First Xperia Z Android 4.2.2 screenshots leak

by XB on 13th June 2013

in Android, Firmware, Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

Xperia Z_4.2.2_6We have the first screenshots of the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean update for the Xperia Z (C6603). The pictures are courtesy of the legendary DooMLoRD from xda-developers, so we have no questions over the authenticity of the pictures. They show the handset will keep the 3.4 kernel and have a software build number starting with 10.3.X.X.XXX as we expected. Other things we noticed includes the addition of a transparent notification bar and on-screen keys as seen with the Xperia UL. DooMLoRD says the update is very smooth and features a slightly re-designed home launcher. Hopefully, the leak signals that the launch isn’t too far away.

Xperia Z_4.2.2_1

Xperia Z_4.2.2_7

Xperia Z_4.2.2_2

Xperia Z_4.2.2_3

Xperia Z_4.2.2_4

Xperia Z_4.2.2_5

Xperia Z_4.2.2_6

Xperia Z_4.2JB_8

Xperia Z_4.2JB_1

Xperia Z_4.2JB_2

Xperia Z_4.2JB_3

Xperia Z_4.2JB_4

Xperia Z_4.2JB_5

Xperia Z_4.2JB_6

Xperia Z_4.2JB_7

XZ_New JB_8

XZ_New JB_1

XZ_New JB_2

XZ_New JB_3

XZ_New JB_4

XZ_New JB_5

XZ_New JB_6

XZ_New JB_7

Via xda-developers.

Thanks DooMLoRD!

  • The Loyalist

    Not many changes….

  • disqus_08T17DzMHr

    doesn’t looks like a genuine one

  • eXaphor


    Thank god we don’t have to wait long, hopefully.. :D

  • Ziich

    genuine or not i hope that sony will bring 4.2 in a timely manner. they are on a pretty decent roll here with the xperia z, tablet z and the ps4 please so not mess it up

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    lockscreen has some changes…. may b one can ad some widgeds or something else der….

  • I want this NAO!!!

  • Babylonbwoy

    It’s about time! Cool!

  • Because? To me, from the lockscreen, it should be genuine. Only Sony have this type of lockscreen, the blind shade

  • Krasimir Argirov

    I like the transperant bars. Lockscreen widgets it’s not important for me, but it’s one of the features of 4.2, so we could tell the difference.

  • dv

    So there comes the transparent bars!

  • lander

    Yeah! The transparent bar makes alot of difference to me~

  • dv

    True. We can now truly appreciate the full display most of the time. :)

  • Alan Choy

    YAY transparent bar

  • Billy de Fretes

    Dual shock controler? really love transparent bar .. Hope it will come soon

  • ImAnurag

    It’s uploaded by DooMLoRD from XDA, you can’t question his authenticity.

  • reptile64

    still 3.4 kernel ……….

  • michael

    see no difference from 4.1.2

  • debianQml

    Sony’s Xperia ZU (Z Ultra) to Arrive with Android 4.2.2, New UI

  • DooMLoRD

    here are some screenshots:




  • aprilius20

    Fingers crossed for expanded notification area toggles like in the Docomo version of the Z..
    Too much to ask for, perhaps?

  • nameofthewind

    I like the transparent bars than these grayish ones

  • my xz is warming up. I hope that Soxy releases JB4.2.X quickly

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan


  • Okazuma

    Trasparent notification bar, widget in the Home screen, daydream, screen mirroring, dualshock support, general improves

  • My love, DL :) “the ROM is SO SMOOTH!” My body is ready

  • mat jeng jeng

    Loser! if u still cant make ion jelly bean come true.

  • “Loser”.. are you 5?

  • ImAnurag

    Fake…FAKE…Samsung Apps what are they doing here…? Purely fake.

  • Which moron downvoted this?

  • ManRaj

    looks like some custom rom
    Sony does’t make Cheap icons for apps, looks like some samsung Rom!

  • fuckoffjapdude

    Leaked firmware coming in 3.. 2.. 1….

  • And according to DL’s post of XDA “the ROM is SO SMOOTH!”

  • ManRaj

    Is Drive Mode a feature in 4.2? or we can have this on 4.1 ??
    over all there are a very few differences…So, it won’t matter to me if Xperia S doesn’t recieve 4.2 (i know S would never get it, but just saying)

  • Aman

    All those saying its fake are sammy fans.. Don’t be Jealous guys.. Sony is indeed the best..
    Oh and all DooMLoRD is as authentic as it gets.. He does not post things till he knows they exist.. He has been using the ROM so keep your fingers crossed very soon you might get something delicious :-P

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  • WaLu

    Transparent bar the only thing i want!! There’s such apk to make this to other xperias??

