Sony confirms new update rolling for Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z Ultra; change log detailed

by XB on 15th October 2013

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Sony-Xperia-Z1Sony has just pushed a blog post detailing what new changes can be expected in the latest firmware update for the Xperia Z1, which we reported on earlier. It also says that this “maintenance release” is being released to the Xperia Z Ultra as well. We don’t know which firmware build this relates to, so please get in touch if you’ve received a new update from the current Xperia Z Ultra build (14.1.B.1.532).

Anyway, changes across both handsets include performance/stability tweaks, a recalibration of the display, economised power consumption and a streamlined Exchange connection. The Xperia Z1 has additional changes relating to the camera. This includes a tweaked camera algorithm and refined Smart Social Camera, to ensure the Xperia camera apps run smoothly. The Xperia Z Ultra has optimized touchscreen sensitivity for both finger gestures and writing with pens/styluses.

  • lucasarg

    something new for Xperia L? something?!? about 4.3 jelly bean??

  • Dakota

    So should Xperia T owners aaactually have no hope for a new update? :/

  • Sony_make.believe

    Xperia L will skip 4.3 and will get 4.4 KitKat.

  • Sony_make.believe

    Yes. Go to our store and get Xperia™ Z1, thanks.

  • Mac

    It’s to freaking tall!

  • lucasarg

    haaaaaaaaaaaa nice joke! NO, really 4.3 when? :P

  • the_black_dragon

    Things i noticed:
    WiFi Bug on Z1 is fixed… after turning off and on wifi all Networks stay available
    Optimized Backlight Option is gone… deactivating this causes heavy Crash issues after reboot. now it is permanently activated. I’m sure it Needs a new kernel Build to fix this and remove this Option is just a Workaround.
    Performance after boot is much better. Before the device was laggy as hell the first Minute after reboot.
    battery life we have to wait a day ^^

  • Sony_make.believe

    seriously i don’t get it. KitKat 4.4 may be released by the end of the month, and yet you’re here hoping for 4.3. what the hell is wrong with you? has water gotten into your brain?!

  • Praveen Balasubramanian

    I am using Xperia Z1 and I haven’t got any updates for my Phone

  • Praveen Balasubramanian

    @the_black_dragon:disqus What model are you using?

  • enoch

    Update available for Malaysia

  • Sony_make.believe

    Please be patient Sir, we make Xperia™ Z1 mini incoming, please stay tuned.

  • lucasarg

    yes, i’m waiting for it, now give it to my Xperia L! motherf***er! ;)

  • Coolkid

    You got 14.1.G.2.257…???

  • Veeren

    So now Sony is Neglecting Xperia Z huh…

  • Sony_make.believe

    Your Xperia™ L will get 4.4 KitKat in January, please be patient and thanks for choosing us.

  • ycleft xperia

    Hey man! Try uploading a photo taken post update, thanks. Here in my area no update so far

  • Sony_make.believe


  • Muhammad Zohaib Rizwani

    Dude the picture quality? CAMERA TEST THAT!

  • C0DmG

    So Sony forgot about Xperia Z owners? :(

  • Adrian M

    Germany :-( ??

  • Bernard Wong

    Update available for Z1 through PCC. for Malaysia now downloading…

  • enoch

    false alarm for old update :(

  • Guest

    No it’s not (too) freaking tall! Sorry, couldn’t help it.

  • the_black_dragon

    just can check low light Pictures… it is 9pm here in Germany :D
    AAAAAAND…. it is MUCH improved!!! I definately see much less compression artefacts and noise reduction artefacts (on blurry fine structures) are less than before… mut it has not more noise. I will try uploading a compare Picture but it is not a good motive :(

  • the_black_dragon

    I’ve Access to an EMMA Service account so i flashed Journalist Version. it is the only one i found that has new Version… but i checked just firmwares without branding

  • Raj Singh

    I’ve had the .532 update on my Ultra (C6833) for 2-3 weeks now in Canada. I don’t really notice anything substantial. The SOD issue still persists. Though, that’s only happened to me a couple times. I had to push the hard reset button next to the SIM card slot to restart the phone. Still, having said that, I love this phone. Now, looking forward to 4.3, 4.4 or 5.0.

