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by XB on 2nd January 2011

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XperiaJust a quick heads up to let you know that we will be attending a press event with Sony Ericsson next Thursday. The briefing is timed for CES which could possibly mean a new Xperia handset announcement. There will be the opportunity to ask Sony Ericsson questions and so we thought we’d throw this out to our readers for any questions you may have. We’ve created a thread in the forum here, please post all responses here as it will be easier to keep track of them.

  • Heshamtecom

    Could you please ask them will they support Arabic Language in their Xperia family generally and Xperia x10 specifically.

  • Kiranjith83

    when they are gonna release 16M color support for xperia x10?
    Will be Froyo tasted by x10 ?

  • Clbick3

    Can they give us a date for multi-touch update on X10???

  • el-Raza

    In light of the recent statement from a Google engineer that modifying and getting root access to the operating system is hopefully just the beginning of the changes one might take ( what is SEs vision on openess of Android phones? Do they intend to open up the bootloader for new phones in future? What about existing phones? What about existing phones that will no longer be supported?

    On a related topic: what about (security) patches / upgrades to Android 2.1? Will they be pushed to existing phones? What time frame does SE expect after the release of a security patch (hours / days / weeks / months)?

  • Imns238

    i got this crazy random reboot problem after i updated to 2.1, and i found many others face the same problem in SE discussion forum, and the only solutions SE suggest it to use repair in Pc Companion, is there any way to resolve this problem?

  • Galcactus

    What will be the next update, and when will it come out?

  • Are we going to get the latist version of android and how long will you keep supporting the x10 ?

  • JahmanSoldat

    Wat about Gingerbread (Android 2.3) on X10 family? And when for a new theme for X10? ^^’ stop this crap blue please!

  • Mezm

    will we expect to see SE react faster to changeswith google android to keep up with the competition in future

  • Yohan W

    What i concern is just x10 mini pro, where is froyo update?

  • Enzo0706

    I wanna know the time to get multitouch and froyo/gingerbread~X10~~

  • jkwan

    Will the multitouch update provide also 16M colors for the X10 ?
    Why they aren’t fixing the lack of contact name displaying in the MW600 screen for the X10 ?
    Will 2.3 avaliable for X10 series ? if yes, when ?

  • Tomas

    What about blury photo in contacts on incoming or outgoing calls? Will they correct that? Thanks

  • 13

    What about arabic support in xperia x10 mini ?

  • Gabriel

    This is a question that probably everyone wants answered: Will there be an update for the Xperia-family to Android 2.2 or 2.3?
    Please ask them this and tell them no more hidden secrets. If there won’t be anymore Android updates then let them give us a plain NO. I don’t want to hear anything about “The future tells whether there will be an update or not…”.

    Thanks in advance Xperiablog, you’re the best. Always up to date with news! Keep it up!


  • Rahul213dhoom

    the main concern is when will x10 get multitouch,16M colours,2.2 or 2.3……and incoming and outgoing calls contact image is blury pls fix that SE……give us all our ansers plsssss…dont test our patience…

  • Wfaddah

    thats an android problem, there is a an application you can download that would fix it… cant remember the name of it

  • Wfaddah

    arabic support is an android problem, the answer to your question is android 2.3 :)

  • Wfaddah

    Exact release date for new phones, and what guarantee do i have that i won’t be treated like a current x10 owner? faster updates, better phone, and better problem solving turn around! will there be competitive features with other non SE android devices?

    i also demand An apology for the low volume problem, and the 6 months period it took to even admit there was a volume problem! and 9 months period it took to fix it!

    A thank you note as for the first time they priced a SE device, with a reasonable price.

  • Wfaddah

    thats an awesome question!

  • Wfaddah

    thats an android problem, Android 2.3 solves it.

  • fried egg

    have you identified why you are late to market, out of tune with hardware choices to the trend (eg the x10 screen) and how have you invested in salvaging your dying premium brand?

  • Frontalv2

    why have they decided to change the layout of the buttons???

  • Caifan

    I don’t know if I will need 16M color and multitouch, but what I really need is they fix the proximity sensor issue. When Im in a call, my cheek touches the screen and does random things like dialing another number, mutting or even hanging up. I know this is an Android 2.1 problem (non Xperia users but owners of a smartphone with Android have the same problem) but I want to know if SE has any solution for this.

    I’ve using MyLockPhone tools to actually lock the screen during a call, but it shouldn’t be in that way. So, that’s my request. And, of course, knowing at last if Xperia X10 will be updatable to Froyo, or Gingerbread.

  • Heykiii

    First when will DLNA be avalable for the Xperia phones?
    Second, the Aino has Sony Play Station 3 Remote Play avalable, will it be avalable as well for the X10?

  • Pokstar

    can SE expose their roadmap for 2011

  • Phoenix5271

    please…its time the brand gets an amoled screen…my friend uses shades to look at his galaxy s *(refers extremely bright screen)!!!

  • Itamir Filho

    What about phone keypad vibration bug? What about multitouch?

  • 2.2 update & multitouch & 16m colors & DLNA & 2.3 Update

  • Blogger

    All id like to know is when to expect Froyo and dual touch on the X10

  • seajamiet

    5 points unrelated to this topic that i must stress:

    1. this blog comments tool must be implemented into the website. It looks ten times better does this comment tool
    2. this blog post should be on as well
    3. maybe you should have continued finishing coding/designing this website before launching it because it did/does look a bit bland.
    4. please keep fair regular updates for both websites.
    5. Surely your noticing that these questions are still about the x10 in the comments below? i think you need to stress to people that this is for upcoming/other xperia phones.

    Please reply and tell me what you think of my points.

  • hibiskus

    Will there be fix for using camera flash like normal one?

  • Question 1 – Small Developers seem to be able to create more competent Media players than any of SE’s current offerings. Does SE actually look at what is out there available to the android community before it creates its Media scape.

    Question 2 – Features that SE did well nearly 10 years ago are strangely missing in their current line of phones. Panoramic photo options, Megabass and equalisers, simple video editing wit titles – all features found in the w810i. Does SE believe that the costumers media needs are less important than they were in the previous decade?

  • Wfaddah

    correct me if i am wrong, 2.3 came out in late December, SE announcing new phones in mid Feb…. SE always released the phones “in the next 6 moths”, so i don’t think we will get any new phones before June, september for the U.S. by then 2.3 is way too old. Google seems to update every 3 – 4 months.

    Questions is, is SE repeating the same cycle, if so when is the person in charge getting fired? it does not look encouraging at all

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the feedback. We were rushing to get the blog/forum released before CES. We do agree it does look a bit bland right now. We’ll hopefully find the time to make some subtle changes in the coming weeks.

  • Tamalyn

    Is there any word yet on the X10 android update for At&T users? The last I saw posted on this was in December and now there seems to be no news coming out. Are we forgotten? I know SE is launching new phones, have they decided to forget about those that were purchased last year with promise of an update “soon” that never came?

  • Tamalyn

    Oops, sorry I meant to say last I saw was November, it is late here!

  • S&N

    Why would they allow a cell phone carrier like at&t in the USA to rule and delay an android update to their hardware for months after they rolled out the update worldwide? hence spoiling and tainting the SE name in the USA? Why won’t they be more zealous of their own trade name and product updates in the USA as they do worldwide?

  • Alias2012

    If Se’s 2.1 update is better then vanilla 2.2 how come it’s missing JIT acceleration, Wifi and cable tethering and the latest google standalone apps like youtube, gmail etc?

  • Neeraj_90

    why r they not bringing android 2.2 froyo to x10i???


    any info about app2sd on the android 2.1?

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