Xperia S users – download ICS now; FTF file now available

by XB on 21st June 2012

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Sony Mobile stuck to its word and has today released Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich to Xperia S owners. This is the first 2012 Xperia handset to be updated to Android 4.0 and finally fulfils the potential of the handset that first hit the market in March 2012. As with all Xperia updates it can be a painful process waiting for your particular country/carrier version to be available. However, if you don’t mind taking matters into your own hands then you can download the update today.

The FTF file of the Generic Swiss update (SI: 1257-3740] has just been released. The update will upgrade your firmware build to 6.1.A.0.452 as expected and kernel version 3.0.8. We’ve detailed previously how you can use the FTF file and FlashTool to flash this stock firmware safely onto your handset. Get all of the necessary download links and instructions below.

Xperia S Android 4.0.4 download links


For FlashTool, download and install the v0.8.0.0 full version, before you apply the v0.8.6.0 update.

FlashTool Windows Edition – v0.8.0.0
Update: Windows Edition – v0.8.6.0

Generic Swiss ICS Xperia S firmware

Download the Generic Swiss ICS Xperia S firmware from here (335MB) and extract the files using WinRar. This is firmware version 6.1.A.0.452 which will update your Xperia S to Android 4.0.4.

FlashTool Guide

We previously outlined how Sony Xperia arc S owners could update to Android 4.0 ICS. The principles for the Xperia S remain the same – just make sure you download the above files and then follow the same instructions here.


  • The linked tutorial does not require you to root your Sony Xperia S and it does not require you to unlock your bootloader.
  • We recommend that you backup your Sony Xperia S before flashing and do a full wipe when installing the new ICS firmware. This will not delete any media (pictures, music and video) on the phone. See the settings to be used on the FlashTool image below.
  • You need to press and hold the volume down key while plugging the USB cable into your Xperia S.
  • FlashTool

    Via xda-developers.

    [We use minus to provide fast download links to our readers. To join minus, the free file sharing platform, you can use our referral link here. It will provide both us and you with 1GB of extra storage. This will help us to have ample storage to continue providing relevant future download links to our readers.]

    • AZe

      Does it break the warranty ?

    • Thank you so much! Downloading now!

    • minur

      thank you:)

    • Will this erase data stored in my phone such as camera photos, videos, etc?

    • Ahmad Ghazzawi

      amazing !! luv this blog and love sony and for sure love XDA

    • DarkElement

      Same questions as above + the following: Can i change the language to Dutch?

    • fried_egg

      will be interesting to see how long orange UK take to update and what they add/remove from standard

    • loms

      no. people from XDA who have flashed it confirmed that their files were not wiped out. Good thing is, you dont need to have your phone rooted or bootloader open. :)

    • Thanks loms.. Cant wait for the download to finish!.. :P

    • raf


    • XperiaBlog


    • ronish

      I got it officially through pc companian

    • betatesterz

      you sure? =/

    • Strong_Brother

      I’m gonna try to updae to ICS soon, but before I do i’ll need to hear some positive feedback first.

    • mario

      it’s a stock firmware.. no one will know you’ll flash it yourself :) so no it doesnt break your warranty

    • Aokde Gharra

      in some countries/carriers yes. in some carriers any change in the OS will void your warranty

    • diena @

      My phone will lose all data if I use this guide to upgrade my Xperia S

    • xperiaX10.awesome

      I am NOT able to download the files from above links..

    • can i use this even if my xps have different sl?

    • My phones si number is
      1257-2735 and it hasnt recieved anything yet :/ Whats yours?

    • lee

      I couldnt download from minus///

    • drchips42

      In the UK , I assume you can just go into keyboard and lang and change it after to English ? will it ask you when you start up the phone?..may wait for an English version .. juts in case my German is not that good!!

    • Leijona
    • JYongz

      What would I lose updating through ftf file? Can I update for future using PC Companion?

    • Röven

      Bad guide, too little information…

    • Jose

      The Flashtool is different from the one on the instructions, no idea how to start flashing the ftf file :-p

    • Congratulations to me.. Now on ICS.. :P YEY!.. Some files got erased though, good thing i backed up everything..

