Is Sony finally adding OIS to its Xperia smartphones?

by XB on 28th November 2017

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Sony recently filed a trademark application with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office), for the “Dynamic Vibration System”. This trademark is believed to be a form of optical image stabilisation (OIS), which could be heading to Xperia smartphones as early as 2018. Adding OIS to its Xperia phones has been a much requested feature from Sony fans for years.

Sony has instead utilised software for a similar effect, which works surprisingly well, especially for videos. Despite this, we’re sure many of you are likely to be excited by the news. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Via LetsGoDigital.

Thanks Diogo, Moisés and Saša!

  • Moisés

    I hope it does not affect videos. Because for videos EIS is better.
    It does not seem to be like regular OIS.
    We have to wait until February.

  • shumayal

    I hope we get a more improved software stabilization for Xperia X F5122

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Ohoo I will be soooo happy.

  • It’s time for them to replace their so-called SteadyShot with OIS.

  • DBS

    I’ve learned long ago to have no hope regarding Sony listening to anything until it happens.

    I’m tired of getting my hopes up and then be met with nothing but disappointment.

  • Moisés

    I dont care about price, I’ll get my hands on one of the IFA phones. Probably the mid-sized flagship.
    The XZ2 equivalent….

  • Yuri

    If this is software based then hopefully they add it on their other newer phones like xz1 & xz Compact via an update! I plan on taking the XZ1 Compact for my next phone!

  • Talos the Robot

    I would like an implementation of Hybrid (EIS+ Mechanical) stabilization for photos and only EIS for videos.

  • Vuyo Ncube

    World’s most stable smartphone camera inbound :D SteadyShot had its limitations in lowlight photos but it did a damn good job against mechanical OIS overall. Lower the pixel count and work on the lens aperture please.

  • MrWalker1000

    well in regards to this they’ve been firm belivers of EIS

  • Moisés

    Article says it might be this..

  • Moisés

    High MP has some good points.
    Better if you want too edit or print.

    No matter the brand, high MP pics will look noisier than low MP pics if you crop more than 100%.

    Some Z phone owners use only the 3MP.

  • azzido

    I just do not know why they always needs to be years behind competition and be soo stubborn to provide features / functions people are asking for.

    Waiting for new future Xperia Arc Z with 4K screen, a bit smaller bezels, huge battery and perfect camera :) :) :)

  • azzido

    Will there be optical 3x zoom???

  • azzido

    Combine it with F1.4 – F1.6 made of clear glass and not plastic please for night pics!

  • Moisés

    If they use 2nd camera, a rgb + monochrome is candidate

  • Moisés

    Except v30, all use plastic.
    Might be f1.7

  • RockStar2005

    Yes. I have the LG V30 and I can confirm the camera lens is glass not plastic like the S8’s is.

    Sony uses plastic too??

  • Shakeel Mohammed

    Their 5 axis so called steady shot did way better than ois in video so and it was proven i think Sony should introduce ois5axis stablization

  • Shakeel Mohammed

    No the xz- xz1 uses glass

  • RockStar2005

    Ok good. lol


  • Vinny Conforto

    This is a great news. And bezel-less combined would be perfect

  • Dineth Perera

    nobody cares about what you think

  • DBS

    You took the words right from my mouth. Now back to under your bridge you little human excrement.

  • DBS

    Yes, if we’re rewarding stubbornness, Sony definitely wins there lol

  • Dineth Perera

    dude seriously make better use of your time rather than nagging all over the place!!

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Well to be honest, using a Sony high-end phone gives me like 10x better experience then using a Samsung phone because of Samsungs slow and laggy UI. Pictures taken with the galaxy s8 is on par with the ones I took with my xz premium aswell so stop whining about what you think when reality is something totally different :)

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Wait the galaxy s8 have a plastic lens?? Thought they used glass :s

  • DBS

    Dude, you’re the only one wasting everyone’s time with your pointless primate writings.

  • DBS

    Except reality is NOT completely different. If you took the same pictures with an XZ and an S8, that just tells me you know little about photography. Because I have a XZ1C and it can’t come anywhere near the pictures an S7 can take, specially in low light.