  • Guest

    “re-calibrated the display ever so slightly, to ensure viewing experiences remain bright & bold”
    Does this mean that the viewing angle issue has been fixed?

  • the_black_dragon

    Here is a Picture compare between old and new Firmware. Bad example i know but i don’t have other compare Pictures atm :(!13718&authkey=!ABDro575CRudwk0

  • the_black_dragon
  • Brad Williams

    It looks like it. I’m not too impressed with the way they have so quickly jumped onto a new phone and neglected the Z. The Z isn’t an old phone, less than 6 mths ago it was still their flagship and it’s not even near 12 mths old. We also paid the same money as a Z1 is. All we get is that 2.57 update and what a terrrible update that was. All I noticed was my phone got laggy and CPU got really hot for no good reason from that update.

  • Carljn

    Just because two models get updated today doesn’t mean others are neglected. All handsets won’t be updated at the same time…

  • Leonardo Rojas

    Dear Sony Mobile representative, I’ll be obligated by Sony itself to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 IF when Christmas holidays arrive the Z1 and the Z Ultra haven’t arrived to Peru.

    It’s REALLY, extremely sad that both carriers have very few Xperias to buy, and most of them not the best (T, U, Sola, etc) plus the Z never arrived, only the ZL but just for 1 carrier, the one I really dislike.

    How poor is that Sony? It’s ok if you don’t want or can’t compete in the US market, but why are you doing so very poorly to bring, promote and sell your new and best devices in countries like mine? WHY? There aren’t promoters, there aren’t ads but only the FB local acc (Sony Mobile Peru), the carriers representatives have no idea when the best of Sony will arrive, if they will, even.

    Why is Sony so uninterested? I am waiting for both the Z1 and the Z Ultra, but will buy Samsung’s flag ships instead if Sony doesn’t care. I don’t like Samsung so much, but I just want the best I can get form the carriers. There are many people like me, that will do the same as me, do you care Sony? Let it show. Release the Z1 and Z Ultra in Peru. Thank you.

    I hope for a reply. Thank you in advance.

  • Leonardo Rojas

    And, support your devices. How come the Z is being forgotten?

    I’ll definitely be buying AND PROMOTING the Galaxy S5 if Christmas holidays arrive before the Z1 and the Ultra to my country, cause by January the S5 will be official.

    Do you care?

    Right now there are millions of people expecting to buy Samsung’s flag ships, and Sony doesn’t care, all because Sony seems not to care.

  • Mac

    Oh yea, it sure iz (2) freakin’ tall!

  • Aditya

    Update hit India?

  • As funny your comments are (yes i know you’re being sarcastic) but it is not good for this site, seriously. You’re putting bad reputation on Sony even if you’re using a unofficial for fun

  • Rogue

    Wow you ppl amaze me Sony addresses some major bugs that the Z1 had and now they are forgetting the Z? My Z1 had some major bugs wifi was poor compared to my TX if any bluetooth device was in close proximity when you tried to boot the phone would literally take 5 mins to boot touch screen was not as responsive as it should be, headphones would switch to one ear phone consistently and the walkman and camera apps were crashing. Not to mention email and messaging were crashing and not working properly now we got those squashed our fellow Z owners are complaining of neglect! Really our camera has been improved the noise has been reduced considerably and the artifacts have been removed well at least the majority thank you Sony and the phone is now more fluid and the screen is calibrated almost perfect now major thumbs up to Sony glad I bought this phone.

  • Mac

    I feel you man, so what phone u use atm?

  • Emanuele Ciotti

    now in Italy for nothing

  • Adrian969

    Yeah, I guess Z-owners can forget about any new features now.

  • Rogue

    The update I think is .510 I don’t know as I don’t own the phone but maybe you can check?

  • Samsung Mobile

    hi there, visit our store and meet the new Galaxy Note 3, you will fall in love with 5.7″ Super Amoled Full HD display with a great viewing angles, and don’t forget the Galaxy S 4.

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Hehehe wht r u doing here?? Ohh forgot, you dont have your own Sammy’s Blog :D

  • Lex_by

    Hello. Dear Sony, can you ask me, when I can see normal working camera? Now camera in my ZU the worst among the top smartphones different company ((( Now Sensor or driver working not good: Many noise, mistake in color rendering, not sharp picture and etc.

