Upcoming Xperia E4 passes through the FCC

by XB on 31st December 2014

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Xperia E4 FCC-2Sony is set to launch the Xperia E4 in early 2015. We already know the model number (E21XX) and we’ve even seen the pictures. The handset has now passed through the FCC, confirming that the handset will arrive in single SIM, dual SIM and DTV options.

The documentation highlights that ODM Arima Communications is in charge for manufacturing the device. Not much else is given away at this stage, but if you want to find out more check out our previous posts which gave a spec breakdown and numerous pictures.

Xperia E4

Type Name – PM-0630-BV [FCC ID – PY7-PM0630]
Type Name – PM-0632-BV [FCC ID – PY7-PM0632]

Xperia E4 Dual

Type Name – PM-0631-BV [FCC ID – PY7-PM0631]
Type Name – PM-0633-BV [FCC ID – PY7-PM0633]

Xperia E4 Dual (DTV support)

Type Name – PM-0634-BV [FCC ID – PY7-PM0634]

Xperia E4 FCC-1

Xperia E4 FCC-2

Thanks Ben!

  • Emir Zarith


  • XperiaBlog

    Digital TV – normally for Brazil.

  • Rifqi Al Fariz

    Here we go again.. Getting closer to Z4 or whatever.

  • Moonlight

    Even if they will present Z4 in January, it’s obvious that it will be shipped only with outcoming of new Bond film which can be presented in cinemas in summer… Remember how it was with K800 I suppose??

  • ????????

    LoL !!!

  • adneon0

    Looks like leaks are real :( .. Hate that design, Looks like Lumia :'(

  • ShinOrochiX

    In all the rush to release ‘e’ devices they forgot about the poor ‘e2’.

  • codenamejanrei

    E1 is basically E2

  • ryq24

    Sony should use Mediatek octa core chips and try to price it at a low price. It would be a good marketing gimmick when people hear it’s an octa core phone.

  • Zidhin Mohd

    It is… But it’s atleast a design change

  • Rusafie

    Nope! This number is tagged to the Flagship handset. There were no E series phone when they released Z2, so there is no E2 :)

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