Xperia XZ, XZs and X Performance get January 2018 security patches (41.3.A.2.58)

by XB on 16th January 2018

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Sony Mobile has begun to roll out the 1 January 2018 Android security patch to the Xperia XZ, XZs and X Performance series of handsets. This sees the models move from build number 41.3.A.2.24 to version 41.3.A.2.58. If you have updated, please let us know your impressions in the comments below.

It is not clear whether this update provides a full fix for the Spectre and Meltdown CPU vulnerabilities, as Sony’s initial statement on the issue was that this would only be covered those that were patched from “5 January 2018 or later”. We did see Sony’s Xperia XA1 series patched with 5 January security updates recently.

DOWNLOAD Xperia XZ and X Performance FTF Firmware Files – Android 8.0.0 Oreo

Xperia X Performance (F8131) 41.3.A.2.58 Russia Generic
Xperia X Performance Dual (F8132) 41.3.A.2.58 Thailand Generic

Xperia XZ (F8331) 41.3.A.2.58 Benelux Generic
Xperia XZ Dual (F8332) 41.3.A.2.58 India Generic

Thanks Jozef, Moisés, Stan, Steve, walaspancha!

  • Sorry for the off topic guys, but I’m planning to move from my Z5. The battery is awful. Do guys think XZ would be a good investment? I’m still waiting to see what will be announced next moth to see if Premium drops it’s price. But what you guys think?

  • Szabó Béla

    Forgot the xz. The phone on sony’s part is awesome. But the snapdragon is awful. Heats and throttle. Xz1 and the xz premium are much much much better.

  • Arthur Mytsko

    Xperia XZ1 is very good regarding battery usage, better then my previous Z3


    True, I have the XPERIA XZ1 and XPERIA XZ PREMIUM and it performs way better than my daily driver XPERIA XZ in terms of speed and throttling. No issues on throttling with the SNAPDRAGON 835 ones, since they have a better heatpipe system

  • razorg

    “It is not clear whether this update provides a full fix for the Spectre and Meltdown CPU vulnerabilities, as Sony’s initial statement on the issue was that this would only be covered those that were patched from “5 January 2018 or later”. ”

    It would be a HUGE mistake if this turns out to be true


    Sorry if I mention wrongly, since that time when Zack did a teardown he said some part about some better cooling system behind the display which I am kind of confused of

  • razorg

    Just wait, man. MWC ’18 is just round the corner. I’m waiting for a worthy successor to my Z5C as well, but none of them right now are. ;)

  • G-UNIT_(Z)

    Buy Xiaomi, Samsung…

  • Never :)

  • Blasse

    No Meltdown/Spectre fix. This is fixed with CVE-2017-13218. And this one is fixed with 2018-01-05 security patch level. So probably will be rolled out next month, with 2018-02-01 patch level.

  • Dineth Perera


  • Emil Oskarsson

    Never had any heating issues on my X performance, it was running cool all the time even when I really pushed it to the limit. I think I got a max temperature of about 50 degrees Celsius which is really good compared to my Xperia Z that could get as hot as 70 degrees Celsius, although that device strangely never restarted or started throttling at those temperatures xD

  • hansip

    If you watch Youtube, even the XA1 Plus is much better than the XZ, solely due to 4GB of RAM, while games are essentially locked to 30fps because of the battery constraints.

    So unless you have budget for XZ1 or XZP, the XA1 Plus is the better answer compared to XZ.

  • Yatheesh

    Has it fixed the Bluetooth bug!?

  • Heeyeon Ahn

    I have the original XZ, and I say wait for the new flagship in a couple of months. I use it at max brightness, and at best can only get 3 hrs of screen-on time. That’s only when the Google Play Services app isn’t running rampant. I’ve been fighting the Google Play Services app for the past few months.

  • Ognjen Markovic

    This update fixed the wake delay that was introduced with Oreo for me (XZ).


