Sony drops PlayStation Mobile publisher fee to boost dev support

by XB on 10th May 2013

in Games

PSM GameThe concept of PlayStation Mobile is a good one, curating a collection of good quality games for hardware capable of showing them in the best light. However, the success of PlayStation Mobile has been hindered for a number of reasons including, 1) availability both in terms of devices and regions (PSM is only live in nine countries), 2) no deep integration with PSN and 3) a lack of marketing (or awareness) of new titles.

All of the above reasons ultimately means a lack of content for end users. We can see why developers may not want to invest their efforts into the PSM ecosystem. Sony is looking to address this by dropping the $99 (€80, £65) publisher license fee to kick-start developer support. Whilst the news is a step in the right direction, we still believe that widening the availability across regions also needs to happen quickly to realise the full potential of the venture.

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