    So yeah. I don’t dispute the laggier performance on Samsung’s devices. But Xperia cameras are utter rubbish. It’s borderline embarrassing to have the Sony logo on such terrible imaging devices.

  • Dexter Moregan

    Agree. I saw the video that compare the video recording between Sony Xperia, Samsung, Iphone and LG. Sony Xperia’s Video is better than Samsung that has the OIS so far.

  • Dineth Perera

    so knowing all these, why did you buy a XZ1C? like i said, make some good use of your time rather than being a useless troll!

  • DBS

    1 – You’re the only one here who hasn’t written a single useful sentence. You might want to look at a mirror when you call others trolls.

    2 – I don’t have to justify my purchases to some random kid on the Internet. I have disposable income, if I want to buy a truck of Xperias just to smash them, I do it and I don’t have to give you a reason.

    3 – If you weren’t the pathetic troll you accuse others of being I might even tell you why I bought it. But that’s not gonna happen. So I’d advise you to go back to your homework.

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    Nowhere does it say its OIS based stabilisation.
    Even the trademark name doesnt.sound OIS ish.
    Maybe its their another advanced take on EIS….
    I appreciate their 5 axis EIS, its just best for video, and daylight shots, and lowlight is still excellent with it, especially in manual.
    And I really dont like what unavoidable wobble effect OIS does to video.
    So bring some advanced EIS hopefully. Or some non wobble OIS…..either way DVS is obviously the name.

  • Junior Rider
  • Junior Rider
  • razorg

    @3:09 It is glass, not plastic. Stop lying…

  • RockStar2005

    Not lying dude.

    “Both images are stunning shots (at least for an amateur photographer like me anyway), but here’s the thing: the sky was completely purple at the time, like in the LG V30’s shot. I don’t know how Samsung produced an orange-ish sky that completely differed from how the scene looked in real life. This is probably the distortion of the plastic camera lens. The V30, remember, has a glass lens particularly for this reason.”

  • RockStar2005

    “Both images are stunning shots (at least for an amateur photographer like me anyway), but here’s the thing: the sky was completely purple at the time, like in the LG V30’s shot. I don’t know how Samsung produced an orange-ish sky that completely differed from how the scene looked in real life. This is probably the distortion of the plastic camera lens. The V30, remember, has a glass lens particularly for this reason.”

  • Khillo81

    In the age of Google Translate, I think there are no more secrets to unlock. I won’t translate the whole thing, but it’s talking about a possible vibration reduction system that might come to Sony phones around the start of 2018 (the language is Dutch in case you want to use Google Translate).

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Funny thing. The product planning manager (Kiyama Yosuke) one said that we can adjust ISO instead of having OIS.

    I wonder what will he say next interview.

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    I hope we will really get it !

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    I would like to say that you should not waste your time also…. I mean your time for replying to him/her.

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    are you sure that S8’s Camera is on par with XZ Premium ?

    If it’s good light then I think they’re on par but for the low light S8’s much more better.

  • deekbee

    Mechanical could be turned off, depends on implementation.

    I’ve tended to find OIS alone works better than EIS, but again it will vary from implementation to implementation.

  • deekbee

    12x optical zoom on a phone. And how will that be done? Folding optics are generally rubbish, so ….. it’ll be done via magic?

  • Moisés

    Yes.. But the issue is high ISO on auto.
    I think if ISO was limited on Auto ( 40 – 400) then full value on manual ( 40 – 12800) things would be better.

    When I use 8MP + SCN + night scene is 10x better than 8MP auto at night..

  • Moisés

    Ppl from a University developed a 12x optical zoom lenses.

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    The result of increasing the ISO to the high value is end up in noisy photo.

    Xperia is not the same as SONY’s MLR camera that the photo has low noise even it has high ISO.

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    new vibrator built in??

  • S.H.U.R.O.

    This still needs to be checked, OIS can be poorly implemented not so good like on iphone or pixel
    Sony xperia with theitr cameras was always worse than its competitors, therefore, I do not expect any significant breakthrough in quality…

  • Xokolatoli

    Isn’t the XA1 Ultra have OIS on the front face camera?