    • the instruction the same.. Just dont press and hold the back key, use the volume down instead!.. Thats what i did..

    • Its really the same.. I did some research and found out you just dont press and hold the back key, use the volume down instead..

    • Yup

    • Not all your data..Just some.. Make a backup for your own sake.. :p

    • Good to go bro!..

    • Ramirowski

      bring spanish language??

    • Nickofski

      running it!! works great so far

    • raf

      very sure!!! i work at sony ph..

    • Nickofski

      same here in holland with t-mobile. just installed it and works fine so far.

    • avery

      +1 iwould like to know that too… if I can still use pc companion & etc

    • yeo wee kian

      finished flashing the file, and rooted. working very well. smooth like silk!!!

    • diena @tinhte

      I turn off my phone and hold back button but nothing happen…. Please help me.

    • diena @ tinhte

      Volume up or down please

    • k20

      Minus upload is too slow, next time use a real uploader !!!!

    • Seriously?!!.. Try reading what i just wrote!..

    • Service Menu

      I believe you can see SI number by calling: *#*#7378423#*#*

    • CaptainCS

      That’s because everyone else is downloading the files!

    • raf

      not the back button, the volume down button.

    • thanks. :) how long would it take to flash it? given that i already downloaded the files?

    • Jose

      Has all languages

    • Sandi

      Works perfect.

    • i m gettng an error while doin
      data redundancy check
      flashing failed
      plz help me dude

    • thanks xperiablog. it feels bit slow may need time to sett;le

    • i m gettng an error while doin
      data redundancy check
      flashing failed
      plz help me dude

    • hello,i want to change default action of choosing a normal gallery from xperia gallery.i mean when i click a snap wid camera and view the image,da image opens in experia gallery can i open it in normally gallery?

    • Minto

      My phone is not rebooting after flashing?!

    • pedro

      Anyone else having trouble with the walkman?

    • Ramirowski

      I forgot to backup my pics!, damn… but the phone is GREAT NOW!!

    • Ali Al-Khazal

      Put the check mark in the option “No final verification check”

    • Freakanil

      Hi., I’m not much worried about warranty, but would like to know if this ROM would be any different from the on that is going to be released for the XPS India (LT26i).
      Does anyone have a clear answer? Thanx a ton in advance.

    • Freakanil

      Hi., I’m not much worried about warranty, but would like to know if this
      ROM would be any different from the one that is going to be released for
      the XPS India (LT26i).
      Does anyone have a clear answer? Thanx a ton in advance.

    • Thanks guys. Now I can updated my phone to ICS. Just press volume down button, you can update your XperiaS. Dont press back button. I was in Indonesia.

    • jimmy

      Guys is that true? i cant find out how to do an folder on homescreen xd on gingerbread it was possible ,what about here? have somebody find it how?

    • abhi

      when i try to open camera, it says camera not available. anyone else facing this issue after the update?

    • Sandi

      right – pull it out and turn it on with an extra long push on power on…

    • sandi

      My pics is still on the phone after the flash…

    • dawid

      its 15 minutes phone didn’t reboot. What’s wrong?

    • Aokde Gharra

      you will lose nothing. you can still use PC Companion and SEUS. one case you might get errors with PCC or SEUS is when you unlock your bottloader, and you’re not unlocking it by flashing a firmware.

    • M Usman

      really? you may have bricked your phone. Don’t worry. Reflash it again

    • M Usman

      no. camera works fine

    • M Usman

      drag one icon over another and let it go. then it will give you the option of creating a folder…

    • M Usman

      so are mine. I backed them up anyway but nothing got deleted. of course the settings and installed apps did. but everything on internal storage stayed

    • M Usman

      no its not slow. i downloaded flashtool in 2 minutes. and the ftf file in 5 mins. I guess lots of people downloading at once and a crap internet connection may have caused it to be slow for you

    • M Usman

      there is not physical back button on the Xperia S LOL

    • M Usman

      5 minutes max

    • hexly

      it keeps telling me the debugging mode is not on when it is, can anyone help?