  • Leonardo Rojas


    I currently am using a Motorola Razr i. It’s really good, and I’m having a pleasant experience. I’d stick to Motorola but the Moto X, which is already here too, doesn’t have microSD card support. That’s a deal breaker for me.

    Let’s see, if Sony truly wants to reach its goal if being the third biggest smartphone maker, it will care for my message. If not, Sony will soon be another failure as BB got to be.

  • Gitarooman

    Z already got the camera update that it deserve to be honest. Its 13MP camera can’t really get much better.

  • Gitarooman

    Z is still going to get android 4.3, no worries.

  • Cinghiale

    ti appare? a me no!

  • lucasarg

    this guy think like me!

  • lucasarg


  • Sye

    Totally. I know what make I will not be buying for my next phone. Big mistakes Sony. You wanted marked grab, it is gonna be short lived.

  • Sye

    Believe that when I see it.

  • Sye

    Ignored the Z for too long. Tempted to shove their PS4 up their . .
    That’s right SONY, you are pissing off the loyal now.

  • zhang eric

    the 532 update on the z ultra doesn’t fix the fake hang issue, the phone screen still refuses to wake up from time to time, really hoped sony would have fix this issue. otherwise battery life seems to be longer, at least in stamina mode

  • tositem

    New Album update!

  • Kevin

    First of all Sony won’t answer you here since this is just a blog and not a Sony forum or a Sony blog (if you know what i mean).
    Second you can’t compare Sony to BB since if they failed on the smartphone area they could still live selling walkmans, television, dvd players, blu-ray, movies, cameras, computers, laptops, some accesories, the tablet z, PS vita, PS4, games, music,etc and for what I know BB only sells phones (well they did, now carriers don’t even sell them except for a few).

  • Faisal Armand

    GUYS, LOOK! The camera performance of xperia z1 is at the second place! Just a point below nokia 808 and above lumia 1020, sgs4, and iphone 5s! Too bad the camera assesment and testing was done before the firmware update though :( had it be done after the firmware update, xperia z1 would’ve beaten 808 for sure

    oh yeah, for those of you who don’t know, is a website that is professionally specialized in camera quality assesment. So don’t wory, there is absolute ZERO bias in there :)

  • Leonardo Rojas

    Not literally speaking.
    You didn’t get it. :P

  • Marinko Agic

    And what about screen?Please give Us some night photos…:)

  • Emanuele Ciotti

    No ancora niente, riprovo oggi pomeriggio ;)

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  • Cinghiale

    neanche stamani :-/ ci tocca aspettare ;)

  • Hjopp

    10.3.1.A.2.67 was released 3 weeks ago! You expect an update every week?

  • DrazenDodig

    lol, how about not.

  • Hjopp

    It’s been 3 weeks since last Xperia Z update, so yeah they’ve totally abandoned it.

    Should be at least one update every day!

  • Mac

    I sure hope there will be a international release.

  • bezels

    Will this fix the bezels?

  • Aditya C

    What about the screen viewing angles. any improvement?

  • Sye

    Not been made available to me then…

  • Sye

    OTA or via PC

  • Sye

    No update her for months – OTA or PC.

  • Lex_by

    When was fixing camera ZU? It very wrost!!!

  • quest1010

    Your English. It very wrost!!! :p

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  • Lex_by

    And what?
    P.S. Your too.

  • fried_egg

    Something I am not impressed with has been the video recording at gigs. It records with the sound level far too sensitive making even from a distance the sound too “popping” – that was also true for the S until they did an firmware upgrade… I do not understand how what was learnt with the S was messed up again with the Z1

  • Diazene

    they can’t improve with a software update

  • Lex_by

    And what?

  • guest

    Nowt in the UK :(

  • Lex_by

    And what?

  • Hjopp

    Guess that depends on where you live then.

    Latest available software: 10.3.1.A.2.67
    Release started: 2013-09-23

  • Cristian

    Still no update roll out in Europe till now…

  • Hanzi

    Nope, no update available in Germany. Anyone from Europe, can you post when update become available please?

  • tositem

    Really hope that the latest fw will bring improvement to ZUltra’s camera. It’s very bad — my acro S even takes better pics.

