New Sony Honami picture samples emerge

by XB on 18th August 2013

in Imaging, Rumours, Xperia Z1

HonamiWe have already seen a sample picture from the upcoming Sony Honami flagship with its 20MP camera sensor, however if you want to see some more examples check out the images below.

The pictures appeared on Picasa and the details reveal they were taken by the Sony C6903, the LTE version of Honami. These pictures were not taken at 20MP resolution, rather they appear to be taken at 8MP. Obviously, these have been snapped with pre-production firmware so bear that in mind when assessing quality.

Sony C6903 ‘Honami’ 8MP picture sample

Click to enlarge – not available in full resolution


More Sony C6903 ‘Honami’ 8MP picture samples

Click to download full sample




Via RBMen.

Thanks Ben and @musumappa!

  • ad

    Doesnt seem anything special.

  • roeshak

    No they don’t! No they don’t indeed!

  • Mike Gonzalez

    tbh now that we know we are getting Alpha camera sets for phones… im not that interested in buying Honami, think i can keep my XZ until next spring

  • Michael Hofmann

    The pictures inside seem a little washed out but the picture of the sea shows potential.

  • DrKrFfXx

    Not impressed. It seems I can wait until 1Q 2014 flagship.

  • cleverthansony

    in low ligth conditions xmor-rs is really suck!! xmor -r better

  • Carljn

    ISO1000 makes the samples noisy. I’ll hold off with the judging until lower ISO images appear.

  • Thiago Guerreiro Bastos

    Seriously? Poor images. I guess I won’t spend my money on Honami after all.

  • JG

    Common guys it says “These pictures were not taken at 20MP resolution, rather they appear to
    be taken at 8MP. Obviously, these have been snapped with pre-production
    firmware so bear that in mind when assessing quality”

  • xperia v

    The picture was taken with 8mp not with the 20mp

  • JG

    These people get too excited too much… XD

  • xperia v

    Look i think its a staff from sony an iphone at the last photo

  • Moe

    why just common guys? why not the extraordinary guys?

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    We cannot judge from looking at this pictures because it’s a pre-production device.


    why are the faces bright blurry

  • Xperianss

    about Gadget and Technology, like this one :

    News about Gadget and Technology, follow this one :


  • Abdullah Robben


  • Faisal Armand

    Do you guys know about the mini version of honami? It is rumoured to be a direct competitor of iphone 5s

    Sounds really interesting to me, with those specs the honami mini will surely blow iphone 5s, htc one mini, and galaxy s4 mini to pieces

  • dont know

    Stop waiting, just get another brand. It’s always like this with Sony. “The next device will be revolutionary”, “This is just a preproduction device, the final firmware will improve everything”, “Just wait a month for the firmware that will fix current problems”, “Just wait 2 more months, it will be out soon”

    Why doesn’t Sony release just three models per year? (low, mid, high end) Why two flagships per year? This way they can’t update all the phones fast enough and they all suck after a year. The technology doesn’t improve that fast anyway

  • Eugene

    Not impressed, I’m not even impressed with my Xperia Z photos too. I’d rather use my lumia in taking photos.

  • sgh

    No way..i wont comit same mistake(Xperia s owner).. Next phone must be Lumia 1020, the true perfect camera phone.

  • m sacha

    Yet your still here commenting on an upcoming Sony device. Use some of your own advice and shop elsewhere.

  • ee

    he’s just disappointed. you know that feeling when you’re really so stuck on something. you feel like you want to not care about it but you still have it deep within you to come back and say your piece. you want them to improve.

    not unless he’s a paid troll by samsung or htc.

  • ee

    but with honami, you’re getting a better display, faster processor, and bigger battery. it’s thicker and more expensive, though.

    still, if you’re like me and you only care about the camera improvement, you’d just buy the clip on camera lenses.

  • Mac

    If it has a IR blaster then I’m in!

  • ee

    i’d rather use a sony nex 7 for taking photos.

  • ee

    are you even sure it’s taken by the honami? exif details can be faked. it’d be unusual for sony employees to do some leaks with their faces on them.

  • Dipz

    Honamini :D

  • jag

    looks like the girl is holding the Honami?? what do you think guys?

  • asd

    Yeah, iso 1000 with flash in a place without awful lighting is a recipe for disaster

  • Alcatraz

    This is true. Exmor R on my XPERIA ray capture better pics in low light compared to Exmor RS on my XPERIA SP although are both 8MP.

