First Sony LT29i ‘Hayabusa’ pictures leaked

by XB on 22nd July 2012

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We know by now that the Sony Xperia GX (SO-04D), that is due to land in Japan very soon, is likely to make an international appearance under the Sony LT29i model number and is codenamed ‘Hayabusa’. Below we have what is believed to be the first live pictures of the device itself. It looks like an early production model to us as it still carries the Sony Ericsson logo on the top of the phone. The handset itself looks almost identical to the Sony Xperia GX, although there are a few tell-tale signs that this is different.

First of all the Xperia GX has the NTT DoCoMo logo on the top and the Sony logo on the bottom. This LT29i ‘Hayabusa’ has the Sony logo on the top and the Xperia logo on the bottom, which presumably lights up. Additionally, the Hayabusa doesn’t have the FeliCa logo just under the LED flash, unlike the Xperia GX. The ‘About’ screen of the phone also pegs the handset as the LT29i running Android 4.0.4 and firmware version 7.0.A.1.155. Hopefully the leak points to a nearing formal announcement of the phone.

Sony LT29i

Sony LT29i

Sony LT29i

Sony LT29i

Thanks Anonymous!

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  • OMG! True beaty!

  • The Truth Must Be Said

    Ugly Design. Nothing special in its design!!!
    come on sony you made more beautiful designs than this (Xperia P, Sola, ION and GX)
    why is your flagship ugly ??

  • I like the front, don’t like the back

  • Hey dude, are you high? :|

    LT29i and Xperia GX are almost identical! :|

  • lovebmw

    I think it’s beautiful, but might as well it’s the last Ericsson touch. After this we get to see what really Sony can do

  • lovebmw

    When did Ericsson exit? They still have a Sony Ericsson design… wow it takes for ever to make a phone

  • Chris

    Odd that it still says Sony Ericsson.  All the newer handsets are just Sony.

  • Chris

    Actually, I never noticed it before but I’m liking the dedicated shutter key :D

  • Gnirujan

    FXP 130 CM 10 Jelly Bean for Xperia S is out. All functions working including Wifi, BT. How come no article about it in Xperia Blog?

  • SomeBody

    I see you are a $hitsung fanboy… But still $hitsung sucks and so does their Quad-core Exynos. Explaining something to a troll like you is worthless, so I will only ask you the following:
    Did you know a 2nd gen Intel i7 with 4 cores clocked at 3.4Ghz kicks the shit out of an Octo-core AMD clocked at 3.6Ghz? If you want the truth to be said (because THE TRUTH MUST BE SAID!), lemme tell ya, you’re the biggest idiot walking on this planet.

  • Coolkid

    Wish they named it as Xperia BEAST….!!!!

  • FlowXT

    Sony Ericsson’s Tokyo HQ employees once stated in an interview that it takes about 18 months to design and engineer a phone from concept to final product. 

  • Deads

    People dont tend to take people seriously when they type in all caps.
    And please tell us why a phone needs to have a quad core CPU.
    Id rather have a dualcore then a quadcore that just eats power without offering any real diffrence in return.

  • nfs2010

    Looks great! Hopefully it has Adreno 320 GPU. Bring it out in one month, please!

  • Tyler9999

    this is the second last chance for sony!! since galaxy s3 sales have broken the world record of 50M sales!!
    the last chance is the holiday season right before which the new James Bond movie is coming out!! and yes the Iphone 5 also opting for the OCT release cycle!!
    the phone can only be a hit if it has the following (keep in mind this is most ppls requirement no matter what)
    1. OLED 1080p screen 4.7 inches (since HTC have already a phone in the working with this resolution)
    2. quad-core krait 1.5 GHZ adreno 320 (i no many ppl r happy with dual-core but not all)
    3. 16MP or 13MP snapper with video stabilization
    4. gesture controls
    5. Beautiful NEW (and i mean NEW) design (i am sure a company like sony would have no problem in this area)
    6. and a set of totally new features including a SONY CLOUD service
    7. Jelly Bean
    I hope xperia Z would be like sony vaio Z series laptop (the best in every aspect)
    if sony fails in any aspect especially the SCREEN AND THE PROCESSOR its good bye sony for a long time before ppl will affiliate their hopes again with sony

  • DragonClaw

    Looks petty thin. And the the Camera is coming out.
    So it will be a 12 MP shooter.
    The software is that of the GX it seems. From the language.
    How was it known suspected to be the Hayabusa? Was it the sources , or it was just those things in the images?
    Just hope it is not some old GX itself.

  • DragonClaw

    Hello Mr Techi. Ever read the GSM Arena Review on Galaxy SIII vs HTC One X?
    The HTC One S running a snapdragon won almost everywhere. Only the graphics is where the 225 sucks. (Not suckes, but not as good as the tegra). So just hopinw we see the 3** Adreno in this beast.

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  • dereknobuyuki

    No Sony FeliCa logo, but I would assume it still has NFC.
    The FeliCa logo is great to tell you where the NFC sensor is when doing things such as having your phone interact with another phone, using your phone to enter the train system, or buying a drink from a vending machine.

