Xperia SP update (12.1.A.1.207) now rolling

by XB on 1st August 2014

in Firmware, Xperia SP

Xperia SP_207 updateA new firmware update for the Sony Xperia SP has been released, moving the build number from 12.1.A.1.205 to 12.1.A.1.207. Users are not reporting any noticeable changes with this update, so it is likely this is just a bug-fix release. This new firmware is currently rolling to T-Mobile networks across continental Europe and Orange France. We expect it to see a wider rollout over the coming days. If you’ve tried this latest firmware update, let us know your thoughts below.

Xperia SP_207 update

Xperia SP_207 update_1

Thanks Antonis, Ben and Levered!

  • Not SP user

    And where is my update for my k750i??

  • smallworld

    SP users whining about kitkat update in 3…2…1…

  • Issac

    I sold my SP two weeks ago in order to buy a Moto X. Surprisingly, it costs less and it’s quite nice. I probably won’t buy Sony anymore. And that’s after owning one Xperia device each year. I really hope SP users get Kit Kat eventually…but I wouldn’t get my hopes up (that’s why I bought the X).

  • SP user

    The last update really upset my sp. Hope this one fixes things.

  • Molly

    but Sony is really unfair this time, i guess its normal to whine about Sp

  • Mohammad-R

    I’m not waiting for any Sony updates !
    Xperia SP with cm11 Android 4.4.4 ! :) So faster than Stock ROM 1 Stable ! I really like that ! there’s no bugs , no problem with so many abilities!
    75% of stock apps are ported for cm11!
    so easy ! if you have android 4.3 , just download cm11(locked bootloader) and Kernel for your xperia sp and download gaps , root your device , install cwm, do all wipes in cwm and install cm11 in cwm , install gaps in cwm , turn your phone off and flash kernel with flash tools ! enjoy !
    so Easy ! I never go back to Stock ROM !

  • Mr. President

    The illusion of progress

  • Akuma

    Used to love Sony but now im a Motorola fan…

  • ash

    I have recieved update on my z1 compact. I was running version .108 and update notification days the same version, I was surprised as i already have that on my mobile. So I thought it’s a bug may be and connected it to my pc. Again there also for the notification for update available but no version mention there. Well I updated my mobile. Nothing changed. Only thing changed I noticed was is running on less ram and a new app by don’t which I can’t remove, I.e live sports. I disabled it right away. I have sent screen shot to xperia blog people.

  • moca

    Motorola is dead, its owned by lenovo

  • lol

    good luck with that

  • Moto X+1


  • Samuel

    I sold my SP to get extra money to buy the Z1. The best fucking phone I’ve ever had. We got 4.4.4 just 10 days after the Nexus 5.

  • Ex-User

    Aww the XSP’s final update <3 R.I.P

  • ffff

    Or unlock the bootloader and flash cm kernel and enjoy better because it only a matter of weeks it gets very stable.

  • xperiaDROID

    Who cares? It’s still a Motorola anyways.

  • Xperia SP Group Admin


  • di

    Seems to be last update for SP.. T, TX, and V will also end very soon..
    Z line is your very last hope.. a very last one
    If sony again ditch xperia z in 4.4, I have no more word for you, sony :(

  • Unfair

    xperia SP getting more updates than the Xperia S…

  • Issac

    Oh, I think I remember you from the XDA forums. I even think we’re from the same country. I was planning to save for the Z1 Compact. But I found the Moto X from Telcel for $3700MXN (~280dls), so I couldn’t resist. The only thing I’m hating from the Moto X is that you have to unlock the BL for getting permanent root access, so that limits a lot of mods.

  • vibhu

    We Want KITKAT………………………..

  • Shaik Farooq

    who need this when we have a near-stable cm11

  • sv3n

    …why? Why I bought this phone? I will never buy SONY again…

  • xaoo83

    Sure, what about the very quietspeaker sound? The fact that both mic’s work at the dame time and the voice is crappy? Or when u use a headset phone mic still works also?
    Don’t get me wrong, I had the Cm11 LBL for a while and except for calling it’s a charm, but hey, it is still a phone I need to make calls with…
    I also missed Bravia engine 2 a lot watching movies… So I’m back to stock missing immersive mode a Lot.

  • howij

    I wish it solved sound problem

  • Mrjraider

    I really start to hate this Blog. Everytime the XSP gets an small update (or any other Sony device) I see users commenting: XSP KITKAT complains in 3…..2…1…..
    We as XSP users have all the right to complain since the device is more then capable of running it, and it was promised at first !!
    So.. Fuck off :)

  • Eduardo Otero

    But you’re forgetting some important thing…
    You’re right to complain on Sony’s official blogs. This is an unofficial one

  • Battal Aljadei

    LG Optimus G (a 2012 device) getting kitkat and xperia sp’s not !
    screw you sony !

