Sony Mobile plans to sell 50 million Xperia handsets in next financial year

by XB on 16th October 2012

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Sony Mobile is forecasting a 50 percent growth in smartphone shipments in FY14 (financial year to March 2014) according to a report from We don’t know where the source of this information is from as we haven’t seen anything official from Sony themselves. The last official word from the company was back in August, where it guided to 34 million Xperia shipments in FY13 (year to March 2013).

This FY14 target implies that Sony Mobile would look to sell 50 million handsets, impressive year-on-year growth, but still way short of the dominant players (Apple and Samsung). However, if this shipment target was met it would put Sony in third place says the report, nothing to be sniffed at.

The number of handsets outsourced in FY14 would also rise from 30 percent to 35 percent, moving from 15 million to 17.5 million units. These orders will go to a number of ODMs including Compal, Arima and Foxconn. The latter ODM produced three Qualcomm-based smartphones for Sony launching this quarter – must be the Xperia J, T/TX and V.

Thanks Aaron!

  • zappor

    ODM phones are lowend phones like Xperia J I think…

  • XperiaBlog

    We forgot about the Xperia J!

  • Paul-Luis

    Xperia T/TX and V are NOT ODMs.

  • We hope sony xperia will kick down apple and make back the legendary of sony ericsson

  • Scorpio

    Sony Please make Screen ScannerTM.
    Literally Scans the paper by Brushing your phone back and forth at the paper.

  • Guest

    Sony Please make Screen ScannerTM
    Literally scans by brushing your phone back and forth to the paper.

  • Deniz

    I shall by some Sony shares, they’re very cheap.

  • bellboy

    with their shocking customer support, i dont think so lol, keep dreaming sony.

  • DrazenDodig

    what he meant is that ODM is when factory designs the phone and makes it.. usually done for cheapest phones, like tipo… it is actually impressive – it means that they want most of their growth to come from mid to high end phones, which means that we will get a lot of mid-high end phones from sony in next year :-).

  • DrazenDodig

    there was also an report few months ago about this 50% growth next year in Taiwan’s industry paper, factories were unsure if Sony is able to do it, as going from 10 million ODMS in FY2013 to 17.5 million in FY2014 is quite large jump.

  • *buy

  • got to make your phones available to every carrier first like Samsung. Their distribution is god awful in Canada. Xperia S only available in sony store and rogers network.

  • dave

    Whats so shocking about the support?

  • i’m gamer

    ok sony , you can

    “””””””””””””””””””””””””””””” WE NEED XPERIA PLAY 2 “””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””

  • jxPerience

    im satisfied with SONY Xperia support, maybe you’re acting too rude and showing no respect to them. Maybe next time change your attitude

  • jxPerience

    wow for sure ill have one of those 50 millions shipments.

  • I’ve found Sony support to be down to earth and they were keen to help

  • surethom

    Good luck they better improve the Processor & battery in there new phones then.

  • gnote

    Sony Ericsson used to be my phone of choice. I have own nearly every high end phone they release. But their high end phone has become a joke.

    My last one was xperia play. Let me tell you that was a major disaster. I learned and mastered the the phrase ” LOW MEMORY ” from my experience with xperia play. What a disaster……
    I still like their design… but design could only take you so far…… they got to be at the forefront of spec and tech as well. Their flagship phones seems to be always trying to play catch up with rivals but without success.
    I consider sony now to be a second tier not a top tier phone maker.I am now a samsung convert.
    So please sony release a phone that makes me want to come back to you and be my number one choice again.

    P.S. please change the way you name your phone. It is sooooooooooo boring, confusing and downright plain Jane and knack any real charisma

  • von

    ??? or you can just take a picture?

  • jag

    try HTC and SAMSUNG support.. hehe! worst is the LG support… try going to their own forums and see how unhappy the people are about the customer supports.

  • paul4id

    … and Xperia Pro II please.

  • how about u buy xperia tablet s. tbey use tegra 3 :p

  • Sony anytime any day….used up all dere high tech as for the new ones just released will have to wait for next year
    I hope to see a 32g internals expandable with sd card… 2gig ram den we’d rock
    for now sticking alil longer with my sxs

  • Arie

    Hope for better screen technology, much better camera and at least 2500mAh battery.

  • Arex

    They have alot of things to fix for that to happen. Distribution beeing the main one i think.

  • Slave4Sony

    Yes! and Sony please!!! Don’t forget to develop your own operating system as well.

  • Luai

    Ya sony keep makig new phones and selling them and forget about the old ones.. The support they give for old phones is horrible although sxs is not that old it will not be having jb anytime soon.. All the other companies have already started planning but i guess sony threw everything on aosp . They have amazing specs but bad firmwares and no support.. I am on cm9 now

  • Sami


  • jj

    And I “expect” you to release phones faster

  • kondzio911

    much more likely is that sony will release a new PS portable (like Vita) with Android operating system. I think that is good idea as well as xp 2

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  • SonyFan

    I believe Sony can make it as the big obstacle is gone which is the Ericsson. I have full faith in Sony!

  • X-Sony

    I agree, my £300+ Arc S has been useless after the first 3 months and upgrading to ICS. All you get in the support form is some cocky answer and a link to useless information from some kid

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