Android 2.3.4 heading to new Xperia handsets in October?

by XB on 25th May 2011

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Google talkThe Android 2.3.3 update has already started to roll out in certain regions as reported yesterday. is reporting that Italian users will see the Android 2.3.3 update in June (our guess would be next week), which is when it is most likely to roll out to other European countries.

Interestingly, they report that the Android 2.3.4 update will hit the new Xperia handsets in October. We can’t verify this for sure, but says the information comes direct from Sony Ericsson Italy. Android 2.3.4 will introduce video chat in Google Talk as well as Google Maps 5.1 with 3D, Voice Search 2.1.1 with Voice Actions and personalized voice search, and the latest version of Google Books.

  • Jakadhiambo

    Any news on whether and when the 2.3 will hit the old handsets?

  • nice, but thats kinda a long way to go…. regardless, they let their customers that they are working on it, to me thats awesome, and makes me feel i am in goo hands :)

  • Anusyass

    These updates are for xperia x10 also?

  • What about update for x10 mini, x10 mini pro and x8 ???

  • What about update for x10 mini, x10 mini pro and x8 ???

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  • Snehal Thx

    some news :)

    X10i will get 2.3.3 end of june/start of july (just generic phones but not branded ones)
    X10 mini will NEVER get 2.3.3
    X10 mini pro will NEVER get 2.3.3
    X8 will NEVER get 2.3.3

  • Fuckman

    wtf! october? fuck you sonyericsson!!!

  • Blusangitim

    sonyericsson will die soon! you are great fucker! your loyal fan will all leave your fucking company! 

  • VeKz

    Do you have a problem with the month october itself? Coz the timing is good enough for me..

  • wtf?? why do you want 2.3.4 so hard??? Arc has no front cam to make video calls and no NFC system and both are the only differences to 2.3.3….

    the wifi security fix of 2.3.4 is already included in the 2.3.3 firmware 

  • dude take it easy, you are a laugh, seriously some fones arent even being released on base gingerbread… and your crying about 2.3.4, which has no new features that will improve the arc, 2.3.3 should be the big gingerbread update.. with the facebook intergration!!

  • Lancau

    thank god i switched to samsung galaxy s from crap x10. android 2.3 with front facing camera and 8mp primary camera. phew…

  • Jtc9242

    WOAHNELLY! Wtf man!? October seems fine by me. Nice to know theyre working on it. Hopefully the same kinda thing will happen when ICS is out.

    I think EITHER you REALLY need to take a step back and prioritize…. Its a phone…. I mean seriously. OR sober up. One of the two :)

  • Anonymous

    Funny… I’m using an Xperia Neo… Android 2.3.3, front-facing camera, 8mp main camera

    X10 was a bit crappy, update and multitouch-wise, though

  • Anonymous

    Great news for X10

    We still have one X8 in the house that we never bothered to update past 1.6
    It’d be great if the kid’s Vivaz got an update to Gingerbread too ;-)

    What? I can dream, can’t I?

  • Google Maps 5.1?? My Google Maps on my Xperia arc updated to 5.5 already, even before the 2.3.3 update. Am I missing something?

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  • joe

    and the w8 as well i mean sony just cannot be ass to?

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