First Xperia E4 pictures leak

by XB on 12th December 2014

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Xperia E4_2A few days back we reported on the Xperia E4 model number being revealed (E2105 and E2115). Well, it hasn’t taken too much longer to see what are believed to be the first pictures for the device.

The pictures below supposedly show the Xperia E4 (E2105), which will be a single SIM version. A dual SIM variant will have model number E2115. You will notice that there is no logo on these pictures, but this as Sony has concealed it with a sticker (you may notice this at the top of the device).

The Xperia E4 is rumoured to sport a 5-inch qHD (540 x 960) display and MediaTek MT6582 chipset with 1.3GHz quad-core processor and Mali-400 MP4 GPU. Screenshots below show that it delivers an Antutu score of 17,857.

Initial impressions show a nice looking budget phone, with much slimmer bezels than you would expect at this price range. The Xperia E3 has huge bezels, so it’s nice to see Sony trim them so heavily with the Xperia E4. The back of the handset has a textured hard plastic, which should mean good grip.

The Xperia E4 will launch with Android 4.4.4 KitKat and then be upgraded to Android 5.0 Lollipop in the first half of 2015. The source says that the Xperia E4 will be revealed at MWC in Barcelona in early March 2015. Sony plans for it to hit the market in late March 2015 around the $200 price point.

Xperia E4_1

Xperia E4_2

Xperia E4_3

Xperia E4_4 Xperia E4_5


Thanks Filip!

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    That bezels, that design o_O wow !!!

  • techielover

    Rather than it i will be more interested how lollipop by sony will look on phones!!

  • Razvan

    In the second picture we can see it’s still kitkat 4.4.4

  • Lucas Lam

    too round :(

  • Fanboy

    Good look design

  • Timmy

    Nice… new design…

  • Arthur Simon


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  • AsadMulla

    4.4.4. FAIL. Mid 2015 should be lollipop as standard even on a budget phone.

  • mah

    sony is the best!!

  • Guest

    Looks ugly, too much like the iPhone 5 style.

  • Thanks for the link John! In return – a closeup of the camera (5 Mpix) and the amazing finishing (despite being plastic). You could describe it as ceramics or something like that, we’ve never seen that type of material used on a phone before. Really pleasant to hold actually.
    Have a great weekend, we’ll let you know when our review is done

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Its 200$ phone…. Wht would you expect?? And believe me, it is nowhere near the iphone, it is much more a looker than it !!!!

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Them bezels. This is actually a good looking budget phone.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    No it’s either 4.3 or 4.4.2. I saw it in an article. I think it has to be those two.

  • ShinOrochiX

    I sense new designs coming from Sony in 2015. :-0

  • Anukul

    MediaTek MT6582 is actually quite a good chipset. good looks with optimal bezels, nice!.

  • AndropaX

    First leak with screenshot in Polish ? :D

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  • shanefalco

    ridicolous product…too big and screen resolution is too poor!

  • Yeah, why not? :) We had both the Microsoft Lumia 535 and Tornado 345 (world’s thinnest phone) review 3 weeks before any other website in the world. All about connections :)
    ps. We will do our best to get the Z4 before Christmas :)

  • Omarion07

    Android origin has released new info on the upcoming Z4 family

  • Dave Maudsley

    STFU! Noob go play blackshot!

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    They should go for 4GB ram if they’re choosing 810. sadly I think they’ll stick with 805. Which is a bummer.

  • Battal Aljadei

    Why Sony’s making their phones bigger each time ?

    Xperia Z 5″
    Xperia Z2 5.2″
    Xperia Z4, 5.5″
    Xperia M 4.2″
    Xperia M2 4.8″
    Xperia C 5″
    Xperia C3 5.5
    Xperia E 3.5″
    Xperia E1 4″
    Xperia E3 4.5″
    Xperia E4 5″
    Xperia T 4.5″
    Xperia T3 5.3

    What’s the strategy with Sony mobiles !

  • Amir

    because people want bigger phones. simple as that. there are phones with sizes to everyone. compact is for people who wants compact, main z is for people to wants the average size, ultra is for people who wants it big… simple as that… you want small flag? buy the compact! anyone should be happy! sony is the first company to realize a flag needs a compact version!! you should thank sony! now all companies that (and fail) to follow sony with their shitty flag versions.

  • DrazenDodig

    it looks excellent for cheapo phone… bezels are small as well… seems like a win.

  • DBS

    Hopefully not very different from the current UI. I hope Sony keeps things dark. If they added dark to the settings, that’d be perfect.

  • DBS

    New CEO same bad strategy. Unbelievable.

    Yes Sony. Keep releasing phone after phone after phone until you run yourself to the ground.