  • francesco

    the moto x is better.

  • francesco

    near stable?
    With a not working mic, without audio noise suppression in calls, with a very low volume from the speaker and low volume in recordings, with the ui that crashes, with forced closing, with battery drain.

    Yeah really stable. LOL

  • Caio Faria

    Is it possible to install the Walkman app?

  • akkush

    since .201 these updates changes NOTHING for me.

  • i want a kitkat

    is any one getting any problems with it?

  • ramirez

    Bad sony
    I am going to sell xperia sp
    And buy Motorola is better.
    We were waiting for kitkat.
    Bad bad bad sony…..

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  • Axel P

    If you don’t care about Xperia SP and our complains, I don’t understand why you’re reading this blog and our comments.

  • Eduardo Otero

    I do care ’cause I’m writing from an XSP and I know it won’t get KK
    But what I meant is that all the compaints must be sent to Sony’s official blogs. This one ain’t made by Sony but users so everything written here won’t be known by Sony.
    I hope you can understand that.

  • Axel P

    I understand, but why are you so sure that it won’t happend? And if it’s true, let us dream until sony confirm something… And we can write everywhere if we feel better just for share our opinion. And if we say it to sony, it will respond the same: “It’s under investigation”; so let us dream and complain whenever we want.

  • Eduardo Otero

    Well, let’s just wait ’till Sony release Kitkat or tell us it won’t happen

  • Axel P

    I agree, just wait.

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  • aunsezx

    Sony is suck update the mid range phone and where is xperia sp kitkat 4.4.2

  • Goh Kaixuan

    Any word about the Xperia Tablet S????

  • Akuma

    Motorola are more focused than sony… Sony are even stuggling to beat even newbies like ONEplusONE…shame

  • 12345

    Having only 3 phones in thier range and not releasing a million different models a year helps. Some food for thought for Sony, not that I’m expecting them to listen to customers anyway.

  • tk

    Does this wok if rooted?

  • Abdullah Hasan

    then, we have to say goodbye to official KK updates for xperia SP? come on sony.. :(

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  • anas

    The z1 is better

  • cyapalmos

    SP doesn’t do stir-fry. Sorry.

  • xperian

    I think SP2 with latest android and upgraded hardware will sale well and will end the complaints about the current SP` updates.
    what do you think guys

  • Mohammad-R

    sound is so low ! but I agree this problem ! no matter for me ! and i don’t have any problem with mics ! there’s no problem with headset or headphone for me , I used it so many times and it works correctly for me!
    I hate BE because it makes photos and videos unnatural !
    I really like cm11 ! it is much better than stock ROM for me !

  • Mohammad-R

    yes ! so many stock apps ported for cm11 !
    you can use XperianZe ROM KK v3.X
    it is based on cm11 4.4.4 ! including Z2 apps and abilities !


    New XPZUpdater as OTA updates will be available to download in the future!

    Much more faster ROM with updated apps and libs

    Locked Bootlaoder Support

    The choice is yours! pick easily between the long awaited white settings* or black,both perfectly looking

    New exclusive XperianZe wallpaper

    New exclusive XperianZe bootanimation

    Light Speed tweaks for a more fluid experience

    Xperia Keyboard

    Xperia Z2 notifications,alarms,ringtones

    Xperia Z2 Lockscreen with particle effect

    Xperia Z2 UI touch sound for a smarter Xperia-like experience

    Xperia Z2 media apps

    Xperia Z2 Calculator

    Xperia Z2 Converter

    Xperia Z2 Motiongraph

    Xperia Z2 Motion Shot

    Xperia Z2 Notes

    Xperia Z2 Movies studio

    Xperia Z2 Sound recorder

    Xperia Z2 Calendar

    Xperia Z2 Tasks

    Xperia Z2 Simple Home aside original

    Xperia Diagnostics for your own testing

    Latest “Walkman”( not “WALKMAN”) with latest UI

    Xperia apps

    TWRP-Philz-CWM available with kernel provided

    Sony’s “What’s New”

    Sony Weather widgets and more

    X-Reality and BE2 libraries (may not reveal difference)

    Battery tweaks

    Xposed Installer

    Latest Google Chrome for a better browsing experience

    Xperia Link

    Smart connect for a next level automation system

    Xperia Lounge

    Fully working DSP Manager for louder and customized music experience (with surround system)

    Play Station store with PlayStation Certification

    Sony Sketch

    Remove Google Bloat

    ES File explorer

    HD Camera for a better photo taking experience than stock

    Xperia Themed UI

    Sony Select

    Sony Social Life

    CyanogenMod customizations fully working

    New Theme Engine for a more accurate customizing

  • Mohammad-R

    And don’t forget cm11’s RAM management !!