  • Ther9reatSkull

    I guess your mother will finally buy a Sony phone if this is true !

  • roeshak

    3yrs late but better late than never I guess. The tft LCD saga lasted just as long so they do have form.

  • Geralt

    Just wait and watch apple slap like 5 camera sensors 1x 2x 4x 8x 12x and price it at $10,000

  • Moisés

    Yes… XAU and XA1U have OIS

  • Moisés

    Yes.. That is why I use auto only in daylight.
    Manual at night.

  • jrnr

    To be honest, Xperia Cameras are rubbish. I have always had a Xperia, but for camera I had to get a secondary phone like iPhone or galaxy.
    Sad that Sony puts a pretty awful camera on their flagships

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Okey you got a point there, low light photos are better on the Galaxy s8 thanks to the OIS and a lens capable to capture more light. But XZ premiums camera is not bad in low light photographys, had a galaxy s7 edge for a week and took some photos in auto mode to compare to my xz premium and the pictures looked almost indentical, about the same amount of noise on both pictures in low light :p

  • Jer

    I would like all android phones to use googles machine learning software, i mean, they’ve won best rated mobile cameras 2 years in a row using a 12megapixel sensor, that’s gotta mean something.

  • Moisés

    About the photo of the article…

    Is that a Z5?

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    Don’t know what you’re saying but I’m seriously loving the picture quality of the XZ Premium. I don’t have one, but I have tried, and your way of saying how bad it is is an overstatement. Comparing OIS vs no OIS and f1.7 vs f2.0 and 1.4um vs 1.22um while the XZ Premium still keeps up in low light just goes to tell what a good thing could that be.

    Now with OIS, it will be so much better. Btw, the worst cameras I’ve tried on any flagships are no other than the iPhones. Xperias are at least ahead of them all, including the X.

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    No problem with megapixels really. 16mp will do, but 19mp for now is fine. 1.22um is pretty normal, so it’s good there. Wider aperture and image stabilization are the needs for better low light pictures.

    My old LG G4 with f1.8 aperture and OIS can still compete with the best of 2017 in low light shooting.

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    Anybody can download it. I got it on my Zenfone Max and while it doesn’t make my images look flagship level, it does make a huge difference especially in the dynamic range thanks to HDR+.

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    Yeah but they’re on the front only.

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    Dude it’s a different and more advanced type of OIS. Not sure how it will turn out, but Sony always implements things greatly. This one will probably have no wobble effect during video recording while walking. Kindly keep your early assumptions until you can back them up with facts.

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    It could accurately measure the amount of vibration and apply the right amount of stabilization.

  • DBS

    The fact that you don’t have the phones is enough to tell me that you don’t actually have experience taking photos with them.

    No, the XZP/XZ1/XZ1C can not keep up with the competition. And that’s for two main reasons:

    1 – no OIS. It doesn’t matter what bullsh*t excuse Sony wants to give itself, they can’t compensate for the lack of OIS with software. You can lower the problems that it’s absence causes but that’s it. For for that you’d need stellar software which Sony is nowhere near being able to do. For example, Google’s original iPixels lacked OIS but their software was so good that you only noticed its absence in actually dark scenarios. That wasn’t enough though and so they added OIS to the iPixel 2.

    2 – That brings us to number 2, which is the software. Sony’s software is complete sh*t. What’s worse is that Sony actively blocks things like RAW capture, so you’re pretty much prevented from using a third party camera app to capture the pictures with.
    When you use a third party camera, that camera is trying to work based on the jpeg files Sony’s camera already produced which means they’re working with a product that’s already crap because of Sony’s software instead of getting the info directly from the hardware.
    Things like the Google HDR+ camera app port can’t be installed on Xperias because Sony actively blocks the camera2api for RAW support.

    And then you have Sony’s shitty algorithms and their insistence that they know best than the user. Their “manual mode” is a joke, their HDR mode does basically nothing and their superior auto-mode is only good in bright day light and only if dynamic range in the scene isn’t too stark.