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Its definitely fake as it is much worse than Xperia Z’s pre-production Unit !!!! it cant be true….

  • nohonami

    Ridiculous. Who needs sharpness, let’s get some blur AND noise! That’s really amazing, in a very bad way… :-)
    Oh, and what does that preproduction-mimimi mean? I don’t think they’re gonna ditch the current hardware and create an all new sensor. So all further corrections can only be done in software, and judging from THAT hardware source it’s going to be a straight disaster.

  • Utsav Shah

    the same kind of noise reduction in landscape stills.

  • Ghareeb Saeed


  • Andrew Tan

    If this is the final output! Honami is nothing but Mega Pixel bumps up only! Disappointing output.

  • Ghareeb Saeed

    Long Live Japan

  • Chris

    wow! What a disapointing camera! I don’t know what Sony does, but the pictures quality on all Sony smartphones SUCKS! I don’t like the Iphone, but the camera on it it’s really great. Maybe pictures look good on phone’s display but on PC looks awful, so I don’t need that I need quality not 12, 13 or 20 megapixels

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  • shayan gozarabadi

    These pictures were not taken at 20MP resolution, rather they appear to be taken at 8MP. Obviously, these have been snapped with pre-production firmware so bear that in mind when assessing quality.

    i think it’s better to use your brain before judging something..
    i’m not saying honami camera will be great or disaster but i won’t misjudge until releasment

  • Andrew Tan

    8MP or 20MP does’t matter. Quality is not related to MP.

    The photo is still obvious having bad artifact, poor processing as usual as Sony did in all mobile phone this year.

  • shayan gozarabadi

    these have been snapped with pre production firmware!!
    thats why i’m saying use your brain before saying something..
    seems you don’t have one to’s not your fault

  • x-periance


  • DrKrFfXx

    What makes you believe I will buy another brand because you say so?

  • chris

    I didn’t say the pictures were taken at 20mpx, and I don’t care about megapixels, just compare photos from Sony smartphones. I have an SE C905 with 8mpx camera and the pictures quality is way better than my Xperia S 12mpx camera. The thing is that Sony compress the photos and there’s no 100% quality.

  • AsadMulla

    made by sony. (iPhone camera)

  • shayan gozarabadi

    i know what your saying..and i know you didn’t say pictures taken at 20 mp..all i’m saying is that we shouldn’t comment like this about a phone that even is not i say i don’t know how it’s gonna be but it’s not right to start complaining from now!!!
    i think we sony fans complain too much..we are always complaining!!

  • miki69

    Having one myself, I can say it’s an amazing device….


  • miki69

    will it be waterproof as well? (I guess same size as Xperia V).

  • miki69

    As those previously leaked images indicate, 16:9 format is available in 8MP not 20MP.


  • Tutzu

    Exactly my thought when I saw the pic

  • Babylonbwoy

    Same girl with blue nail last time.
    I wonder if they engineers or tester working for Sony or if they are just employees of the manufacturing plant of Honami…

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  • cleverthansony

    mp is nothing. look at iphone 5. its 8 mp but taking pics than my xperia z. i think dont wait so much thing from honami. otherwise you will be dissapointed

  • cleverthansony

    he i? rigth… mp is nothing. look at iphone 5. its 8 mp but taking better pics than my xperia z. i think dont wait so much thing from honami. otherwise you will be dissapointed

  • Brady

    And that is indeed the biggest shame of all!
    I don’t get it, why is seemingly EVERY non-Sony phone with a Sony sensor taking _much_ better pictures than the Sony devices themselves?

  • shayan gozarabadi

    ohhh goood…i’m not talking about mp!!!!

  • JG

    I totally agree

  • xperiakita

    Three indoor photos not really impressive. I really love the first-one.

  • Faisal Armand

    but somebody said a guy at esato forums said honami’s image quality is on par with Lumia 1020, he saw and used the honami. Hopefully that is true..

  • Cod3rror

    “the true perfect camera phone.”

    That would be Nokia 808 PureView, not 1020.

  • Cod3rror


    Sony’s smartphone camera division must not be that good if other manufacturers manage to produce much better results with Sony’s sensors.

