Xperia XZ Premium gets new update with July security patches (45.0.A.7.90)

by XB on 13th July 2017

in Firmware, Xperia XZ series

A new firmware update is currently rolling for the Xperia XZ Premium (G8141) and XZ Premium Dual (G8142) that moves the software build number from 45.0.A.5.1 to version 45.0.A.7.90. The latest version includes the latest July 2017 security patches (from June 2017 previously). It doesn’t look like much else has changed, and still no double tap to wake. If you have updated to this build, please let us know your impressions in the comments below.

Thanks Dennis, Fausto, Saifuddin, St.Jimmy and Walaspancha!

  • Maleck Johnson

    Seem like Sony updating every device with new sercuity patch quicker then ever.

  • Don_Is_Good

    Received it 3 days ago here in Australia; I can’t see any change and sadly the “Top Contacts” widget is still omitted :(

  • proberts

    What’s the difference between G8142 & G8141? I thought the XZ Premium used a hybrid SIM tray so you could have two SIM cards but no micro SD card, or one SIM and one micro SD card.

  • Fausto Rosales

    G142 is SIM 1 – Micro SD / SIM 2 slots. G141 should be SIM 1 – Micro SD slots. I have G142.

  • Ziggy

    Interesting, that XZ Premium, XZ and X Performance got the July security updates. I wonder where is it for XZs? Hopefully not far away.

  • proberts

    Can you have one SIM on 4G and the other on 3G at the same time?

  • Ambroos

    The WiFi connectivity issues have been patched around. It’s still not brilliant, dropouts still happen when switching access points (not while connected). But, the software detects issues now and restarts the WiFi hardware (you can see it turning WiFi off and back by itself from time to time).

  • GuilleSur

    Yes you can

  • Squirtle 1

    Does anyone know the best region for the firmare for the fastes update? On the Xperia xz it is Russia. I can download the latest firmware at the same time like Xperia blog post it. Here in Germany I can wait 2 weeks for the update

  • Moisés

    XB said XZs got it along with XZ and XP

  • hmmm

    dsee hx is not working at all when you listen to online radio! on z5 you can hear a difference when you set it on or off.even the track stops for a second…..what’s wrong???

  • Ziggy

    Ahh cool, I didn’t notice the Updated bottom section of that news article. Thanks!

  • NinJy

    It is never same countries who get first.. Just check flashtool times to times. But basically, they are all working.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Even the old z3+, z4 and z5 line up this time ;) although they only have June’s security patches but still :)

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Just be patient and wait for a few weeks, eventually it becomes available over OTA or Xperia companion :) Sometimes Sweden and Germany gets the update first and sometimes we have to wait a bit longer than other countries :p

  • Deslin Winchester

    Thank you. I see that flashtool has problems with the xz premium. It need a update so I need to wait :)

  • Ossil

    Sadly this is not yet available in Finland (using Elisa as operator, if it matters).
    Actually I have not received June update either, phone is still in 45.0.A.1.229 (security level April 1, 2017)…

  • Fawaz

    Not it possible one sim 4g n other on 2g

  • Matt

    Bummer.. But it’s something.
    I’ve got an opportunity to replace mine – Do you know if it varies from device to device? I haven’t found a solid answer on whether it’s environment based, or phone based. Some people think it’s the 835.

  • Ossil

    Oh, now I got it. Apparently June update was skipped.

  • Wolf0491

    Got my XZ premium in mail yesterday and love it! That said i don’t see this update yet. Guess the region of my phone hasn’t released it.

    also xperiablog i had to come open this article on my PC with adblock because in my phones it kept auto re-directing me to some scam site without me clicking anything….might wanna look into that…

  • Elijah Francis

    Anyone else not yet receiving the ota? Dual 8142 version.

  • PatQQ

    FYI, after the update, it now supports 4CA + 256 QAM !

  • kgibbs29

    After update, I have noticed the speaker volume has increased. Greatly increased! Video volume, notification volume and especially call volume. During call, with other background noise, I would use speaker to hear caller. Now no need for speaker. I hear great through speaker just next to my hear. Also, phone app works in 4k. I have screen displaying 4k all the time and I experienced the phone app not working. Now the app works as expected.


    Do you observe an improvement in cell reception or anything else?

  • Matteo Maestroni

    Support for Galileo for XZ Premium with this update?

  • kgibbs29

    Any idea what’s in the latest update; 45.0.A.7.120? I got notification of it this morning. And as an FYI, with update 45.0.A.7.90, the main thing I noticed was the phone app does not get hung up while my display is in 4K resolution. Basically, my default phone was the way it is supposed to work whether display resolution is 1080p or 2160p.

  • Russell Williams

    Hi PatQQ, Which county firmware is it that enabled 4CA and 256QAM on dual SIM XZP please? Thanks!

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