Sony C650X ‘Odin’ live concept picture appears

by XB on 21/10/2012

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A live concept picture for the upcoming Sony C650X smartphone, codenamed Odin, has appeared on Concept-Phones. The way the picture is taken (in the wild) may lead some to believe it is the real deal. However the guy behind the picture, Jsus, has produced some very neat concepts (both render and live) in the past.

The picture shows what looks like a silver handset with a large glass front. Sony ‘Odin’ is rumoured to have a 5-inch 1080p display and quad-core Snapdragon S4 chipset. Odin and Yuga are meant to have similar specs but will sport different exteriors. Whilst the picture isn’t that of the real deal – is this something you would like to see from Sony? Let us know in the comments below.

Via Concept-Phones.

Thanks Aaron and Radu!

  • Diego Neves

    is realy!!

  • SonyFan

    one word: beautiful

  • Rotha Heang Chan

    Wow!!!! I would love it if it’s real

  • M Usman

    now that really is a simple elegant large phone without losing class due to size. I hope the real Odin is something similar to this. it looks stunning

  • Deniz Onmus
  • m-cd

    5-inch screen is way too much for me, but I really like it.

  • ProWeirdo

    Yes, I would definitely want this kind of design! I hope that’s not photoshopped like the “Xperia Nexus” – doesnt change the fact that it was great too.

  • jxPerience

    it looks like the OLD winmo 6.5 Xperia X2 :)

  • Sneaker Pimps

    I want for Odin and Yuga the design NXT like Xperia S,P and U, the lightbar is so charm.

  • khan

    beauty real beauty

  • Ghayyath El Masri

    yes! i keep telling SonyMobile that on youtube! thank u! i want the NXT design back

  • Ghayyath El Masri

    Yes! 1080p on a 5-inch would keep Sony as the holder of the “Sharpest screen” title, because HTC is planning to release a 1080p display as well on 5 come on Sony make this phone gorgeous!

  • AsadMulla

    I was thinking I have seen a similar phone somewhere and that is what it is. X2

  • AsadMulla

    That is not a 5inch screen. no way

  • AsadMulla


  • Atlas
  • Nabil

    Lol you really think they will listen ?

  • Coolkid

    It might be even Xperia Dogo… But it really looks GORGEOUS…:)

  • Feanor

    No, they won’t. The transparent strip costs space, money and its is not needed thanks to stock Android 4.0 virtual keys. But they should because they lost the most important design cue. My P looks as expensive as the iPhone, the T looks like every second plastic android.

  • reptile64

    This is not a 5″ phone for sure

  • Nabil

    It’s because of the good finishes and the material they used. If they make a slim phone with a curved metal back and good finishes, it will look as expensive as the iPhone. It’s not because of the transparent element. I do agree it is beautiful but I am not disappointed about the fact that they are not using it again.

  • Pavel

    Hi every one!)Week ago in New York i bought Xperia TX,it is simply awesome!!))

  • Mohammad

    hi , Please Tell Me , What is a

    live concept picture ?
    I Don`t Know English Very Well .

    Thanks So Much

  • Mr. Potter

    Ooh yeas!! I wanna fuck this phone so bad, it looks like the sexy chubby milf.

  • naathaanS

    Xperia X2?
    Looks nice nevertheless

  • like-no-other

    looks like xperia X2

  • metcarded

    It’s a very nice looking phone, but as has already been mentioned it’s a photoshopped SonyEricsson X2.

  • Pradeep

    It looks like nokia n9 edges

  • Ali Alkhazal

    live concept. it means a live picture that we still don’t know where it is true or not

  • Albert Octavianus

    would really like this one..the bottom part is probably what we’ve seen in xperia j, illuminating light..i’d go for white light just like in xperia s, it will make the phone look exclusive&expensive

  • Steve Blows Jobz

    Lol that is NOT 5” screen, but yeah, nice try. The real Odin will most likely look like T and use even cheaper plastic than SGSIII :D

  • Gitarooman

    front is almost all glass, hard to telll

  • jualmahal

    I don’t care…just give first-class support to your current existing customers!

  • Aj

    look more like xperia x2 (windows phone)

  • christo

    Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 design but no QWERTY keyboard

  • Muhi

    nice glass cover, not too much curves but some sexy curves would be nice, like xperia t
    water resistant! its possible and the users would be willing to pay about 700€ for a phone like that

    more contrast, NO amoled
    onscreen buttons
    something that makes the display save energy

    16-32gb intern
    sd card slot
    quad or dual core !S4!
    any good gpu… because in main usage the gpu is unimportant

    xperia T or S cam would be ok, just without the focus issiues

    android 4.2
    more fluid ui
    nothing colorfull like touchwizz
    and much more features like sene, touchwizz, or cyanogen
    and dont forget to hold it elegant and keep simple

    anything better than xperia S, my xperia S says “bye bye” while playing, anyway when its plugged in…

    or just rename sony to galaxy and your phone could be shit, anyway everyone would like it ;)

  • Feanor

    Well, I agree. You need expensive finish and some surprising element like the transparent strip. The P has both. The T has neither and it looks generic. Come on people, Sony Ericsson used to have some great designs but since the beginnings of the Xperia line, they have been so inconsistent in the design and materials they use that people cannot keep up with what Sony is doing now. They change their minds about design every 6 months. Even Samsung have understood the basics of design and they apply a consistent design language at their latest smartphones.
    Let’s hope that Odin will change all that.

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  • Out of the Park Apps

    Is that a dial on the face?

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  • zymo

    Thats what I was thinking too.

  • zymo

    The design is quite boring, nothing special about it. Compared to the design of Xperia S, Arc or Hayabusa this looks ugly.

  • nine

    actually it means that its a real time model desinged “a toy if u like to call it”

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  • lovebmw

    man this phone provided by deniz is beautiful. the one in the article does not look 5 inches at all

  • Sad Dude

    Screw concept. That looks frigging sweet!! Damn my XS is on 2 year contract… F**K!!

  • Small Hands

    Honestly, comparing that image with my own XS, i’d say it’s almost about the same size. Either there’s something wrong with my eyes or that dude holding the phone has REALLY BIG hands =/

  • Громак Андрей

    Like motorolla droid razr.

  • Coolkid

    R U kidding…??? This looks like Xperia X2 and it was released couple of years before N9..!!!

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  • Leaf Min Lee

    I Like the Design too, But I’m just worried that if it is made of glass it will bee very prone to breakage,..

  • Jan

    I hope only for Sony designs to be good. I would like to see lightbar in next phone. Also I wish that lightbar sit lower (or bottom) and have features lightbar settings (app?) with colors of course :) cheers

  • Cloud_Connected

    Looks great, that device! NXT design rulez… Fortunately the device/concept lacks the transparent stripe…

  • Feanor

    Lightbar at the bottom is a good idea!

  • Ajaneya Tun Pangkat DharmaBodh

    on other page ppl cursing sony because they didn’t gave Update to their 2011 line up, but in this page?? everybody feel like they having orgasm, the best thing about Samurai Capitalism is the can Fool Bule kere like u All (Wong gendeng, Londo Asu celeng)

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  • naathaanS

    Then you’ve never seen X1 and/or X2

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  • Anon

    Oh yes! It looks similar to the Xperia Arc’s facade which I am still totally in love with. Hopefully its back is arched as well. Willing to replace my Arc S if this one comes out nicely.

  • Ghayyath El Masri

    omg lololol im so naiive that i thought i have the power to make that happen..silly me..Well they read them so yeah…

  • Ghayyath El Masri

    exactly :D

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