    • hexly

      when trying to flash it says that debugging mode is of when it actually is on, can anyone help?

    • Freakanil

      Hey……. I just tried, but my phone doesnt boot up after flashing is finished. Now what do i do???? Can anyone help me please…….

    • Haroon

      How did you root your xperia s with the above ice cream sandwich? I have looked online but cant find a tutorial on how to do it

    • hexly

      when trying to flash it says that debugging mode is of when it actually is on, can anyone help?

    • what about mac users?

    • Polarized

      Hate to say it but……underwhelmed

    • Is it me or everybody’s lockscreen is ‘no more’..I dont know what happened but i get directly to my home screen when i press the power button..If i dont have a password, that is..But there’s no slide to unlock thingy anymore :(

    • dattofuboi

      damn never been so easy whip in and whip it out

    • CaptainCS

      Follow this youtube guide: for backing up your existing firmware. You can flash back to stock and shouldn’t have any warranty issues. Or can then upgrade to ICS through your existing carrier.

    • herro

      Does anyone know how to take a screenshot? There used to be an option when you held the power button, but it disappeared after the ics update.

    • George

      Mine kept crashing! Go into Settings and clear cache for both Walkman Apps that appear. It worked for me!

    • Rene

      Power Button & Volume Down Button at the same time

    • HELP

      Does updating to ICS root your phone when doing the above procedure? I just want to know because it voids your warranty, and i already updated my xperia.

    • 123

      no face detection in this version, what do i do

    • loms

      the download link is broken. it stops at 27mb :|

    • loms

      XDA is your friend

    • naveendas99

      help required for mac.above file is for windows users.i havent rooted my device i have to root my xperia s to upgrade the above firmware

    • Sandi

      right – pull it out and turn it on with an extra long push on power on…

    • Lee

      How to flash it when XS doesnt have a back key? Vol up or down? Thanks

    • Chhunleng

      Can you tell me the link how to root it.

    • Ash

      Volume down

    • Ash

      nice one…. installed and changed language to english… for UK/IE users: you will be asked during initial setup for language option, so no problem to do that without any german language knowledge.
      you can disble now facebook and twitter scum….

    • JenH

      will this update available through OTA??

    • Ash

      AFAIK yes

    • Ash

      no, no rooting, no bootloader changes

    • JenH

      :) I’ll wait then….. thanks

    • AlmightyBong

      I don’t seem to be seeing Performance Assistant anywhere…

    • mike

      erm.. you can go to settings >> security. the options should be there. It’s probably ticked as none, and for ICS, there’s the new option of face recogniton. The default in the original 2.3.7 of XS is the slide lock option.

    • Praveen Kavoor

      thank you started downloading….

    • avery

      Hi! I just need to know…. if I want to return to my actual update (FW .75) can I do it? Thanks in advance!

    • Seik

      What wrong I’m doing?
      22/039/2012 15:39:43 – INFO
      – Selected LT26_6.1.A.0.452_Generic_CH_1257-3740_.ftf

      22/039/2012 15:39:43 – INFO
      – Preparing files for flashing

      22/040/2012 15:40:16 – INFO
      – Please connect your device into flashmode.

      22/040/2012 15:40:18 – INFO
      – Opening device for R/W

      22/040/2012 15:40:21 – INFO
      – Start Flashing

      22/040/2012 15:40:21 – INFO
      – Flashing loader

      22/040/2012 15:40:21 – INFO
      – Ending flash session

      22/040/2012 15:40:21 – ERROR

      22/040/2012 15:40:21 – ERROR
      – Error flashing. Aborted

      22/040/2012 15:40:21 – INFO
      – Device connected in flash mode

    • dodol_ketan

      flashing done n work well….yayyyyy…!!!

    • Cheng

      Have big question I need your guys help for: Im currently on 2.3.7 on my Xperia S. Rooted.