  • bobbyT

    for a flagship phone Z1 flaws are really upsetting me. never have i after all these years of using different brands of flagship products encounter so many problems from a so called “flagship” device which is the Z1. from day one of using this phone i never once able to connect it to my tv with screen mirroring. i still get the stupid “output device does not support hdcp” even after I updated my Z1 with the new update and here I was, thinking that the Z1 will be superior than my HTC One. but to my disappointment, the Z1 can’t even do the simplest task of screen mirroring(booooo!) and with all the bells and whistles this phone is packing, it’s useless when it can’t even do what the HTC One(a lower tier phone) can do effortlessly. why don’t Sony just drop all that gimmicky connectivity features and get the most important and basic of connectivity feature right for once. seriously what’s the point of having all those features when most of it doesn’t even function properly? I mean the HTC One didn’t have any of the Z1 fancy/gimmicky connectivity(HTC One only have screen mirroring feature) features but whatever feature it has, it works flawlessly and that’s what important. and don’t even get me started on the battery life and power consumption on this device, even after the update it is weak and pathetic. the terrible viewing angle is still there to remind u how lousy the display is, the poor camera performance with noisy still pictures full of artifacts( seriously is it even a 20MP camera?) and the phone still heats up easily even when in standby. seriously getting really disappointed with this phone and I don’t think any update in the world can save this device from being the worst android flagship of 2013

  • Alex Marinos

    I got the Z1 and i dont have NONE of these problems. What FW are you using? does your TV support Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast protocol?

  • teddy

    You’re totally wrong man! It’s not a “flagship”, it’s a “flagshit”.

  • Alex Marinos

    Damn, did you come up with this alone?

  • george

    when its going to hit India?

  • teddy

    Sorry man, I was mean. The phone is actually great, wonderful built, probably the best “look” on the market now. Galaxy S4 is actually a all-plastic “flagshit”.

  • thumble

    The update is rigth availlbly in Norway iam downloading it now check your region in europe it may also availlbly there

  • franzy

    Update still not available in Croatia… waiting, waiting… but can’t get it why the new firmware release in not done for everybody in the same time, as Apple do…

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  • Diego

    Sorry Leonardo, buy Z1 or ZU via web outside Perù? I live in Italy, had buy on, price less than in Italy and … smartwatch 2 in bundle. Look around u … ;-) Cheers, D.

  • Emanuele Ciotti

    Ma a te è arrivato? a me ancora no

  • Asif

    I just got update to 14.1.B.1.532.but not 14.1.B.2.257…plz someone tell me…

  • Ren

    I am in Malaysia using Z1 and the latest version of the software is not the one mentioned here.

  • Ren

    sry saw wrong number

  • Bernard Wong

    Xperia.Z1 update please hurry up!! It’s been a week of waiting and yet still no show!!!

  • Benard Wong

    finally get 14.1.G.2.257 in malaysia

  • fiif

    Updating now.. :)

  • We are always last!

    Still nothing in the UK. :(

  • Mattias

    Xperia Z got the same Album update as Z1/ZU just a week ago and is planned to get Android 4.3 somewhere i November or December. They have not forgot about it.

  • Mattias

    How many bug fixes and updates did Xperia Z receive during the first 2 months. If I can recall, a whole bunch. So just because the new phones gets some fixes, is that a sign of neglect? It is a sign of care, What would you Think of Sony if you bought your Xperia Z and then it took 3 months Before any fixes? New phones needs to get some care in the beginning, thats all.

  • Mattias

    Already confirmed by Sony. Sony is digging a Deep grave if Z don’t get 4.3, you should know this.

  • Mattias

    Thanks for correctiing that ;)

  • Mattias

    Have none of these problems. Do you know how to use a phone? All the connectivity features works flawless. The only thing I’ve Heard is that some experienced Wifi-problems, but the new update is meant to fix that.

  • Bernard Wong

    Yeahhh…just updated mine yesterday…Yeahhhhh…

  • jbrattis

    Can anyone tell me how I can adjust the z1 for lefthanded use? Whenever I hold the phone horizontally in my left hand, the main menu with the home and back soft buttons are to the far right. Requires two hand use.

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