  • KrYpToNiT3

    maybe they are going to promote their lenses ? + iPhone knows how to take advantage of sony sensor :(

  • xperialover

    Well I can see few things there:

    1) when you take a picture on direct sun light most of the camera are jerking off and a pictures are shit- honami did good job in balancing a HDR..

    2) The details of a 8mpix in middle/low light condition are high which is good,

    3)There the noise in 8 mpix are are low and Pixelioza of xperia z/s are very high in this case is significantly improve, that is because of the quality of the sensor, lenses.

    especially in pre-production unit,

    But xperia z in pre production unit did much better pictures than the production one

  • Ashad Mamood

    The sensor is made by Sony. The other improvements are Apple. SO why are Sony mobile phone cameras s…e?

  • don’t know

    I wish Samsung or HTC paid people just for trolling. Would look interesting in a resume: “Certified Troll, Samsung corp., 2010–2013”.

    I’m not a hater, actually like some of Sony products. Have Xperia S and hardware-wise it’s a brilliant device, mostly does everything I expected it to do and I’ll be keeping it 1–2 more years. And I’m really interested in the modular camera from Sony I saw pics of and I may actually buy it in the future.

    My point is that Sony over exaggerates quite a lot about their devices and one should not get his hopes too high. Xperia T was supposed to have a much better camera than Xperia S but not much improved. Xperia Z was supposed to be much superior but besides the HDR video and pictures the photos are still very similar to my Xperia S. Now the Honami is supposed to bring revolution but judging from these pics it might be just some minor improvement again. Definitely no revolution like Nokia’s 41-MPix sensor.

  • Micro

    I don’t know guys, I see so much complaining and I think I don’t fully understand what is wrong for you – this is just a phone.. not some “real” camera.

    Perhaps you should look at it this way – those little blurry/noised pics was taken at ISO-800/ISO-1000 @ around 1/40 sec exposure, by hand. Most real-world cameras, including DSLR’s (with much bigger physical sensors/lenses), noise and blur much more with ISO set this high, and yes, ISO 800 *is* high, not to mention 1000 – so the overall effect for a PHONE with so TINY sensor is simply “fine”. Not perfect, sure. Never will be perfect. But for me it’s really ok.
    Maybe direct comparison of 2 photos taken exactly in the same place, conditions, sizes etc by two (or more) different phones could say the truth, now I guess it’s not really representative – just a bunch of pics in low light.

    Of course it’s just my humble opinion, I’m not offending anybody.

  • Harrison

    I can’t believe it.
    Is it honami’s picture?
    Oh My God!!!!
    Is it G lense? Really? I thought it is 1 dollar cheap smart phone’s picture.
    I am very very disappointed…I waited honami during 6 months.
    because I believed honami has super Camera!
    Oh My God!

  • JoL1hAHN

    I prefer to wait and see the output produced by the phone when it will be generally available to judge its actual photo shooting capabilities, but let me mention a couple of considerations in the hope that people eventually start getting real on what can really be expected out of a non-bulky phone camera with current technology:

    1- the first photo of sunset has been shot in direct sunlight which is already a critical condition by itself, but it’s even more so for a phone camera. That said, contrast and colors are kind of odd so I guess it’s been shot in HDR or processed by some sort of heavy in-phone effect (something like superior auto in backlight mode). Honestly such kind of quality out of that sensor at ISO 50 is excessively abysmal for not being a badly post-processed shot.

    2- Those indoor shots can hardly be used to assess the average quality of the camera due to their relatively high ISO levels, but results are more in line to what I’d expect out of it: the first and third shots are at ISO 800, while the second one is at ISO 1000. I mean, you can’t really expect a decent amount of details out of a 1/2.3″ 20 megapixels sensor at these sensitivity levels due to the obvious heavy noise-reduction processing needed to make them bearable to watch. I’d also like to add that despite the evident presence of luminance noise (grain), chroma noise (blotchy red/blu/green spots, especially noticeable in areas with uniform colors) is very limited which is a big improvement. Once again I suspect the use of superior auto and in the case of the first two shot it seems to be in night-portrait mode, which generally produces sensibly less sharpened photos on Sony’s firmwares, with an awful use of flash. Surprisingly, JPEG compression looks fairly decent here since the output has fewer and more fine-grained artifacts than the output produced by the previous compression engine used up until the Xperia Z.

    By the way you can check the quality of the Samsung S4 at various ISO levels here (with links to the full-resolution shots on flickr) and, unsurprisingly, the quality is awful at ISO 800.


