Xperia Tablet S dissected in detail [Video]

by XB on 8th September 2012

in Sony Tablet, Videos

The 9.4-inch Sony Xperia Tablet S has received the tear down treatment by the bods over at Sony Blog. Sony engineer Takuya Inaba took the tablet apart piece-by-piece to explain what’s inside. There are a bunch of pictures over on the site that detail exactly how you open the tablet up.

The process begins with removing the top plastic piece that is held in place using seven hooks. The next tricky part is removing the back panel and adhesive tape seals which make the tablet splash-proof (yes, this will invalidate your warranty before you ask). Once inside you can see the large 6000mAh battery weighing 130g. Removing the LCD is an even lengthier process due to the adhesive sealant around the display. Once completely torn down, watch the video below to see if Inaba can piece it back together. We just wish we had his skills.


Via Sony Blog.

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