    What the hell is going on in Japan, I’d love to know…

  • ChrisH

    Where are the mitrange phones smaller than 5″

  • AndropaX

    To sony pozwala bezkarnie wynosi? prototypy “na zewn?trz” pracownikom ?

  • DrazenDodig

    In Europe, these phones are necessary as many people dont buy on contract… Sony said they will do 20 phones/year instead of 30… not that they will do 3-4… if they did that, they would lose all the market share they have.

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  • Oj tam, to tylko przeciek ;)

  • DBS

    I’m European and precisely because we buy phones out of contract, these phones aren’t necessary every 6 months. We have 2 year warranties and most people buy a phone and only exchange it after that 2 year warranty expires or the phone dies.

    Furthermore, Sony didn’t say anything of the sort. They said they would streamline their portfolio and focus on keeping customers. You don’t keep customers by replacing their phones with new iterations every 6 months and abandoning the last ones released.
    And you don’t streamline your portfolio and reduce costs by wasting money on budget phones that are always more expensive than anything else from the competition.
    Sony hasn’t learned yet, clearly.

  • Lajos Márk Kovács

    Wow! Nice design!

  • Amir

    Bravo sony! this design is SO MUCH BETTER then e3 mega bezel brick design.

  • Amir

    With 200$ price tag this phone doesn’t have a chance unfortunately. motog 2nd gen is much better.

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  • Jumbo

    Well, it looks nice. But we’re still going to get people complaining and bitching about Sony’s lack of innovation… I mean come on, phones nowadays their designs are pretty much the same. There is not more room for changes, what we see are what phones look like and that will be pretty much it. LG and Samsung came up with curve phones and look what happened to it? I think Sony is doing good with the designs… especially when their is little room to do anymore.

  • DrazenDodig

    Actually, they specifically said that in their investor briefing last month. Phones are changing, if they dont update their lineup, we will buy something else. I would not have ever bought Z2, but I got Z3.

  • Gohanks Yan

    i agree with you, snapdragon 400 is a shit for gaming.

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  • Taki namacalny… ;-)

  • Connor

    Your English is also poor.

  • Bob

    I honestly think they should’ve used the Snapdragon 410 in this, the 610 in the M3 and the 810 for the Z4. That would destroy the competition and make Sony the best over their entire portfolio. But, Sony being Sony, will probably use some crappy mediatek one in this, the old snapdragon 400 or maybe 600 in the M3 and the already out-dated 805 in the Z4. Releasing new phones every 6 months is not an excuse to make tiny upgrades. I’m not saying the phones are bad, they’re already great, but wouldn’t u rather have the 810, OIS, dual flash, higher res front camera, Qi wireless charging and maybe even a QHD screen on the Z4 (yes, I know its not that useful but it still future proofs it and is another reason to get the phone). And don’t even get me started on software…

  • DBS

    Then present me with such statements, because what came out of the meeting after the changing of CEOs was exactly the opposite.

    Also, that’s exactly their problem. They always fail with timing. Example: the Z3, when it came out, should have already come with the 805. That would have placed them ahead of the competition. No. Sony still went with the 801.
    Guess what? People aren’t going to pay 600€ for a phone just for Sony to replace it 6 months later and abandon it. THAT is what leads people to buy something else. The fact that not only they don’t pay attention to the market, they quickly depreciate the value of the phones they put out.

  • Guest

    A different design, it just reminds me of the iPhone too much. It doesn’t have to do with price, the previous models have looked different but good with the same price tag.

  • Excellent_Pro

    Yes, Bro! ))

  • Raj Singh

    I’d like day and night modes for the UI… I don’t like it so bright late at night.

  • shanefalco

    i have xperia m and the screen is 4″ and not 4.2″ :) good product better than this xperia e4. ;)

  • Rizky Maulana

    MTK ????? why sony ?

  • xperiaDROID

    LOL…I think Sony is gonna give Mediatek processor a try again. Seriously, their Xperia C which is their first Mediatek phone was a disaster, stuck on Android 4.2.2 with no Android updates and costs as much as a Xiaomi Mi 3 at launch, WTF?

    Come on Sony, don’t because of your brand name and you sell your phones more expensive than your competitors. In the gaming industry, you’re the number one. In the mobile industry especially for low to mid end segments, you’re nothing.

  • Dakota

    His English is fine, leave the poor guy alone, there really isn’t any need to be rude.

  • xperiaDROID

    This is how butthurt fanboys attack those who say bad things about the products from their beloved company.