    CHROME PLUG IN and turn this DATA program results SHOW EXIP

    The first, from ISO 1000 800 800

  • Kazuo Sat?

    Finally! someone giving a balanced explanation and not complaining.
    Thanks for your explanation, it has helped understand a lot.
    I think software version changes should also be taken into consideration for each shot.

    party: software 14.1.G.2.86_9_f200

    beach: software 14.1.G.1.406_9_b400

    bike: software 14.1.G.1.443_9_b600

    First certified software : 14.1.G.1.493

  • JoL1hAHN

    You are absolutely right, in all honestly I didn’t check the firmware version of each shot but I should’ve mentioned this aspect especially considering that firmwares are usually updated quite a lot during the internal pre-production phase of a device.

    Seeing that the first certified firmware is subsequent to the one used for the first leaked shot with the bike is good because that photo was convincing in terms of quality. I’m also glad to note that the shot on the beach was done with the oldest firmware out of the four mentioned in your comment.

    Now I demand a new leaked photo, this time we need a panorama in decent light conditions ;-)

  • Amsakanna

    Its codename is Ray3

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  • surethom

    Xenon flash & bigger sensor & better software engineers (STOP OVER COMPRESSING) would make the indoor photos Way better.

  • XcDcS

    Who the fudge uses IR?
    It’s 2013, time to wake up.

  • [A]dri[A]n

    I really don’t see a difference in these pictures from the pictures my ZL takes. 20MP camera on a phone is just overkill.

  • JoL1hAHN

    Bigger sensor = bigger lens(es) = thicker device.

    There is no marketing plot behind this, it is simply how the physics behind photography work. Seriously, what makes everything even more silly is that there is people complaining that Honami is too thick but at the same time they want a bigger sensor on it. Madness.

    If you really want to criticize Sony then you should point out that 20 megapixels are exaggerated and hardly make sense on a mobile phone and honestly, but it’s just my opinion, I don’t even think the G lense used here has enough optical resolving power. A sensor using the same technology and sporting the same size but with bigger photosites (that is, less density and then less megapixels) on the other hand is theoretically capable of capturing more light, effectively improving low-light performances.

  • sevenchris77

    iphone 5 better than xperia z?? really??
    i think u should check ur xperia z immediately, maybe something mistake on ur xperia :D

  • JoL1hAHN

    Sorry, just for the sake of correctness: a less dense sensor would not capture more light, but it would produce less electrical interferences among the photosites at ISO levels higher than the base one. Those interferences are the actual source of noise.

  • Bader Aljedei

    SONY`s never can get things right out of the box !

    same thing happened with Xperia Z display when they correct it on Xperia Ultra Z !

    same thing happened with Xperia Z lack of camera button and they correct it on Xperia ZR when they saw this video on youtube !

    and they did copy the Xperia ZR ad from this video ( which`s from the same guys on the video above )

    i wonder, dose sony have a testers for their products ? or they just have a “copy, edit, paste” team !

    which`s putting sony on stupid situation as they did with “Z poor display” and “Z lack of camera button for underwater” !

  • Andrew Tan

    Your first sentence talk about mega pixel!

  • Andrew Tan

    iPhone 5 still one of the best camera phone. Xperia Z is no way near all thanks to Sony engineer had no idea process the photo.

  • Andrew Tan

    I own Z, the quality is Ok but need some technique.

    Now I using Z Ultra, the quality like Z earlier firmware, still need some technique to shoot nice.

    Both phone Superior Auto nearly useless.

    Now this Honami, don’t care it is preproduction or what, it having similar symptom. Sony still can’t proper control it. Sony often either too much compression and over post processing in a bad way.

    If we not complain, Sony never knew and never improve. Thanks to feedback just recent Z firmware getting better result.

  • Waqas Ahmad Khan

    I am rather interested in low light performance where these sony devices don’t do well. Sad

  • 3rdflyleaf

    So, what was ray2?

  • Micro

    you made my day dude :D

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  • Mac

    R u serious!?

    It’s awesome bcuz you can fully make your phone a media remote. Not every thing in the home has WiFi like older amplifiers and TVs. Just 2 mention some.

    Yaa Dig?

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  • XcDcS

    Ah yeah, you mean It’s better to actually lockup the phone, find the app to remove, wait for it to load and then find the right device then just pick up the controller and press a button? Get real man.