    As for the iPhone cameras…well, I only have an iPhone SE and I seldom pick it up so I never really bothered doing an extensive test with it. Besides, the iPhone camera is, from a manual user’s perspective, a nightmare because there’s no manual mode at all. So, to me, yeah, that alone makes any Xperia camera better.
    Problem is, Xperias aren’t competing with iPhones. It’s deluded to think that. Xperias competition are other Android phones. And most OEMs are beating the sh*t out of Sony, often using Sony’s own hardware.

  • DBS

    At IFA that would be the XZ3 is tradition is upheld lol

  • deDote Von

    I think it is a XZs or XZ1

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Uhh Please don’t compare 2017 model with 2016 model. It doesn’t make Xperia look good.

    As you know if we’re going to get OIS then the Xperia camera will be impressive. so that’s why I want SONY to do it hahaha.

  • Maxx Tan

    thanks! for being late again

  • Jer

    You can download it, but it doesn’t work as expected, especially with a sony phone that has nearly double the megapixels, looks so bad.

  • anewprofile

    also add wireless charging and i know what im buying in 2018

  • anewprofile

    you can absolutely “turn off” OIS.
    its just little electro magnets moving the sensor around. they can be set to keep the lens straight without movement.

    that said unless its really poorly implemented you rarely ever want that off on a phone. the only time it makes sense is on a tripod when you want to move sure the edges of the picture never drift, which is again extremely rare on a phone.

  • anewprofile

    OIS moves the sensor around while EIS crops the image based on sensor and image data. due to this, OIS is a lot more simple and accurate and has no image quality loss.
    That said the distance the sensor can travel in a smartphone is not .. much, because there’s no space in there. Even on bigger camera they don’t move by much unless you use servo motors and then its a very bulky and heavy mechnism.

    Due to that, using OIS + EIS is noticeably “more stable” though OIS is “always better because physics”

  • anewprofile

    first, this is incorrect. OIS is always physically better. There’s terrible OIS systems though and sony’s EIS algorithm is very good.
    Second, Sony sells action cams with OIS + EIS and the stabilization is pretty amazing, so hopefully they’re going to do the same.

  • ganesh

    May be for you its a disappointment because some bad things might have happened with you SONY phone.

    For me it is opposite.

    1. It works really well even after updating 2 versions of android. my xperia z3 is still smooth and accurate.

    2. I agree to a point that you said below. Camera is not up with competition. The algorithm is not well maintained.

    3. I take photos with my phone a lot and I do mostly in day time and the photos looks ok to me. The color accuracy is great. the details is good. But again there are greater phones in the market with better camera. But there is not even a single phone with better overall software integration than Sony. The apps crashing is considerably lower that Samsung or any other phones the market. Study have proven it. You can look for that details online. That is a great deal. For me its a big thing.

    4.There is not even a single company that offer better gallery for photos and videos that Sony. It is hell in Other phones When you move from Sony. I felt it when I moved to Samsung. But I am not saying that it is bad but Sony does it way better. Forget about IPhone. I am going to sell my 7Plus in couple of months. (Apple sucks) Forget about Samsung, they cant even match with LG. Because I consider LG as a worst company in the market. Not because of the software. It is only because of Hard ware. It dies in 2 years. My LG G3 died on 2016. My friend’s G4 died this year.

    5. Music gallery of Sony is heaven. No comparison.

    For me SONY is doing a grate job as a phone company but there is still some improvement can be done in design of the phone and camera.

  • DBS

    1 – I’ve had more than one Sony phone. Camera has always been rubbish. Because it has barely evolved at all. And it continues to present the same deficiencies. It works for you? Great. But I demand more from the cameras in my phones. And most people consider the camera the most important feature on their phones. Sony simple doesn’t offer one that’s either worthy of the price they ask not even of the Sony branding in it.

    2 – Absolutely no one here is talking about the performance of the phone in other areas. So I’ll disregard what you wrote about that because no one talked about it ;)

    3 – “There is not even a single company that offer better gallery for photos and videos that Sony. It is hell in Other phones When you move from Sony.”