      Now my big problem is, can I upgrade to 4.0 WITHOUT losing data? or any upgrade will lose all my data? the fact is I have a LOT of things (60+ games, 70+ apps) on my phone. I dont wanna actually backup all of them…costs me too much time, and the more I am afraid I might lose stuff due to incompatibility…… what do you guys advise? I dont wanna actually risk my current nice phone status and content for only 4.0 upgrade. If it clears all my stuff again, I rather wait for my next phone to use 4.0….what do you guys advise? thnx in advance.~~

    • What i can tell you, yes you will lose everything !!! Unless photos and music files that are on the 32g memory all the rest will go ! Better backup !

    • Cheng

      most of my games and saves and apps are on internal memory (that 32g), those are safe? I still will lose alot from “phone only” I guess..sigh

    • firmware file corrupted..?? help

    • Christoph

      Hi I’m from Chile and I would like to know if I update to ICS what is going to happen with the spanish language??? is it included in this ICS???


      Can install showed update with British English language? Or on Swiss?

    • Nima

      important:after update my wifi is on in air plane mode until i turning off air plane mode my wifi is stop working

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    • IP

      they suck ;)

    • HELP

      Thanks, so it doesn’t void your warranty. Thank god. But how do i go back to stock. Do i have to bring it to customer service to revert it back to Gingerbread. Please anyone Reply !!!!!!

    • AlmightyBong

      Do you mean Face Unlock? Mine does.

    • AlmightyBong

      Sweet! Warranty intact!
      That said, if this can be done without rooting or unlocking bootloader, what’s the purpose of rooting and unlocking bootloaders in the first place?

    • AlmightyBong

      The Face Unlock is awkward and funny for me… I’m not used to seeing my face on the screen before it unlocks. I can’t stop giggling. Back to slide to unlock… Hehehe!

    • AlmightyBong

      Mine didn’t reboot by itself as well. Just power on as usual, and wait till the phone vibrates or the Sony logo comes up. If nothing comes up, reflash as advised.

    • AlmightyBong

      Hmmm… I didn’t notice at all that it is a specific German version. After flashing my phone with the FTF file, the phone actually detected I’m in the Philippines and gave me a selection of language that I can use during the first time setup. I selected English (Philippines). Then everything else is understandably in English. Don’t see no Germans anywhere on my phone.

    • AlmightyBong

      Sony PH? Philippines?

    • dax0330

      yes it really works great! battery life has improved a lot with ICS! the built-in task killer is quite handy ;)

    • HELP

      Well, I’m not an expert on this, but from my point, i think if you unlocked the boot-loader, you can do what ever you want with the phone without being restricted. I don’t know if this is right but yea :)

    • Praveen Kavoor

      hooorrray!! i have updated working smoothly, fantastic guidance thank you from India

    • syazh

      thanks dude…glad…malaysia… been using ics a few minutes ago….awesome!!!!!

    • Roozbeh

      go get a PC man! :)

    • Cheeky Raffy

      I still have to wait for my ICS for about 2-3 weeks more according to my network provider. I wonder why they have to modify it whilst other people have already installed them without being modified”?”

    • Cheeky Raffy

      I thought this ICS update is only available through PC companion”?”

    • Cheeky Raffy

      I believe if you do that you’ll loose your warranty.

    • HELP

      Yes, I know if you unlock your boot loader you’ll lose your warranty. What happens if you don’t unlock the bootloader and not root the phone is it still under warranty? What should I say to customer service to flash it back to stock version of andriod?

    • Sanal_Ry

      Hello everyone. I am wonder at LT26i and LT26, what is the different between them? In the picture the model number is LT26i but in the firmware download is LT26. Please leave a comment here. Thx u in advance.

    • Rune Christiansen

      I would just find someone with a PC, or wait for it to be released officially where you live, cheers :)

    • Rune Christiansen

      There’s lots of little good things in it. Few things I’m a little disappointed with is that it’s less smooth than GB, music is not really stable(poweramp) -it can hiccup when browsing at the same time no matter priority you set it to and it often unloads the home screen making it load up slowly when exiting an app.
      If anyone else have a solution for these , please reply.

    • JenH

      just checked the pc companion… saying i’m using the newest version (Taiwan user)

    • naveendas99

      Unbelievably smooth and user friendly

    • Strongful_Brother

      This firmware is little buggy also drain your battery beware.