    Wow, I am getting 45°C max average for my earlier high-end X series XPERIA X, XPERIA X PERFORMANCE and XPERIA XZ. From my own observation, my XPERIA Z1, XPERIA Z2, XPERIA Z3 are getting 50°C max average temperature for the most intensive tasks, while my XPERIA Z3+, XPERIA Z5 and XPERIA Z5 PREMIUM are getting way different results, very inconsistent, sometimes the temperatures exceeded 50°C if I am on ANDROID 6.0.1, currently with ANDROID 7.1.1 the temperature seems to go down a bit, with way lesser throttling but the temperatures are still inconsistent. Smartphones with SNAPDRAGON 810 got the worse results with temperatures in the entire Qualcomm from these high-end flagships I have been using, ESPECIALLY my XPERIA SP, the worst; processing power is okay but because of the RAM, it cannot handle tasks well enough, even the simplest one like opening Settings. Temperatures can hit 70°C and it is not a joke

  • Khillo81

    Or the XZ1 Compact if you like small screen sizes; I get two days (and more) on a single charge

  • But XA line doesn´t have the camera tech of the flasgship devices or even features and updates

  • dragonsneeze

    I wouldn’t buy a relatively expensive device in 2018 that doesn’t have UFS storage. I’d wait or consider XZP and newer.

  • hansip

    True that. But sony recent track record suggest that even though they are slow with xa1 major os upgrade, the security patch is quite up to date though. Plus if you take the xa2 with sd630, i think the chances is even more probable to get os update.

    Camera wise, tbh i don’t mind as much, i mean in the end it’s still Sony xperia we’re talking about here. If you really care about photography you might jump with pixels already, or buy a mirrorless to accompany. For me, the camera is only used, like 5 minutes, of my daily life. But i do browse a lot, and that means battery lifetime is more crucial to me, hence xa1 plus is my fav currently.

  • Liam Burke

    I went from the Z5C to the XZ1C and its definately worth it, the battery on the Z5C was gone after 2 years, get 2 days out of the XZ1C and its faster.

  • Night Guy

    What about xperia xzp camera? Some say xz camera easily get blurred if you dont hold your phone steadily under dim condition. Just want to know how it perfomed, compared to xperia xz camera ;).

  • Wait or go for the Premium.
    XZ battery has never been that great.

  • el_sur

    Meanwhile, my USA xz1 compact is STILL on August patch, and no camera distortion fix. WTF, Sony??

  • razorg

    We’ve been asking for these vulnerability patches for our Z5 series, at least, but it seems we might get an edge to ask for more: Although the credibility of the source is still doubtful, Z3+/Z5 equivalent device “Samsung Galaxy S6” will be getting Oreo soon ( If this happens, I’ll rightfully demand for Oreo too.


    Is not easily get blurred for me, it gets a lot of noise under most low-light conditions, but have way lesser noise than XPERIA XZ and the photos are not as soft as XPERIA XZ

  • iArvee

    You know you can always just manually flash an updated firmware…

  • el_sur

    I hate this kind of response. I SHOULDN’T HAVE TO!

  • iArvee

    Lol okay then.

    Next time you might want to complain directly to Sony, and not on a blog site.

  • hansip

    Yes you shouldn’t, but it doesn’t mean there’s no workaround. It’s your choosing to stuck by their policy or be free on your own.

  • Khillo81

    There’s also an update rolling for the XZ1 Compact (47.1.A.12.34) in Germany (also I see on XperiCheck in Thailand, Russia, Kazakhstan…). I’m installing it now…

  • Ziggy

    Is there a way to get the security update already now? OTA usually takes around a week to reach my phone always after the security updates have been announced as released.

  • Ama

    New update for Sony Xperia Xz1 compact 47.1.A.12.34 is currently live in MY.

  • el_sur

    I already have. And they give me the same response. “Different carriers/regions have different release schedules blah blah blah”. I bring it up here because if no one else in USA has had their phone updated either,. Then clearly it’s an issue with Sony Mobile USA.

  • Jan Lippe

    That’s good to hear!

  • Erwin Hofmann
  • Kovács Péter

    Why hasn’t realised the Android Oreo for the HK customized one Xperia X Performance? Will it get it or not?

  • kramer

    Meanwhile my XZ dual (HK versiin)is still on Nougat (41.2.A.7.76)

  • Justin

    Sony HK have been incredibly unhelpful with their advice: We have a timetable but we’re not willing to share it with you.

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