Xperia P, U and sola now released in most regions globally

by XB on 24th May 2012

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Xperia P, Xperia U, Xperia solaSony’s latest low to mid-range Xperia offerings are now released across most regions internationally. This includes the two Xperia NXT handsets, the Xperia U and Xperia P as well as the Xperia sola which has floating touch technology.

The handsets were already released in parts of Asia, but have now seen a wider release in the region as well as across most countries in Europe. Click through for the cheapest pricing details for the three mobiles across a number of different countries. The list isn’t exhaustive, so let us know how cheap it is in your area in the comments below.


Xperia P – €392 [meilleur mobile]
Xperia sola – €299.99 [Expansys]
Xperia U – €245.90 []


Xperia P (Black) – €339.90 []
Xperia sola (Red) – €252.49 [mobile bomber]
Xperia U (Black) – €209.95 [W Mobile]


Xperia P – Rs. 24499 [Flipkart – preorder]
Xperia sola – Rs. 19,999 [LetsBuy – preorder]
Xperia U – Rs. 16499 [Flipkart]


Xperia P – €389.99 []
Xperia sola – €275 [ePlaza]
Xperia U – €249.99 [redcoon]


Xperia P – RRP S$688
Xperia sola – RRP S$488
Xperia U – RRP S$588


Xperia P – £317.49 []
Xperia sola – £247.06 [systo]
Xperia U – £169.99 on Three PAYG

  • Xperia Sola now very very popular in Russia)

  • blurb8

    I was very surprised when I heard that the big transparent stripe would NOT act as a notification light. Can someone confirm this? This thing lights up, and even in multiple colors when browsing pictures…but it cant be used as a notification light? :(

  • In the Netherlands
    Xperia p:€360
    Xperia sola:€319
    Xperia u:€225

  • Asad Mulla

    New discuss, Looks nice.
    Hope it works better with phones.

  • Gaurav Saxena
    its only for Rs.18690 in india Amazing!!!

  • Andreas Hölldorfer

    what happened to the dock for the
    Xperia P its not longer on the website.
    One reason why i bought the
    Xperia P was the dock…?????

  • Enoc

    Y para Argentina cuando y cuanto?

  • In Indonesia
    – XPERIA P = Rp4.200.000
    – XPERIA Sola = Rp.3.750.000
    – XPERIA U = Rp 2.900.000

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  • Where’s Malaysia? o.o

  • Cheng

    if u are talking about Xperia U, it will act as notifcation light. I saw it myself in Shanghai’s Sony Style official store. Same like my Xperia S but S does not change colours. If are talking about Xperia P, which has a stripe but that white light is SO dim, you almost cannot see it…big disappointment for me, so I choosed Xperia S and im really happy with it. I really love to see during dim days or during night, to lightup my transparent bar everytime I check my phone, whether its time, weibo blog, or other apps…~~

  • I imagine anything can happen in the open source world…

  • Mehul Jain

    I just bought the Sony Ericsson Xperia Sola from and I am dabbling with it. So far so good. Does anyone have any suggestions about any special features I should look out for?

  • FRKD

    any updates for the release in the US?

  • Kiran Kumar KV

    I have brought a Xperia U yesterday. And to my horror i found few damaged pixels on the screen. I was able to see white pixel dots in black background. Can I replace this phone? Will these people take it back? I really didnt expect this from Sony.

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  • Felipevsw

    Brazil also

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