    Again, no one is talking about Software. Though since you bring it up, I should point out that that is YOUR preference. I for one hate Sony’s gallery app. Or any gallery app that doesn’t allow itself to be open in folder view. Which is why I use QuikPic in all my phones.
    Sony’s Walkman app is nice but, again, I find BlackPlayer infinitely superior.

  • hansip

    i hope this is IBIS not OIS.

  • ganesh

    1. It is not as bad as you are saying. There is a slight variation, that I agree. But it still gives good shot especially in day light condition.

    Lack of OIS gives a disadvantage to the phone but not in extreme level.

    Every one is not buying phone for just the camera. The phone need to be reliable and responsive every time and sony gives the best.

    You cannot say a product that it is not good due to a camera issue.

  • ganesh

    I will have to agree on that which is technically correct.

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    Sony changed their tactic since then.

    Next year at MWC, they might release a Ultra version of the XZ1 and at IFA is where the real shit happens, with the XZ2 lineup (XZ2, XZ2 Compact, XZ2 Premium) along with the new next-generation IMX500 sensor.
    Typically the Premium comes out the same time a new IMX sensor comes out.

    By that means, there will be no Premium model in 2019 but there will be one at MWC 2020.

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    actually there’s an app that does that kind of vibrator

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    is this for both pictures and video?

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    I said I have tried them in person. I never owned one, but I tried it. Know the damn difference. If this thing is hard for your little fucking brain to take up, then kindly shut the fuck up.

    And to waste some time for all your craps,

    1 – OIS plays most of the role here. Because of its absence, the software will have to use much faster shutter speed to reduce blur, and because of that, the ISO must be increased to improve the amount of light. Higher ISO leads to higher noise, and in order to remove the excessive noise, the software smudges the image down, which while look clean, does look very soft and lacking detail. Again everything in the camera is connected to each other. One is missing, the others will suffer.

    2 – Yes I wish for RAW capture, but as far as casual usage is concerned, I don’t think it is a massive deal breaker. Back when we were saying to use Manual Mode on Xperia, you were excusing that we need everything be done in Auto because nobody will waste time fiddling in the settings to take a damn simple shot. Now you’re asking for RAW capture, which is also part of the Manual Mode. So who are you kidding now, huh??
    A true Android user knows how to modify almost everything. My Zenfone Max also has a locked camera2api, but I found a reliable Google Pixel’s camera app with full HDR+ function and everything is so much better, and I do think the same thing can be done for Xperias. Customizablity is the power of Android, so there’s no need to bother on that part.

    And it does seem like you’re the one who has never tried a Xperia before. I read some reviews on GSMArena and even the reviewers themselves admit that there’s quite a big difference with HDR on and off.

    iPhones are nothing but overpriced piece of golden trash. Please don’t bring them back here again.
    Sony has tried their best, but the problem in the past is that the Xperia Division isn’t their main priority so they got little to no progress because of little to no investment for improvements and developments.
    But as far as I can see, they are now starting to pick everything up again with all of these improvements that I’m seeing.
    Yes they’re using Sony’s hardware, but those who are beating Sony out have reached the limit of the hardware. Sony’s own hardware is still, in my honesty, in the worst nightmare. Now they’re beginning to change that, and time will come out that Xperia will be known for once as a great lineup for Sony as a brand.

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    Never too late for everything. If being late only means we get the best of it, then the wait is worth it.

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    What do you mean by not as expected? The only thing that I am expecting the app to do is to improve the dynamic range with little to no overblown highlights, and it’s exactly what I have seen on my Zenfone Max, which oftentimes overexposes highlights with its built-in camera app, and its own HDR can only do so much.

    If it works with a cheap budget phone, then it should do some improvement on an even more expensive device. Megapixels have nothing to do with it.

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    Maybe it could work out.

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    It will be hardware. Sony can only do some software improvements on the image stabilization on those phones, but they won’t get this true solution.

    This is physical stabilization, the XZ1 series/XZ Premium and every other Xperias (except XA Ultra’s front camera) are only software/digital.