  • dereknobuyuki

    I’ve said this before but SMC has never had any chance of beating Samsung’s sales this year.
    Samsung has more and bigger marketing especially from the carriers compared than any SMC device plus Samsung has a better relationship with more carriers.

    I’m sure SMC has their own targets and I hope they meet them through building good products with solid industrial design yet on a timely schedule.
    So far, SMC is building different devices for different markets and is putting a lot of attention into industrial design.
    But, as you’ve said, better screen/display technology would be great.

    Even domestically in Japan, where some people believe that SMC is a domestic maker, the Galaxy S3 (and the Fujitsu Arrows Tegra 3 device) will have the most marketing attention it seems.

  • The Truth Must Be Said

    Hi Mr.Smart  Mr.Knowledge Mr Genius Mr.Expert
    HTC ONE S Wins because its resolution is lower than GS3’s and OneX’s

  • The Truth Must Be Said

    Bla bla bla bla bla…. etc
    Anyway I hate samsung and I am not a fan of it. I am a sony fan but the truth must be said even if we are sony fans

  • The Truth Must Be Said

    “And please tell us why a phone needs to have a quad core CPU”
    For playing skyrim, resident evil 6, DOTA, DOTA 2, HALO , uncharted 3 and all pc games on phone smoothly without lag ^_^

  • Guest

    I would rather they don’t let that camera protrude out like that with a less “arc” design, and then they don’t have to go with weak batteries like 1700mAh.  We need 2000mAh these days.

  • Coollead

    You need help. None of those games will ever, ever be released in phone form.

  • Coollead

    The camera is a downgrade from the GX? Odd.

  • Coollead

    ….If by “50 million” you mean “shipped only 10 million”. 

  • Hansip87

    Actually, one deciding factor of Xperia style coolness is the hardware buttons :(
    Think about it, Xperia Ray, Mini series, LWW, they have an arc style home button. whereas Arc, X10, and Neo series have that wing formed buttons. They all just look great with those buttons.

    Without them, they all are just going to be a black slab with rounded chin at best..

  • i love sony design!! most especially like this one

  • rafi

    Xperia gx were sony lt29i. How come u mention gx were beauty but hayabusa were not??? Sony will never go with quad.core. If sony did.. Samsung exynos quad core not on the list… ;-)

  • sony logo should be on the bottom and xperia at the top. Hopefully it gets released in August.

  • Killing Spree

    i think Sony will be the 1st to feature the quad krait. because they’ve been using snapdragon since the time of the S1

  • SomeBody

    “I hate Samsung, but I want a Samsung CPU in my next phone…” I agree the Exynos is one of the best A9 CPU right now, but A9 is the past. Sony should either use A15 or Krait cores.

  • SomeBody

    1. There has been many leaks about Sony considering using AMOLED (Active Matrix OLED), but I don’t think it will feature a 1080p display. HTC (according to the leaks) is working on a Phablet. Under 5″ 1080p would be overkill, It would drain the battery drastically and slow down the system. As long as the display is 300+ PPI, Sony should be fine.

    2.  Following Sony’s trend, Sony never used the latest hardware, but they always brought out the most of it (The Xperia S scores almost 2 times more than the HTC Sensation XE, even though both have S3 clocked at 1.5Ghz). The GX uses S4, but the S4 PRO and the S4 are the same architecture, if a program is optimized for one of them, it will also run great on the other. So I think There is a great chance we will get the Quad-Core version (and as far as i know it’s only available with Adreno 320)

    3. Sony (once again according to the leaks) uses 1/3″ sensor size. Using the same 13MP RGBW sensor found in the GX would make sense to me.

    And for the others, only time will tell ;)

  • Samuel

    Sony uses cutting edge, yet stable and robust technology, in their devices. Hence, their devices withstands the tests of time better than Samsung’s (and most other manufacturer’s) products.
    And about your requirements, I beg to differ on certain points:

    1. OLED is still not a mature technology. The OLED’s burns out eventually with the blue going first, and subsequently followed by green and red. While OLED’s have good saturation and contrast, they have lesser colour reproduction accuracy, and since their OLED’s burn out, the saturation decreases over their life span (screens usually go from a blue tinge to a green and finally to red). The best option for Sony would be to go for full-array LED with local dimming lit IPS panels or license Super PLS panels from Samsung and couple them full-array LEDs. So you have good contrasts, excellent colour reproduction accuracy, viewing angles and a display that does not burn out and can be used for a long time. Coupling this with Schott’s Xensation or Asahi’s Dragontrail glasses, we’d have a clear winner.

    2. I’d rather have a true dual core Cortex-A15 based CPU (ST-Ericsson Nova A9600, Samsung Exynos 5 Dual, TI OMAP 5432) rather than a last generation quad core Cortex-A9 based one. Kraits are somewhere between A9 and A15 and true A15’s like the aforementioned will blow them out of the water. Plus, PowerVR’s and Mali’s are no slouches and can come in multiple core configurations to easily supersede the Adreno 320’s.