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  • siber storm

    Super awful. I don’t know why these are being posted when it is clearly not even prototype material.

  • Faisal Armand

    Andrew my pal, I honestly have no idea why the fu*k why sony mobile’s image quality has noticeably degraded over the years. Is there a change of person in the mobile image processing job position or what? I don’t know

    Cyber-Shot phones were excellent shooters, their 5MP units are famous for taking down most of the 8MP phones.

    Pre Xperia phones such as Hazel, Vivaz, and Satio were excellent as well

    Early Xperia phones with 8MP camera such as X2, X10, and Arc were also very good.

    I have mixed feelings about the 12MP Xperia S because in some areas it was able to beat the mighty nokia n8, but in other areas xperia s’ picture was lousy enough.

    I never heard much about the imaging quality of Xperia T and V. Anyone have information?

    Now just what the hell is going on in 2013??! Xperia Z has no 13MP quality (even on the latest firmware), it’s more like 10MP camera. And Xperia SP is one of the worst 8MP shooters ever.

    why sony why??? You are famous for your great imaging quality and producing sensors for mobile phones, digicams, and dslr.. But why are you giving mobile users a terrible imaging quality? Please improve yourself.

    Good God, if honami’s image quality comes out bad in production unit, I will not buy it.

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  • Mac

    If you don’t like it, okay that’s you. But don’t tell me things like waking up cuz I don’t see no 2013 using 3-4 different remotes and reach out for each one for do things that my smart phone could make since I always have it close.
    So my question now is, have u got a IR blaster on your device and tried it?

  • Andrew Tan

    Exactly! Sony seems only bumping up mega pixel now but the quality actually worst than before.

    I had a feeling the whole image processing group is change, the group/person in-charge now can’t proper control the image output.

  • Andrie Putra

    WHAT THE HELL YOU GUYS Comment it !!! its taken with 8 MP IDIOTS !!! NOT 20 MP SMART GUY !!! this is testing camera software Clever !!!

  • XcDcS

    Haha, no I have not and even if I did I would never use it to controll my devices, I’m not as lazy as you are apperently. Djees man…

  • orangpelupa

    that tint are worse than iphone

  • Mac

    It’s not a laziness thing, I just like the ability, nice tech and also care about the clean surface I get without those freakin remote controllers in different size and colors on the table.

  • Mac

    U got that right man but most people don’t care about so many MP but like good pictures with lower. But I think it’s unnecessary 2 share these photos since deymake the Honami camera look cheap, not good PR.

  • Faisal Armand

    Okay, in the next firmware updates of Xperia Z,ZL,ZR, Z ultra, and SP sony must let the DSLR & Digital Camera division to take care of mobile image processing. Or maybe sony should hire guys from samsung and apple, good God -__-”

    Got this from gsmarena: the camera software of samsung galaxy s4 is XXUAMDE. Maybe sony could just port it into Xperia Z, ZL, and ZR since Galaxy S4’s camera sensor is the same as Xperia Z,ZL, and ZR. Or maybe a talented developer can do the favour.

  • brokenipod

    Xperia SX, only in Japan

  • surethom

    iPhone seems to produce a better picture than sony does with the same camera sensor.

  • surethom

    8mp is 16:9 (the best) 20mp is for 4:3 photo dimensions.

  • Andrew Tan

    A camera output nice photo or not, MP never take big part here. Stop being fool by MP.

    Any camera with 8MP is more capable generate great image output.

  • Mac

    It’s not about laziness, it’s the ability that I like. And I want my table 2 be free of different remotes with all kinds of size and colors. This is what smartphones is all about, but if u like your Nokia 3310 then it’s ok because u kan call and use text messages.

  • 3rdflyleaf

    Oh, I remember now. I wanted that beauty to replace my ray!!

  • sfordesign

    noticed that since i bought xperia ion. my mind was totally blown by how shitty its camera is. I also have a xperia x10, and the pictures taken by it are mostly absolutely gorgeous, at least much better than ion in every photo taking situation. so as a result, i ditch sony for nokia. you screw yourself very hard, sony.

  • sfordesign

    you made a good point. it tells how sucks sony software engineers are

  • Sander Puus

    i think that people are suggesting they are too lazy to put down phone in order to pick up remote

  • c0ntrite
  • c0ntrite
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