Sony STH30 Stereo Headset priced in the UK

by XB on 10th March 2014

in Accessories

Sony STH30 Stereo Headset_4We first brought word on Sony’s Stereo Headset STH30 at the start of the year, although Sony wasn’t ready to formally announce the headset at that time. The STH30 Stereo Headset has now been unveiled and, as expected, this is a simple but elegant headset designed to be used with pretty much any smartphone out there.

A nice feature of this headset is that it is fully waterproof according to Sony, even the headphone speakers are fitted with specially designed water-repellent acoustic fabric. However, Sony says that for the best audio experience you should dry the STH30 speakers for at least three hours after being exposed to water.

The headset features 9.2 mm dynamic earphone speakers and an inline remote to answer/reject calls or navigate music (play/pause/forward/back). These classy earbuds have a frequency response of 20Hz to 20,000Hz. The STH30 Stereo Headset will be available in three colours (black, purple and white) and will cost £24.99 according to UK retailer Clove when it launches in early April.

Sony STH30 Stereo Headset_5

Sony STH30 Stereo Headset_1

Sony STH30 Stereo Headset_2

Sony STH30 Stereo Headset_3

Sony STH30 Stereo Headset_4

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