    3. Do that high a pixel count really matter? Anything above 8 megapixels is excessive and I’d rather have them focus on sensor quality and compression algorithms rather than pushing up the number.

    4. That would be interesting but would turn out to be more of a gimmick.

    5. I’m up for a good design if they provide user replaceable battery and expandable memory.

    6. Or they could partner up with a well established, cross platform cloud service to provide certain exclusive features to the Xperia line of devices, making it a buying advantage for consumers.

    7. That I wholeheartedly agree with.

  • Manjunathba
  • DragonClaw
  • i KNow?

    i agree on the battery and making just better More deail Clear 8mp sensors rather than just same bad camera but with more megapixels…

    removable battery
    something NEW in Camera deparpment, say Super clear 12,1 mpix technology.
    IPS screen.4,3-4,5 inch. thin bezels.

  • bkh

    A 28nm dual-core krait processor is more than enough to give you silky smooth performance – anything else is just overkill and will only reduce battery life. Manufacturers that include quad-core at this stage are just chasing specs as a selling point. Sony got it right when they said that quad-cores are for 2013 – the big.little architecture will make it more practical in terms of batt life.

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  • doraemonboi

    On screen button :( 

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  • Damodara Kovie

    Ok, that last gsm arena post about the “leaked images” of the lt29i Hayabusa is using images from an ebay posting for a REPLICA Xperia GX!! See this:

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  • Tyler9999

    yeah so sorry for tht my mistake its 10M and its predicted to sell 50M

  • Tyler9999

    totally respect ur opinion!!
    i would agree with ur A15 processor opinion!! it would be amazingly fast even the dual-core would kill the quads A9
    as for the screen this is good news to me!! yes the only thing that matters are the viewing angles but i would prefer any screen size falling between 4.3 to 4.7

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  • Dilawer

    I can bet my ass that guys took the snap with a Galaxy Nexus! ;)

  • coolcool

    i hope so

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  • Sodara_doung

    To be agree with ….. But more reasons you to need to know… :D one of them is Why many People complaining Sony Phone? Do you think Sony really made bad phone for us ( I mean not gain much Popularity like Galaxy S3 ) ? Or Do They want Sony to Beat Other Phone ? Find Out the truth by yourself you will know :D

  • Sodara_doung

    One more the First chance is not Totally fail :D

  • I think the arc/arc s would have looked better with touchbuttons

  • Lol 5mp camera in galaxy nexus

  • Better than ugly hardware buttons and oversensetive touchbuttons

  • At first I loved OLED but now I HATE it I have noticed that on my ps vita the color is different in all pixels whereas my phones LCD has color all proportional then I research OLED and find that 1. Its over saturated 2. It has an obvious blue tint and the pixels die with age (really fast) 3. Its much more expensive than IPS panels AND can’t achieve 300+ppi 4. Blotchy black colors 5. Samsung has a monopoly on OLED in which they make 97% of all panels plus own key patents which makes it almost impossible to not pay them royalties so dream on OLED hahaha I much rather prefer sony’s new crystal LED it has all the benifits of OLED but 1.won’t die quickly and no color tint 2.cheaper to make than LCD 3. No samsung monopoly

  • I want it soooo bad

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  • Phone is perfect. Except for the fact that it needs a fysical “home” button on the lower front like the iPhone or Galaxy. I hate having to push the button on top of my Xperia S to wake it up.

  • paul4id

    It looks too big to me.

    Also hate the on-screen buttons. Bring back true hardware buttons!

  • paul4id

     no – if you want form-over-function then go the crApple store. Hardware buttons = tactile superiority, as well as no accidental presses.

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  • True but I’m lazy and hate pressing hardware buttons and phones with soft key buttons look better

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  • JG

    Damn right!

  • JG

    LOL…. agree! Writer of the artcle is a fan or being paid by samsung. Too biased.

  • JG

    Well said SOMEBODY.

  • JG

    Because writer is a fan of samsung.

  • C13145

    and….where is SX  international appearance  !!!!!!!!!?????????????

  • dereknobuyuki

    FYI: Xperia GX didn’t make it’s JULY launch window. Now scheduled for AUGUST

    @Coollead:disqus , hopefully you’ll see your device in the first week of August.

  • Coollead

    Yep, I saw that, so I went to the Smartphone Lounge and threatened to cancel my contract. Made the guy look up my info and everything. I think he felt I was being serious, so he kept hinting to wait until August 3rd to make a decision. I’m assuming that’s when the official reservations will be announced.

    Just asking politely never gets you anywhere in this country, in situations like this. 

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  • Oscar Mark

    This is my next phone, if it ever comes to Europe.
    Otherwise I will move to China or get a job at Sony in Sweden.

  • Pudlikmaxik

    I see that here write all these were men desperate and jealous people from Samsung ……I feel sorry for you

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  • ur rightbutseeXZ

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