  • Bartek Piwnik

    I want “selecting quick settings” in Xperia S! :)

  • Lucian

    So what you say is that Sony Xperia ZU will come with samsung’s apps?
    This is clearly Xperia theme for Samsung

  • m sacha

    this looks really, really good, im really happy with the fact we can choose what we want in the quick settings, that for me is just perfect. the ui with the transparent background is also beautiful. im loving this sony!

  • m sacha

    its doomlord, so its pretty much a certain that this is the real deal

  • reptile64

    To the retarded person who downvoted my comment:
    We supposed to get 3.6 until now! >:(

  • m sacha

    thats an ugly samsung touchwiz phone with a sony launcher. did you get this off gsm arena? there last two articles, this one, and the one about the z ultra getting caught in the wild is just terrible, they are losing relevance

  • hocestquisumus

    Because that guy has contributed a BOATLOAD to various Sony models, most notably his custom kernel for many Snapdragon units. Also, he’s always there to help when somebody has a question. He’s a good one.

  • guest

    Only 3.4.0 kernel. Thought it was going to be 3.6.0.
    Can’t wait for the update.Sony hurry up.

  • gary

    Same here. Was supposed to get a new 3.6.0 kernel in 4.2.2

  • PowerSonic

    This(Xperia ZU screenshot) is fake, as posted on gsmarena.. Look at the app drawer, U can see samsung apps, svoice, samsung apps, chaton etc… this is a screenshot of a xperia mod for samsung…

  • kurtkobaine

    Clearly its fake. Its a samsung phone with xperia z launcher

  • PowerSonic

    naathaanS asks y does disqus_08T17DzMHr think that its not genuine..

  • seb

    what exactly do you expect from 3.6 kernel?

  • … err I know. I was asking the other guy why he thinks it’s fake

  • Luxsaan06


  • Putra

    sooo gorgeous!!!

  • blitz_arc

    nice one sony, can’t wait!!

    from what i see, there are some noticable troller from samsung in xperiablog comment section.. poor them, throw thier money to cheap phone. and now, bashing sony cause of their jealousy of the update.. ;)

  • blitz_arc

    so, what is kernel?

  • reptile64

    Ask Doomlord

  • Actually, these are not the first screenshots, as the title suggests.

  • Yet again, I know.

  • Rocky

    well,what about c6602 ???? will 4.2.2 be released for all the variants at the same time ??????

  • Hannad Ahmed

    Man seriously you are the greatest thing to happen for us Xperia users

  • Kiran Pasupuleti

    Would have loved themes to be deeper than the current version. the ics ones also could change the colors of Sony apps like calendar, phonebook etc. sorry for the bad English.

  • Alll

    If it does Not have any Battery improvment to this device so its Useless
    Xperia z has the worst battery life they must fix that

  • Jemarhel Supriana

    A question DooMLord, does Photo SPHERE make a appereance in the 4.2.2 update?

  • Huso

    Will you be moving applications to the SD card?

  • ultrawut

    do ya guys think Xperia T will receive 4.2.2 too?

  • Akshay Gupta

    Okay so i heard someone saying XS will receive the update and some saying 4.1 was EOL for the phone. Could you confirm either of the news?

  • DooMLoRD

    no idea about Xperia S…

  • DooMLoRD

    nope… no photosphere… atleast not in this firmware…

  • DooMLoRD


  • reptile64

    U serious? You desperately crying for updates but you don’t know what the kernel is?? pfff -_-

  • kurtkobaine
  • Arokhantos

    You mean laggy

  • Did someone stuck their boot up your asshole by any chance? You seems butthurt
    Also, your new profile picture is terrifying

  • Arokhantos

    Yep sony, but it looks like they got their boot up in your ass much deeper.

  • Keon Fraites

    DooMLoRD you are too epic!!!!!!

  • I like the new small apps launcher

  • Arokhantos

    By now you should understand this update won’t come untill 6 or 12 month’s later.

  • Dude, seriously. Go troll somewhere else, you can even take my mom, she dead though, but go.

    Why are you here? Bitch around about stuff that’s not related anymore, says it’s laggy, buggy for a ROM on a phone you don’t even have. Doomlord said it’s smooth, and you out of nowhere just says, it’s laggy.

  • Arokhantos

    Stop being sony lawyer perhaps ?