  • John

    any improvements on new firmware??

  • Xanadu Rony


  • RazvanXPSP

    Would be nice a SP2 with 1.5 GB Ram :)

  • Micro


  • cyapalmos

    Nuthin here yet on my C5306 in USA

  • Phoenix

    Has anyone updated to .207?

  • Tollbooth

    It’s not available on my C5306 in Canada either. We’ve only received 1 firmware update in Canada in the past year. I’m still stuck on 12.1.A.0.266.

  • oleksy911

    Xperia SP so much better than Xperia E1 and where is our 4.4 when we need it?

  • Kippel

    Nope in Spain. C5303 bought in Holland.

  • mariner

    when i connect my phone to PC, i start PC companion but it doesn’t show any update.. why ???

  • Kej

    Is it really rolling… ?

  • dimz

    I’m thinking something closer to the ZR in terms of specs, except with 2GB DDR3 ram, something along the lines of Snapdragon 600 with hardware HEVC decoding just to be covered, IPS LCD display and improved thermals.

    PS: A rubberized plastic back would be nice, with better hinges and some kind of hard cushion to keep it a bit more rigid.

  • cyapalmos

    I don’t think so. Still on .205 here with a C5306 in the USA

  • kit

    What new with the firmware .207? Thanks….

  • kit

    Is there anyone here already used the firmware .207? What new with this update? Thanks!

  • Zengetsu Espino

    Anyone knows? or start downloading the recent release in the pc suit? Its say latest software for SP….

  • M & M

    Just flash your phone. It’s realy simple and the .205 update is the best until we get Kit Kat. Look on thia site for something like debranding the Z2. Just do the same thing with the SP firmware and your phone will be boosted up!

  • xsp

    still has a bug… xperia sp generic singapore stil *bleep* when i play a game,video or open social networking…although i has update my phone to 207 it still has a bug….i want my xperia is bug fixed not another bug….idk if my phone doesn’t get kitkat but please sony make sure my xperia is bug free…

  • xsp

    only few country get this 207 update yet….maybe in a couple of week you may receive it in your country…..

  • xsp

    *yet = from using companion

  • One i

    We need Kitkat…….

  • Kuya


  • Aniam

    I am getting an OTA update to 207 but it fails to update. My device is rooted. Anyone have a solution? Thanks in advance.

  • ???? ????

    I didn’t expect, that the company will refuse the Xperia SP updating to 4.4, I have a shock and further it probably my first and last smart of this firm! I of course understand everything, but it really corresponds and was worthy to be updated to 4.4, let it would be also the last, but it had to leave! It is a knife in a back, I’m sorry, but wildly unpleasantly!

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  • Marshall

    Dafuq this new update is just changed an calculator app

  • Shubham Mutreja

    for those who started hating sony
    commoon guys!!!!!!!
    just root and unlock the phone thats what sony supports
    sony supports developer community
    after all i am enjoying kitkat on my SEX mini pro!!!
    (i mean Sony Ericsson Xperia)

  • Phoenix

    Is it True? :-o

  • Phoenix

    Is it True?

  • AL

    it is an old (re)post from June….

  • Vinay

    Unlocking bootloader will…remove your bravia Engine….and other warranty related stuff…

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    ??????? ?? ???????? ?????????? ???? ??????? ???? ?? ?? ???????????? ??? ??????? ?? ?????????.

  • Tollbooth

    This .207 update was released today in Canada for customers of Bell and Virgin Mobile. It’s a big improvement over 12.1.A.0.266 that we’ve been stuck on for most of this year. Finally, all of my phones features work again.

  • Jigesh Ghunowa

    You just need to wait for the developers to fix the bugs.
    Even Sony has had bugs in its firmware.

  • Jigesh Ghunowa

    The .0.266 was the one I was stuck with for months until I decided to flash. I had not received the .1.201 nor the .1.205 OTA update. I like continuous support for my phone throughout its life, and since Sony has abandoned support for the SP, I can only turn to CM11.
    The Nexus 4 was released at $300 in October 2012, and it just got Android 5.0. The Xperia SP was released at $400 in April 2013, but its support stopped 1 year later (instead of the standard 1.5 years). The Nexus 4 support continued for 2 years.

  • Accirt

    5 months were passed from my post, the CM is still laggy, and unusable, with crashes and forced closing…

    5 months in mobile world are like 10 years of life for a human…

    In 1 year the 50% of people buy a new smartphone…

  • Guest

    there will not be any bug fix, CM12 will be out for the end of january, CM11 support will be end by few weeks.

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