    • Strongful_Brother

      Just update your phone using pcc select repair.

    • super sexy… Thank You.. :) SALUTE…

    • Impatient UK users (like me) should be aware that the above Swiss ROM will mean you can no longer see or use Wi-Fi channels 12 and 13.

    • semih

      anyone know how to resolve wifi issue ?

    • Thanks … ICS work great on my xperia s… matur suwun sanget!!

    • naveendas99

      Couldn’t wait so went with the former one.ICS running smoothly:)

    • freakyone

      erm… when I download the Flashtool kaspersky says there is virus “Exploit.Linux.Lotoor.ah” in “Flashtool”
      Pls help :)

    • yeo wee kian

      the same thread provided the root zip file, put it into the phone, and flash the nozomi img file, and install the zip file on the phone using cwm. after that, using zip file, extract kernel from the ftf file and flash it back

    • rickerlr

      Anyone made a video?

    • ash

      yes, i think so….. my battery is also drainig…… have you any other sources for that statement ?

    • ash

      if you dont even wanna do backup then: don’t do it and stay on 2.3.7. whatcha wanna hear ? if you update on ics you will keep your files on internal memory but you need to install/restore all apps and personalizations

    • ash

      im not quite sure, but perhabs the “repair” function in pc companion will bring back GB ?

    • snowhole

      A bit different than what I expected (the lock screen definitely most of all). But overall a pleasant upgrade. Thank you Sony and Xperiablog.

    • Metallica

      my SI number is on the list, but pc companion says that my phone is up to date .. it can be updated it manually only?

    • Max

      How about language? this update have a portuguese?

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    • Sean

      What’s the best way to backup my files? Anyone can help out? Thanks in advanced.

    • klz

      love it!! worked flawlessly…thanks a lot…the suffering has finally come to an end :P

    • hi my xperia s is continuously showing yellow tint what should I do plz help

    • boss…gimana update ke ICS? mohon pencerahannya… thanks

    • Deepu

      Finally Flash tool is working for me…. have to check everything else…..Airtel( India)

    • Deepu

      Many Thanks:)

    • samir

      how do i know the update has started?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah way way WAY too risky, D: I’d rather do this the first thing you buy ur phone but now my Xperia S has occupied pics, vids and apps that I don’t want to be risked with :O Gonna wait till the update is presented in the phone itself. :P

    • guys i buy new sony xperia s ( LT26i ) in Gujarta (India) can i upgrade by this technique ..??

    • Julius

      The GUI was prettier with Gingerbread. ICS looks to robotic for me. :(

    • Update gone Wrong

      Ive tried upgrading my Experia S to ICS but while flashing the phone continuously gives an error and the phone reboots itself. I cannot thus upgrade and my phone is now not woring as i think all software has been deleted. Even i plug it in no device is recognised and only the green LED light lights up. I’m scared. HELP

    • Sean

      Why is it that when i download the firmware the size for the first time i tried was like only 80mb then i downloaded again cause i wanst sure whether it was right and the size of the file keeps decreasing as i keep downloading O:

    • Gau

      I also have this problem after updating via PCC for a Singapore set

    • anthony

      thanks so much

    • Bubbleduck

      Anybody having problems installing JuiceDefender after ICS update? Goes to install then just reboots the phone instead. Tried different methods as per Latedroid’s website inc. Beta version but still same issue. Battery is awful without it! Btw, it’s a UK version.

    • Alvinator

      I installed the ICS on my Xperia S and I´m thinking seriously to downgrade.

      I´m getting a lot of lags just sliding between home screens (with only 3 widgets), when I´m playing ‘Cut the rope’ the game simply exits without any alert, the wi-fi signal looks weaker, the phone is overheating when using an animated wallpaper and a lot of apps (gmail, facebook, foursquare) are freezing all the time (I need to wait about 20 seconds to get a response from the touch screen or buttons). =(

      Everyone saying it runs smoother than ever and on my phone it doesn’t happen.

