Sony Europe closes Online Store; customers can no longer buy direct

by XB on 15th September 2015

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Sony Store Europe_3In a baffling move, Sony Europe has closed down its online retail store for good. From today, if you want to purchase a Sony product in Europe, you can no longer do so directly. The Sony Europe website still exists as a showcase for all of Sony’s products and promotions, but if you try to access the old Sony Store link ( you will simply be redirected to the homepage.

The move means that even the Sony Outlet Store ( is gone for good, so no chance of grabbing the occasional bargain or two. However, at the time of writing, the Sony Mobile Store in Europe still seems to be operating.

This news follows similar moves in the US and Canada, where Sony has been paring back its retail presence, both online and offline. At least in North America, there was ample notice ahead of the change. The change in Europe has happened suddenly and without notice.

Sony has good traction with its European consumers, so the change is certainly a surprise. Sony still includes a ‘Buy’ button against its products, but you are now directed to one of its approved partners such as Argos, Currys, Jessops, John Lewis and so on. We don’t know whether this move will see the number of Sony Centre retail stores cut back too in Europe, but time will tell.

Sony Store Europe has closed without notice…

Sony Store Europe_1

… you are now directed to Sony’s approved partners instead

Sony Store Europe_2

Here is the homepage as it stands today – no mention of the ‘Store’

Sony Store Europe_3

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