    It is the XPERIA XZs. The slightly protruding camera bump with the familiar more sharped edged chassis, I can easily spot it out from my Z and X series


    Oh well, technology is so advanced now, anything can be done. Just wait for a few years u will be seeing this on smartphones

  • Moisés

    It has round corners, the plastic bumps.
    The speakers too.

  • Moisés
  • Moisés

    Many phones do not have hdr on auto mode.
    That is why most of them cant handle bright scenes.

  • Rene Pedroso

    I’m hoping Sony uses the same tech as in their TV’s where the sound comes from the display.

  • Rick

    They have already implemented this tech in their Xperia flagship..

  • Rick

    Imagine if the “Dynamic Vibration System” is just another taptic engine

  • Rick

    OIS also introduces some lens distortion and greatly increase the size of the entire camera component

  • Rick

    5 Axis OIS is impossible, lens based OIS can only support up to 2 Axis

  • Rick

    I think you should thank your carrier for that…

  • Svnjay

    But not better in low light pictures.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    It does make sense since theres almost no difference in camera quality between the galaxy s7 and s8 :p And to be honest that was the only Samsung phone i had to compare it to at the time, since i dont like laggy phones i dont buy Samsung phones myself xD

  • Hieu Nguyen

    Hi! I think there is folders-viewing mode in the album app.

  • DBS

    “I said I have tried them in person. I never owned one, but I tried it.”

    You went to the store and you played with them. That’s not enough to evaluate anything you moron. If you don’t own the devices, you don’t know shit about them. So I would suggest YOU to shut the fuck up, get a job, get money to buy the devices, properly test them and then come up with a conclusion. Otherwise you’re just an idiot whose daddy took him to the grown up store, tried the phones he can’t afford and then decided they were bad because he doesn’t know how to take pictures properly.

    1 – Congratulations you idiot, you just explained why Sony’s cameras are shit. Way to shoot yourself in the foot, dumbarse.

    2 – You filthy fucking liar. I NEVER defended shooting in Auto. For years I’ve said exactly the same and if you weren’t retarded and knew how to read, you would have read that I said Sony’s “Manual mode” is still shit. Because it is. It’s still locked, shutter speeds are reduced to 1s max, you can’t control ambient light etc.
    So, again, no, we don’t need Auto mode (which is shit anyway) and we need REAL manual mode. Alongside RAW support which is a crucial part of that manual mode. And yes, it’s important, you know why? Because RAW support is what any third party camera app needs to properly take pictures that are better than the ones from the Sony cameras. Google’s HDR+ camera for example, is a good example. If Xperias had RAW support, the Google camera could pick the RAW files and use its own software algorithms to compose the picture and deliver infinitely better results (as you said it yourself).
    And NO, the Google HDR+ camera does NOT work on any Xperia.
    Why? EXACTLY because Sony locked RAW support and the camera needs it. So even your little “hack” (which is nothing more than sideloading an apk) doesn’t work on Xperias.
    And the same goes for any other good camera app. Because Sony locks that down, they have to use the compressed files Sony produces which have already been shit upon by Sony’s terrible software.

    3 – “A true Android user knows how to modify almost everything. ”
    Oh go fuck yourself. A true Android users also knows that rooting his phone not only is a risk to security but it also:
    1 – breaks Android pay
    2 – voids the legal warranty.
    And guess what? A true Android user knows that Sony is making their phones shit software-wise as well on purpose because they know the locking of camera2api’s was deliberate and without reason. And they’re not willing to burn a 2 year legal warranty of a +700€ phone just to fix Sony’s stubbornness and stupidity.

    4 – “And it does seem like you’re the one who has never tried a Xperia before. I read some reviews on GSMArena and even the reviewers themselves admit that there’s quite a big difference with HDR on and off.”

    Do you want pictures? ’cause unlike you, I can provide them.

    5 – “iPhones are nothing but overpriced piece of golden trash. Please don’t bring them back here again.”
    Dude…YOU were the one who brought up the iPhone.

    6 – “Sony has tried their best, but the problem in the past is that the Xperia Division isn’t their main priority so they got little to no progress because of little to no investment for improvements and developments.”

