sad that a company which led in every aspect of the digital market is now struggling to even get the basics right. Can’t say I’d miss Sony if it dropped from the mobile market, especially when they release phones with mediocre specs that costs $200 – $300 more than other phones with better specs.

  • Nav

    Whers my Android M!

  • iosvsios

    I was looking forward to this, instead I upgraded to a flipphone and a unlocked smartphone from Fujitsu.. and cut my phone bill in half. I win, Sony and AU lose. lol

  • Ambitious Man

    They don’t stop. :D

  • Ambitious Man


  • Emil Oskarsson

    Well even the Xperia x have gotten some noted from reviewers for having a really good camera. Don’t think the x performance will be worse ;) I can’t wait for the x performance to come :D It has the same price tag as LG g5 in Sweden at roughly 650 euro (6490 SEK, 1 euro =9.4 SEK) :D

  • Itsarapong Intoum


  • DanielGearSolid

    im losing faith in sony mobile… i dont think there’s anything they can do at this point to be profitable…

  • Omarion07

    Oh please.. this is not ‘great gadget’!!

  • Deads

    I dont think the current leadership of Sony Mobile realises that they need to make profit.
    Because every decision so far has shown that they do not really want to sell their product.

  • azzido

    I agree only to the software, I think it is better than Shamesung or any other Android manufacturer, there are some bugs sometimes, but mostly they are going to be fixed sooner or later most of the time.

    For example in terms of Z5, update to the Marshmallow positively impacted the battery and the heating issue was almost completely resolved (and we are talking about 810 processor) so the achievement is even greater.

    The only thing is that somehow it is becoming too stock, even more than it should be or at least close to the boarder in my opinion.

    Aps like Album, Video and Walkman (ehh Music… :/ ) are only showing the maturity and constant improvement. I am happy to have them.

    I am not saying there is no space for improvement (like the camera, however I have a feeling it is rather related to the hardware being used and not software), but for sure it is better than Samsung.

    Now, I only hope for future devices they will keep to focus on camera improvements (both hardware and software), battery life, top specs (RAM, processor, fastest ROM) and wil finally deliver redesigned, fresh design that will wow everyone like Arc did some time ago.

    They really need some wow factors as trying to keep up with competition is not sufficient nowadays, instead of being the followers to others [other brands have OIS, now (2017) we have it as well, but after any others…]

  • ramuk

    Agree with your most point. But still think for upto 5.5 inch phone FHD display is more than enough especially if it has RGB subpixel arrangement and so is 3 GB RAM. Probably optimized it will perform better than phone with 6 GB RAM but unoptimized software. About OIS, yeah I agree with you, they should included it with Z5 series. But with dual camera coming I think OIS will be a of a past ( I could be very wrong here, maybe in future even dual camera will have OIS). Let’s see that they bring for the flagship phone in the lateral part of the year. Cheers.

  • Simon Setyadarma

    The UI is close to stock, well some people would prefer in that way.
    But optimisation, I find it a bit off, I saw some YouTube videos and on M, Xperia devices couldn’t hold more apps like on Lollipop, idk why, but it happens.
    Maybe there are some improvements in battery and performances, but I can’t really tell since I didn’t have any Z5 series, so my opinion is pure from YouTube comparison.

    But for sure, Xperias have a lot to improve but Sony seems doesn’t care or too lazy or maybe they don’t know how to improve it, especially in camera section which is now, Sony is the lousy one (Z5).

  • could_you_doge

    I don’t read about fictional shit that believe killing others will make them go to heaven

  • Matt

    i just got my hand on google cardboard today, and tried with with my z3 . . .

    i know its stupid buy i want a chrome z5 premium now . .

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  • Matt

    xperias is not about flashy feature, hold the device and youll know that it is different.

    subtle ,precise , under the skin improvement. that is what xperias are good at, and sadly that also might be their downfall.

  • Ailan Hidaz

    Heat issues are resolved on marshmallow…?
    I have a z5 and a z5 compact. Both have started overheating far worse with the latest updates. Not sure where you are getting this info

  • Alvin

    1. No need to bring ois when you have SteadyShot
    2. Yes you’re so right
    3. Not really dull actually
    4. Yes
    5. When you have a great design that always continues everytime they make a new phone, who needs a new design? Besides, their design always changes, actually. It’s called “Signature Design”
    6. Now, it is, but back then, Z3 is even cheaper than 5S
    7. I’m sorry, What optimisation are you talking about here? I mean, yes it doesn’t change that much, but it is still not that boring to some sony users

  • Chi Wai Shum

    They’ve just announced the DoCoMo version. The battery is also 2570mAh.

  • Andreascrosby1

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  • Vjekoslav Andric

    I love it!
    Looks beautiful and powerful.

  • MoYeung

    Which phone from Fujitsu?

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  • Mateus B. Cassiano

    Xperia ZL and some Japanese-exclusive models had IR Blasters, but that was back in 2012/2013. Still wondering why they’ve dropped this feature, probably related to the switch to metal frame, but even then they could still hide the IR Blaster with the 3.5mm audio out, for example…

  • Junior Rider


  • Timel

    The lastest TouchWiz is extremely fluid, it’s faster and smoother than Stock Android and definitely much faster that Xperia UI

    You must get out of your cave and try it yourself or if you don’t have a chance to use it , please googling or watch a ton of clips on YouTube which show that the touchwiz is very cool now

  • I don’t think Sony will ever do this. They offer a nice TV App, that lets you control your TV via App / WiFi. It works well and – for once – it’s not a bad move from Sony to bring their devices and apps closer together.

  • DarkMaster

    Pocketnow is expertise ? pls don’t make me laugh !

  • Matt

    what about this tizen powered toaster ? I bet the ui is really fluid. forget normal touchwizz, we want this look how clean it is.×511.jpg

    My pint is Samsung need to delete touchwizz and invest on skinning android to look just like this, since they do not understand material design in the first place.

    Oh and just in case add more ram and 2 more cores to mask the lag, because you know, if thensamsung sent a broken software update, they can’t return their phone

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  • iosvsios

    Fujitsu Arrows M02, mid-ranger but good enough, unlocked, supports CDMA as well as 3G, and LTE, and VoLTE, dust/water/impact/etc-resistant, so quite cool. Only 30,000 yen.

  • RockStar2005

    Well this time apparently they’re getting a SMALLER battery than we are. lol

  • Zandrajdugan

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  • azzido

    omg they even continue to lower the battery and screen… How many flops is this company still able to survive? X series is a successor of Z3+ in terms of sales…

  • azzido

    getting this info from experience, if you have opposite then something wrong is with your device or you are living in some kind of extreme got location like india, saudi arabia etc :D

  • Ingridkcarter2

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