  • Dakota


  • Nawi

    “Remember we told you that the Xperia Z4 would be coming with 4GB RAM?
    Well, it now seems like Sony has decided to continue with 3GB RAM on the
    production units. Perhaps Sony found 4GB RAM to be too much on the Z4
    prototypes, and decided it was better saving costs instead of spending
    higher on a component that wouldn’t really provide any benefits to the

  • Rifqi Al Fariz

    Please do! :-)
    Searching info about z4 3 times a day almost makes me a crazy shit sony fanboy. That thing gonna be my next partner in life! :-D

  • Rifqi Al Fariz

    Whoaa there.. Calm your tits, sir.

  • Ankith Rai

    looks like a lumia

  • reddevil07

    How on earth is this design even like the iPhone 5 design?

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    I think we have to wait for the final product to come out. It is a prototype anyway !!!

  • 3rdflyleaf

    Typical Sony. Releasing a device with a previous OS version when the new one is now available. So they can say “We upgraded your device”.

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  • Vuyo Ncube

    Good looking low-midrangers are not that common. Hmm not bad.

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    Mediatek never release their source code for that processor,but since then have released just about all of their newer gen source code..BTW, my friend has a Huawei or lenovo, I forgot which that has a mediatek chip in’s good enough..

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  • hehehe we know that feeling :) I will let you know Rifqi if we find out

  • Jaywalker

    Maybe we will get a 4.5″ version too. The round profile doesn’t help very much when you keep the phone for a photo. That side should be flat, rectangular (like Xperia U), not round. The margin I mean.
    Anyway looks like Sony took a break :) Since september no new devices. How about a phone with 4.5″ display 10-12MP good camera, HD at 30fps video or 60 as option at 1080 or 720 with better sound, waterproof (mostly against the rain and not for scuba diving), 2GB RAM 1.5-2GHz processor and of course 4G LTE? Under 500 USD. Is it doable?
    Also options for text size, recover the deleted files and matte plastic on the back etc instead of those mumbo jumbo features with dynosaurs and flowers. And a design like Samsung Alpha or Z1 Compact or even Xperia U.

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  • Hasan Aleadani

    this is the world strategy! you know, lg, samsung, htc, and even apple!

  • Hasan Aleadani

    this is a prototype, so it does not come with the final software, it comes with the current one

  • Hasan Aleadani

    yes. and if you look back, sony changes its design language every 2 years

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  • zaid

    where is the xperia sp 2 sony

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  • MyNicki_ds

    xperia tipo look a like! but with better (non slip) back cover finish?

  • That’s because English isn’t his primary language.

  • Dickson


    DIMENSION 147, 5mm x 74, 5mm x 7.1mm
    WEIGHT : 140 Gram
    SCREEN : 5, 5inch IPS LCD Digitizer Touchscreen Capacitive, 16M Colour, 550ppi
    DISPLAY : TRILUMINOS Display , X-Reality Engine for mobile picture engine, Bravia Engine 3 for mobile picture engine , and Live Color LED+
    PROTECTION : Shatterproof , Shockproof, and Scratch Resistant . And Dragontrail Front Glass and New Corning Gorilla Glass 4 Back Glass
    DESIGN : Stainless Frame, Solid, Tempered Glass, Aluminium Frame, OmniBalance , Anti Shutter Film, Shuter Camera, Shutter WALKMAN , OptiContrast Panel
    CAMERA : Rear Camera 21 MP with LED Flash and Front Camera 5, 2 MP with LED FLASH (PROSelfie) EXMOR RS for mobile, CMOS Image Sensor , BIONZ X for image processing sensor , Exmor R For Mobile ( Selfie ), Sony G Lens , Wider Angle Lens 23mm, ISO 15000, Sony APCS ( Active Pixel Colour Sampling ) Clear Image Zoom 2x, Slow Motion Capture, Fast Auto Focus , Fast Capture, Image Plane Phase AF Detection , Smile Detection, Smile Shutter, Face Detection, Auto Focus, Digital Image Stabilization, HDR, Super HDR, BSI , FSI, Continous Image, 4K Video Recording , Burst Mode, Perfect Camera / Photo
    2K and 4K Camera , PhotoLight and Night, Season Mode,Geo-Tagging, Sweep Panorama, Self-Timer, Self-Portrait, Anti Shake, Touch Focus, Touc Capture, White Balance, Red Eye Reduction, Object Tracking, Image Stabiliser, Video Light, Video Sharing, Photo Sharing, Edit Photo, Natural Colour Photo, Panoramic, and SteadyShot with Intelligent Mode, Motion Capture , Continuos Video .
    MUSIC : StereoSpeaker, StereoSound, Bass, BoomSound, S-Force Surround, Dual Front Speaker, DSEE HX, Hi-Ress, ClearAudio+, S-Master Amplifier HX, Auto Sound, Digital Noise Cancelling, Instrument Sound , and 100% Sound Quality.
    32GB ROM
    4GB RAM
    3500mAh Li-Ion
    Video Playback 12 hours
    Music Playback 145

  • Dickson

    Chipset 3.0GHz Qualcomn Snapdragon 810 AD . 120 bit speed CPU

  • Amir

    SP? are you kidding me? Sony must stop with all these crappy mid range phones. all they need is E M and Z. actually they said they they are going to focus on Z line so they must be ditching all lines aside of E, M and Z.

