Sony Xperia E and Xperia E Dual outed as new entry level handsets

by XB on 24/10/2012

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The Indonesian Postel site is continuing its record of revealing the names of new Sony Xperia handsets. This time it is for Sony Mobile’s new entry level handsets (think of Xperia tipo). The listing highlights the Sony Xperia E Dual (C160X codenamed NanHu DS), a dual-sim handset. By this we can deduce that the single-sim Sony Xperia E is the (C150X codenamed NanHu SS).

The C160X has C1604/C1605 regional variants, whilst we have only seen one variant of the C150X so far, which is the C1505. The phones are expected to be powered by a 1.0GHz single-core Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM7227A chipset with Adreno 200 graphics. They will have a 320 x 480 pixel display and will run Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich.

  • roeshak

    Here we go again. Yet more phones. Phones phones phones and poor poor support afterwards. Well Sony you can take these two jokers and stick them where the sun don’t shine. Nonsense!!!!

  • Juan Dela Cruz

    C160X, C650X ‘Odin’, etc. <— those model names starts with the letter 'C'. Im really hoping they will bring back the 'Cybershot Series' and make it running android and call it 'Xperia Cybershot' …As a sony fanboy that sounds very good to me

  • Lee Yin Le

    How bout some Walkman droids? :)

  • Quark

    We didn’t see it coming. Did we? Anyway, it says that Xperia V and TX are coming to Indonesia, now that’s a great news.

  • Carl-Johan Nilsson

    The fact that Sony are able to put ICS on entry-level devices says a lot about the expertise of the software-team.

  • Quark

    yeah.. keep bashing! maybe one day someone will actually pay you for it.

  • jacko

    I think xperia must be sony all around phone. Smartphone, cybershot phone, and walkman phone. It must be what sony fans wanted. And i very big fan of sony mobile phone since sony ericsson.

  • Nur Adiyat Fatha Husein

    Yass, XV and XTX are coming to indonesia…

  • Arie

    Waiting for Xperia V!!!

  • Dan Vafidis

    I think they make the right decision this time, Look at samsung, they used to throw lots of phones so people know Samsung, now their GS3 sells more than any other phone, so sony just throws lots of Xperia Phones so people will know that “hey Xperia is great they make lot of phones” and when lots and lots of xperias are sold they can then sell “The new xperia” that will be the n°1 phone :)

  • christo

    Xperia V in postel indonesia, we hope Xperia V come to indonesia.

  • Simão Lúcio

    what’s the point ?

  • Johny Lim

    All XPERIA 2012 with ICS already packed with Walkman .

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  • SomeBody

    WALKMAN = Hardware, not just a logo and a music player, I hope Sony won’t go the HTC way (Beats) and just bass boost the whole thing and call it an audiophile product… I want a WALKMAN F-800, but with a 4-4.5″ HD display, S4 chip, big bad-ass (and loud) built-in speakers, 128GB of built in storage with stock android and of course an antenna for calling people (Sony Walkman Nexus would be a must buy for me ^^)

  • Nuno Lopes
  • David Li

    They deserve the bashing! Their support is lame.

  • Sami

    you forgot waterproof phone

  • Adrian

    Same hardware as in x10i…

    If they are s good at software, how about making a working version of ICS för ArcS?

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  • Kevin Heilmann

    Waiting for Xperia A, Xperia B and Xperia C. :<

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  • roeshak

    I will…I will indeed until I get my hands on the spectacular HTC J Butterly and leave Sony once and for all. I got the S rather reluctantly but Sony’s takeover inspired the hope that things would improve but hey maybe when pigs fly eh!

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  • Sid

    Why not MSM8255 with Adreno205 which is better with a same cost?

  • Sid

    Just bring Xperia Go – IP features + Big screen + Jelly Beans
    The phone will be bestseller in the class.

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  • naathaanS

    Only works on KDDI in Japan, good luck with that J Butterfly of yours

  • naathaanS

    Like the V?

  • Andrie Putra

    Cool My Countries reveal this xperia series wow!! looks like my country will the first nation launch this xperia hehe

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  • sid

    Like Xperia J with hardware of Xperia go

  • easy_to_criticise

    u said it !!!

  • easy_to_criticise

    yea i woud love to update my u x10i to ICS but it wouldnt benefit ne nuch would lag ve

  • easy_to_criticise

    hahah u trolled him man!! good going!

  • easy_to_criticise

    r u a manufacturer? they r not the same cost u ass

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