Sony designer talks Xperia T3; plus new promo video released

by XB on 24th July 2014

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Camera 360We always enjoy hearing from Sony designers that create Xperia devices, especially the challenges involved in making a particular handset. This time we get to hear the thoughts of Ying Shao, the lead designer of the Xperia T3. Whilst the Xperia T3 adopts the OmniBalance design seen in many Sony Xperia handsets, it differs by being the first to have a steel frame and is just 7mm in thickness.

Shao was involved in the design of the Xperia T3 from the first prototypes to the final product. Shao has also worked on some older Xperia devices including the Xperia Tipo, Xperia Miro, Live With Walkman and WT18. The mantra when designing the Xperia T3 was ‘mirror and merge with the world around you’ according to Shao.

“We opted for stainless steel for the hardware instead of aluminium, not only because of the premium texture of the metal, but also because of the sharp reflective nature of stainless steel. No matter where you put the phone it will merge into the environment, almost becoming a part of it,” says Shao.

However, Sony had never used stainless steel in its products before, presenting its own challenges. “We’d never used stainless steel on our products before and compared with aluminium, it’s a lot harder, both in terms of touch and how to manipulate it. The stainless steel antenna that wraps around the body of Xperia T3 is a great example of a new technology merging with existing products” says Shao.

Sony recently released a new promotional video for the Xperia T3, which it used to emphasis this “beautifully crafted, beautifully slim phone”. Check it out below.

Via Sony Mobile Blog.

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