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  • nidou bossy

    I like the ”charged” so u’d never keep ur phone plugged in FOREVER!
    i like the new transparent dialer on the locked screen, and how you can resize these small apps and widgest!

    Awesome, but if u won’t get this to Xperia S, Ima get it my own!

  • Igneel

    Wow, DooMLoRD submitted it?? He’s the awesome dev for all Xperias!!

  • So, in conclusion. met jeng jeng and you are 5. The evidence are all out. Troll like 5 years old, watch my little fag pony, use my little fag pony as profile picture, etc.

  • Arokhantos

    And your a fucking idiot :)

  • hocestquisumus

    ahhhh :)

  • At least I don’t feel unsecured and to downvote every post that you made

  • Arokhantos

    Ofcourse you don’t with 4 of your accounts :) to upvote your own comments :)

  • Arokhantos
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  • Michael Hofmann

    This just proves why for Sony (in some not all cases) a software update later is better, as we will get features and improvements that make it feel like new, unlike ye old sam…
    Really looking forward to this one, just release it when you say you will.

  • pongnamu

    Yes they will! I am 100% sure. I expect it to be in Q3-4 this year.

  • pongnamu


  • Michael Hofmann

    what is daydream mode?

  • Silas Arentsen

    I better hope so. We still don’t have Stamina Mode or BE2 :( Xperia T the forgotten flagship

  • Ziich

    well good then cant wait for quick settings

  • KubsiJack


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  • Deki

    Do you think that Xperia S will get the update? :/

    T will surely get it since it’s newer…

  • falesh chaudhary

    M i mistaken or SONY removed wallpaper and brightness options?? or they are scrolled up..(No scroll bars on right side).i really wont want to lose those…

  • Faisal Armand

    What is a daydream?

  • Ashad Mamood

    He’s a butt hurt troll!

  • falesh chaudhary

    its basically a screen saver..which shows user customizable details..

  • Rocky

    Hey there !! i think they are scrolled up dude !! The scroll bars disappear after sometime….check on ur XZ !!

  • falesh chaudhary

    silly me…didnot notice it before…thanks dude..

  • Faisal Armand

    Ow okay, thank you

  • Rocky

    hey falesh ! ur welcome !! any news on .307 update for c6602 for us,indian users ?????

  • H. Daniel Cruz

    Man, thank you :D … I hope it’ll be released soon, and for the Xperia Zl (my phone) too

  • falesh chaudhary

    Nope just checked few hours ago..still no update :-(

  • Rocky

    hmmm..getting too late..
    .253 update was released in india along with the other countries !!
    IDK y it is late for this update !!
    creeping me like hell !!

  • Dmitri

    where is jelly bean 4.2.2 for sony xperia s Sony!!!

  • Xperia Lover

    Sorry OOT, could you please help us to add 4.2.2 on another Xperia Handset like Xperia S, ACRO S etc ?

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  • blitz_arc

    haha.. jk man, for me updates is about more feature, less lag n better battery life.. i dont have time to geek around learning what is kernel n stuff.. the onlything i know about kernel is just like an engine oil, for a car to move.. thats it.. :(

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  • jag

    ladies and gentlemen. the arch rivals, naathaanS and Arokhantos!!

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  • falesh chaudhary

    Bad Task manager view …so ICS type…why would you go back in time…current task manager view is cool

  • falesh chaudhary

    Also That Charging notification is there in ICS 4.0.4 version have it on my Friend’s Neo V…

  • reptile64

    You just answered your own question :-P
    it’s the core of android, the heart of it, the newer it is the better performance you get

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  • Czarny9121

    is there any option that we will be able to change themes , fonts etc or some designs just have been changes ??

  • pongnamu

    Well, not sure about S. I think SONY is thinking to release 1 Android version for low end (Xperia Tipo…), 2 Android versions for mid range phone (Xperia U…), 3 Android versions for flagships and high end (Xperia S…). But since S got already 3 (GB, ICS, JB), I dont think sony will.

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  • Mayank Singh

    can any one tell me hoe to take screenshot in xperia z after updating it to 4.2.2 jelly bean ??

  • edwen yurianto

    Why my phone has lost it’s screen capture button? Before updating it’s after holding the power button

  • Bala6666

    Screen Shot option is missing :(

  • irwansyah

    I have updating xperia z into 4.2.2. Some problem is appear such as cannot using social media, and cant take screen shot.. How can i solved that?

  • Jaebump Ahmad

    hi there,, i lost my screenshot button from the power button.. what should i do to set it back??

  • Harish

    How do you take screenshots after the 4.2.2 update?

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