  • lol

    look like u didn’t see this year sony smartphone got bigger screen, there is no compact anymore even z3 compact only small than z3 but not compact enough

  • Killian Khoo

    Actually Z3 Compact size is really compact alrdy…

  • lol

    no room for change….. this is why today smartphone didn’t change much since 2007???
    people like u make ths world thinking inside the box only

  • Battal Aljadei

    Okay what about the low and mid rangers ?
    no compact anymore !

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  • Amir

    What are you smoking? z3 has the same dimensions of z1 compact but with bigger display – a great achivment by sony. as for low and mid range phones, yes, they get bigger, some of them, but its not a bad thing and not what will make they less attractive. what is bad about sony’s low and mid range is none competitive price, quality of display and camera quality too low even for low and mid range device.

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  • goldenblls

    An attractive design using innovative materials by the looks of things. I think this one might fly.

  • Panda

    A Dark theme would be a bad idea as far as LCD technology is concerned as opposed to AMOLED

  • DBS

    That is a myth promptly disproved by Windows Phone. There the OS is heavily based on blacks and it looks as great on LCD screens.

    Yes, AMOLED can turn of the leds to provide richer blacks. But that’s it. And when you require white themes, AMOLED consumes more power than LCD. So that simple fact alone should be enough to justify Android to have available, even if optional, Dark Themes.
    Also, there’s absolutely no reason why LCDs are worse with black themes than with light. The consumption is virtually the same because the screen is all lit up no matter what colour you’re producing.
    The difference is that light themes more easily ruin your vision as they force a lot more light into your eyes. And if the screen is AMOLED, that damage is even greater.

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  • Spontex

    Xperia M is 4 “.

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  • Erol ?AH?N
  • G

    Ugliest phone ever!

  • CarmenRAlloway

    just before I looked at the check which was of $9497 , I accept that…my… neighbours mother was like truly making money parttime at there labtop. . there neighbour haz done this 4 only twenty three months and at present cleared the mortgage on their condo and purchased themselves a Aston Martin DB5 . find out this here..


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  • k2

    Sony is the best But Xperia ………. Sucks.

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  • Revan Sadiva

    make mid-end xperia s 2015 please……..
    i will buy it
    maybe you will gain profit

  • Jumbo

    Before you open and criticize somebody, choose a better name you fool! If you know how to read, you can clearly tell I was talking about phones nowadays you moron. Besides, you need to start thinking in the box before you can think out of it retard. There is no room for improvement, why do you think phones nowadays look similar or the same? Sure there is room to increase the horse power, but that’s it! Man, you’re a fucking joke, no wonder you name is lololololololol <- Which I'm doing now XD

  • HunsonAbadeer

    I still wonder how this overpriced phones sell as good as they do… Anyway I like mid-range phones like E series and this one looks interesting … if it comes with AOSP :P

  • HunsonAbadeer

    And many chinese mediatek phones are cheaper and as good as 1st gen MotoG

  • HunsonAbadeer

    Mediatek phones are just fine, I’ve tested many and most are as good as 1gen MotoG for so much less $.

    The thing here is Sony products are overpriced and the lekely $199 USD for a mediatek Xperia E4 isn’t fair.

  • HunsonAbadeer

    MTK phones got better in the last couple years, in fact 2014 was the year when we had lots of MTK phones with excellent price and quality.

    In the past mediatek was known for not releasing the source for their processors but since more and more brands are choosing mtk hw again, it will be for the best to just release sources ..

  • Amir

    they need to make E and M more competitive.

  • HunsonAbadeer

    Its a really good chipset, Mali-400 might not be the gpu monster some games need but it does the job just fine with most games. Games that are full of adware tend to slow down the games after a while tho.

  • HunsonAbadeer

    I still don’t see the need for more than 2GB, that should fit everyones needs.

  • nojues

    the only truly crucial point, namely its price is not yet known. Indeed, with the proliferation of 4G Android smartphones with HD display around the hundred dollars, the price of Xperia E4 will be a determining factor in whether it can cope with the intense competition prevailing in this market segment .

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