    No, they have not. Stop trying to fucking apologise for Sony.
    They have DELIBERATELY reduced investment in R&D, they have DELIBERATELY FIRED a ton of people working for the Xperia division, they have DELIBERATELY move the development from Sweden to Japan to cut costs and they have DELIBERATELY reduced investment on their phone division whilst rising prices to make the division not lose money.

    7 – “those who are beating Sony out have reached the limit of the hardware.”
    Have they? I don’t think they have. They’ve moved to other types of lenses, to dual-camera set-ups, to zoom lenses. Meanwhile Sony has basically remained still.

    Sony will NOT regain any ground on mobile. Not without a massive revolution in Sony Mobile and a massive bail-out from the Sony Corporation (and yeah, investors aren’t very happy that PlayStation money keeps being used to bail out a failing division).
    Sony Mobile has continuously showed amazing stubbornness and unwillingness to change. They have shunned any changes being made by competitors – like AMOLED, OIS, wireless charging, 2:1 screens etc – just to later try to play catch up. They have continuously spent time on useless gimmicks like the 3D scanning app (which is cool WHEN it works…which is almost never unless you bother to set up a proper lit studio with plenty of space), or the super slow motion (which, again, very cool…IF you’re filming with TONS of light because otherwise the picture is so dark that you can’t see anything). Meanwhile, things like the post-processing and the lack of OIS – things that reviews of Sony phones have pointed out as weaknesses SINCE THE XPERIA Z1.

    “Sony’s own hardware is still, in my honesty, in the worst nightmare.”

    At least on this we agree.

  • deekbee

    I recall seeing a product like that a few years back. It looked ridiculous. It would be the perfect Apple product (look ridiculous, then claim it to be revolutionary, and that we were all looking at it wrong)

  • Jerrysofresh

    In which phones ????

  • Jerrysofresh

    SteadyShot is nice and it’s doing the job better than OIS of most of them

  • Rick

    The Z5 and XZ Premium
    Both phone’s screen vibrate when you listen to music.

  • MrWalker1000

    their logic was that with no OIS they’d be able to keep camera pump non-existant. Thats becoming harder and harder to hold with the demand from consumers. EIS is fine for their video but i guess photos needed an OIS based solution.

  • Me

    But taking pic without OIS make the photo looks blurry, see ads on Xpeeia XA1 Ultra, the diff with and without ois

  • Thariq Mohammed
  • Thariq Mohammed
  • usersparadise

    Yes and No. There is progress in Sonys camera algorithms. I had lot of their phones. Even between XZ Premium and XZ1 there are some minimal improvements: better details in low light (trees, grass), better colours and a more reliable experience. Now you can also change ISO and shutter speed at the same time in manual mode.

    In daylight the photos of XZ1 are on the same level or sometimes even better (details) than Pixel, Pixel 2, HTC U11. In my opinion they are surely better than Samsung S8. Photos of this phone look muddy even with minimal zooming in. Yes, I had most phones of 2016 / 2017 for testing. I´ve also made a landscape photo with XZ1 directly against the sun and even that pic came out well. But I prefer manual mode with auto settings in daylight.

    In low light OIS, bigger aperture and like HDR+ are really missing. You CAN get nice shots in low light, but you have to use slow shutter speeds and for that you normally need tripod. I don´t want to use a tripod for a phone. You can also have some pics that are on the level of Nexus 5X in details without tripod. But for that you often have to twiddle for minutes. With other phones you take the device, press the button and you´re done. And even than there are mostly a little bit more details, sharpness and brightness. I wouldn´t say generally that the low light pictures of XZ1 are bad all the time, but it´s much more easier to get worse and unusable pictures. For sure you always have to use manual mode in low light with XZ1 to get something like comparable results that other phones can do in auto mode without any further settings. And that´s a shame. High contrast scenes like sunsets are also a problem. The XZ1 has no chance against HDR+ of Pixel or Nexus. Either you have a completely dark bottom half of the picture or a overblown other half with the sky.

  • Reddkliff11

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