    • please resolve the lags…i downgrade to GB ch1

    • Hey i found a Huge Problem in this firmware is that when i connect my xperia s to the computer it shows me that xperia s is connected bt it is not showing me the files like music, photos, etc… bt the ics works reallly great and awesome everything became better except the problem i mentioned above please try 2 fix it … and Thanks 4 this upgrade :)

    • Hahahaha.

    • WindyMiller

      Hi All, My Xperia S is currently rooted, if I update using this method does my root remain rooted?

    • Lythanhlong

      Just root your phone. Back up programs into titanium backup, back up sms with sms backup app and backup contacts on sim card. Then just drag all those files into computer. Flash this new rom then paste it back into phone. Done.

    • hey guys after ICS update my phone is little bit laggy as, gng from one screen to another the screen widgets are appearing slowly,,does any one having the same prblm and is there any solution???

    • paul

      how can i put the swiss update on my xperia s ???

    • Praveen Kavoor


    • Sanal_Ry

      Thank you Mr. Praveen Kavoor. and will it lost any feature or function if we flash different firmware?

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    • Vennturesome

      I received the following messages from the Flash Tool when trying to upgrade my Xperia S to ICS. I have plugged my phone in with the Volume Down depressed, but the Flash Tool doesn’t do anything but display the box to plug my phone in while pressing the Back Key (like for the Xperia Arc)? Now my phone won’t even turn on, even though it has full battery. Where did I go wrong? Any suggestions would be appreciated? Do I need to reinstall GB and try again?

      03/021/2012 12:21:29 – INFO
      – Device connected with USB debugging off

      03/021/2012 12:21:29 – INFO
      – For 2011 devices line, be sure you are not in MTP mode

      03/023/2012 12:23:34 – INFO
      – Flash canceled

    • Vennturesome

      Sorted – I just needed to soft boot the phone (Holding the Power Key and Vol. Key) to get the phone working again. I had forgot to turn on USB Debugging (duh). Phone and I are both happy with ICS, although I have noticed some apps appear to be slightly lagging, otherwise I love then new interface.

    • Muniruddeen

      This is interesting, thanks and at the same time, I am using a Xperia S sim free fromSwisscom (1257-4012) – can I apply this firmware? What will happen to new official firmware in the future, would I been given access to it? regards Munir

    • Benjamin.

      HEELPPP, ¿this tutorial is for xperia arc s or xperia s ?

    • Sebastian

      I updated without backing up and everything was there afterwards, files and apps. I think the backup is one of the steps you go through before the phone updates. I don’t about the rooting though

    • Roozbeh


    • Jong_madz22

      dear Sony….I have my xperia s and it is on ics,I have a problem on the accelerometer,.its not working well,specially on the home screen.I tried to download the accelerometer test apps but its failed,,.can any one send me how to fix it,,,,thanks

    • M Mzwaks

      I updated my Xperia S and now it cannot download ???

    • AJ

      I Installed the update, but what happend to the 3D Camera? I can’t find it….

    • Marioskaragiannis

      hey …. ive got different si number(1257-5066), can i install it or no?

    • Charlotte

      My phone did this upgrade recently and I had already downloaded the sony companion program for back up etc however when I connect my phone to computer with USB it will show internal storage but there is nothing in my albulms > pictures. The pictures are on my phone but I have no idea how to view on my computer? Any ideas please??
      Thank you.

    • Suraj

      If I will put this Xperia s firmware to my arc s then it will work on arc s or not

    • Michael

      Does anyone know how to create folders on xperia s with ics – I cannot work it out. I discovered the screen shot can be done with vol down and power button, but this one I cannot see how to create folders thanks

    • Marioskaragiannis

      dude,just think about it……xperia s has different hardware than arc s…..if it was as simple as you want to bee everone from se could have ics……….i belive you cant do it..

    • Giri

      Can i update ICS for xperia sola??? can you guys share the link?

    • James Chong

      any software to do it on mac os ?

    • rohith

      press camera + volume button + power at a time

    • jits27

      my xperia arc s updated ics 4 suddenly crashed without any reason. it doesnt start at company doesnt provide international warrenty for mobile phones. local service stations doesnt repair mobiles even on chargable basis. its amazing. i cant believe this for SONY company. can u plz guide me how to repair my phone?

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