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by XB on 22nd February 2012

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Sony MobileFollowing on from Sony formally completing the acquisition of Sony Ericsson, and renaming the entity Sony Mobile Communications, it has now launched the new ‘Sony Mobile’ website too. The website carries over the theme from the main Sony website and centres its focus on the soon-to-be-released Xperia S.

It looks like it is still a work in progress with a number of Sony Ericsson pages still remain, for example on the support forum. It looks like the new twitter account will be @SonyXperia judging by the links on the Press Site, although there’s no tweets from this account right now. We imagine Sony will just be renaming the @SonyEricsson account into this account at some point soon. Anyway, check out the new site here.

  • the Truth must be said



  • WhySoSerious

    this look like a more sony style more profffesional, more respectful , you can feel  diffrent hand on this website.  Rather than Se which was childlish lot of animation colourfull which i kind of like that   

  • Anonymous

    The site is bautiful because of it’s simplicity. I liked it :D

  • i like it more than SE site


    They stated the ION has 8.1 megapixels… da fuq? 

  • Punkrockxz

     They also stated the ION will have 4.2 inch screen lol

  • Anonymous

    God, you’re dumbass sorry… who cares if you are first or last?

  • Our Twitter support page also changed from .@SEAnswers to our current @SonyXperiaSupt:twitter. :)

  • That’s what she’ll say

    (when she finds out you’re a virgin)

    ba dum tss

  •  they copied the Arc specs for the ION. Some dummy was lazy.

  • Anonymous

    I am so happy that Sony Ericsson is commenting at makes me feel they are really concerned about their fans.  awesome

  • Tarekali

    cool, they actually commented!! They are listening… everything we say

  • Lolyoulol2

    LOL “The Truth”? More like “The TROLL must be said”. What a fuq-ing lowlife.


  • Jex

    and also the screen is 480×800 ion is full hd display

  • Varutthi

    Dont have Thailand………………

  • Mtekman95

    Where’s the liquid logo? o.O

  • Cssf09

    Argentina does not appear: (

  • Cssf09

    is not :(

  • Homerjay

    ahahah italian language is not active…the ultimate region of the world…thank you sony!

  • Persian98

    Persian language is Not??????????????
    SonyEricsson Persian LOVE

  • Xperia S
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  • recursive

    WTF is Canada missing in the Country selection list?

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  • O_o

    Mmh liked the old se site more.. That was more ‘creative’. Now its more like the smartphones are just a small unimportant part of Sony, the old site looked like they put more effort in it and that they cared much about it. Because the new site is looks the same as all the other Sony webpages, they look more like a company with thousands of products, but most of those are crap.

    But that is just a bit and it is not that bad : )

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  • This is the good news for Sony lovers. Now they will get all the information on the mobile as mobile website is going to be launched.

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