Sony Smart B-Trainer unboxing pics

by XB on 24th March 2015

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Sony Smart B-Trainer_1We first heard of Sony’s Smart B-Trainer at the start of the year, which was demonstrated as a prototype at CES in Las Vegas. The device, designed for runners, provides voice coaching and also intelligently suggests the most suitable tunes whilst out on a run.

At the time we weren’t sure exactly which sensors were baked into the headset, but judging by the packaging we can confirm it includes GPS, a heart-rate monitor, music playback and is waterproof. You can see some unboxing pics below, including the charging pins for the headset and how it charges using the dock too.

Sony Smart B-Trainer_1

Sony Smart B-Trainer_2

Sony Smart B-Trainer_3

Sony Smart B-Trainer_4

Sony Smart B-Trainer_5

Sony Smart B-Trainer_6

Sony Smart B-Trainer_7

Sony Smart B-Trainer_8

Sony Smart B-Trainer_9

Sony Smart B-Trainer_10

Sony Smart B-Trainer_11

Sony Smart B-Trainer_12

Via Digi-wo.

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