Xperia Z1 goes head-to-head against the Lumia 1020

by XB on 1st October 2013

in Imaging, Xperia Z1

lensesBack when the Nokia Lumia 1020 was first announced, we questioned whether the Xperia Z1 would be able to compete. We’ve seen a number of comparisons since the Xperia Z1 launched, but we thought it was worth highlighting this one by Steve Litchfield from All About Symbian fame. Litchfield is no stranger to camera comparisons having detailed shootouts from the best that Nokia has had to offer over the years.

Obviously, the camera hardware inside the Lumia 1020 is more powerful than the Xperia Z1 with its 41 mega pixel sensor and OIS, versus the 20.7 CMOS sensor in the Xperia Z1. Nokia makes good use out of its large sensor by using oversampling to create sharper and more detailed pictures. There’s perhaps no surprise therefore, that overall the Lumia 1020 wins the shootout against the Xperia Z1. However, it’s not as simple as that and from our eyes the Z1 comes quite close in some of the daytime shots. Click through for some of the cropped comparisons between both phones, however for the full roundup check out the source link below.

Crops compared: Lumia 1020 (left) versus Xperia Z1 (right)

– Click to enlarge

Lumia 1020_Z1_1

Lumia 1020_Z1_2

Lumia 1020_Z1_3

Lumia 1020_Z1_4

Lumia 1020_Z1_5

Lumia 1020_Z1_6


  • Guest

    Damn, didn’t expect those results.

  • Micro

    This is unbelievable, unremarkable bullshit. If I didn’t have the phone it is possible I would believe that, I couldn’t verify this. But I have one and to shoot such a shit with Z1’s camera, at best, first I should have at least Parkinson’s disease and some yogurt on the lens.
    Not that lumia can’t shoot like this, sure it can! But the other side is a complete b/s. (come on, trolls, call me a fanboy, kill me, start your war – I don’t care – but I will never believe this crap since I can verify this myself)

  • Cp2020

    Well…i hate 2 say this but…Z1 still lacks. Sorry… We have to be objective here. Nokia wins….again. At least Sony phones looks will always look better.

  • Nabeel Raza

    Xperia Z wins.


  • Nabeel Raza


  • Ashu1307

    Its 41 mp & uses oversampling! cropped picture will always look like that… Hence the more pixels have advantage after cropping

  • Tobias Schmitt

    That’s what you get with 20MP and a tiny sensor…
    Why should smartphone have a better performance than dedicated cameras???

    Just stop the megapixel-war and develop great 8MP-sensors or use a large enough sensor like pure-view at least ;-)

  • Cp2020

    It’s weird how on that last pic with nail varnish [ top shelf ] Sony didn’t even catch the color. It’s like top shelf is just black and white. So weird

  • Kazuo Sat?

    Should wait till Sony update the Camera software to do a comparison, it wasn’t ready for Z1 release.
    I’m pretty sure it hasn’t been updated yet.
    Then do the comparison again, it would be interesting to see the differences

  • Micro

    not weird… paid.

  • Umar Khan

    go F*** yourself Steve Litchfield even my XZ takes better pics then these z1 you posted…… so obviously you posted fake pics

  • Brad Williams

    I don’t trust anyone of these pictures!!!! Most of the Nokia pics look unnatural, as if there’s some lens filter being used. In fact, apart from the last two, the Z1 looks to me to have the more realistic colours.The Z1 pic with the car looks like he had the DT’s before he took the shot. The bottom pic looks like it has had lighting rigged up for the Nokia and just taken under crap light and even then choose the worst photo for Z1.

  • Micro

    It’s not the point mate, if the sensor have more Mp then it is capable to do oversampling, this is very good, especially for such a small sensors (physically small). This is not some talk about 8Mp better than 5Mp or 40Mp better than 20Mp. Larger resolution = more oversampling = better images than when using the whole available megapixels.
    But this is awkward – In 2005 I was already a professional, shooting with 5Mp (compact, not DSLR!) camera (doesn’t matter what brand). When after 8 years I see lumia’s 5Mp photos after such a technological jump, so great hardware, lens blah blah… they make me laugh at them.

  • C0DmG

    The troll has spoken…

  • Ali Alkhazal

    I really think this is a PAID head to head my xperia V takes better pictures than those

  • Micro

    Or he don’t know how to actually shoot photos in the first place.

  • cs098

    expected, the 1020 has a larger sensor, and more space for camera. it still doesn’t detract the fact for a camera with no hump, the z1 is out preforms every other non humped smart phone camera wise.

  • tknozn

    There is not big difference between 1020 and z1 also i think that Z1 s cam need an uptade about the camera .. It shouldnt be like that with bionz g lens..

  • cp2020

    Rather drastic conclusion…truth is I don’t know that so I have to go with what we can all see on these pics…and what I’m seeing it’s just strange. There’s a screw on that image as well. It’s gold on Nokia and grey on Z1. Stinks this

  • Micro

    When you completely have no idea what something is about, it’s always about the money.

    Ok, I am not sure of that, I can only suspect. What I know? It was a set up. Why…? That’s the real question.

  • Marinko Agic

    dont believe because gsm arena blog already have compare between Z1 and Lumia and Lumia photo are like shit

  • Kal

    More color on lumia

  • Marinko Agic
  • SomeBody

    Complete nonsense indeed. I don’t have the Z1 but I have the Nokia 808 and similiar ‘comparisons’ were done with that phone too. Microsoft should spend money upgrading their OS, not paying down reviewers.

  • samshit

    Obvious fanboy is obvious.
    Why you couldn’t just accept that Sony’s camera always lose?

  • Micro

    And here come the trolls!

    Does your mammy know that you are playing an idiot with her laptop that late ?

  • samshit

    hahahahahaha, show us please.

  • SinaKing

    Go F… Yourself Whit This Fake Pictures !
    You Are a F… Micronia Fanboy !
    Xperia Z1 Can Take More More Realistic Pictures !
    This Post Is Fake & This is Bullshit !

  • Methyl

    Sony Make Believe in Bullshit

  • samshit

    you’re the idiot here
    claiming that sony is the best when you have a clear proof that the camera is just shit.
    if the comparison have shown that z1 was better you’d say “HAIL SONY!”
    but it’s the inverse and now you’re like “FAKE FAKE TROLOLOLO THEY’VE BEEN PAID BY SHITSUNG AND NOKIA, OMG SONY HAZ 20MPX CAN’T BE TRUE!!!11!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1ELEVEN1!!!!”
    so childish
    go sleep moron

  • AA

    Where can I see the comparison on gsm arena? Thanks.

  • shumaranaman

    Are you a moron?

  • Micro

    blah blah

  • SinaKing
  • AA

    Thank you.

  • Dyaa ibrahim


  • SinaKing
  • SinaKing

    I’ve Attached Some More …
    Check Them Out Too ;)

  • Cp2020

    I know i own Z1 and I’ve seen pictures U uploaded not long ago. Those taken in Poland at night were stunning in quality so I have no doubt that the camera on board Z1 is a capable one. Above crops are surprisingly poor even compared with Nokia’s kind of ‘ different league ‘ sensor. It’s the colors I’m on about ….they just out of norm [ or they just not even there ]. I wish i had the phone myself, I’d be able to question the authenticity with more confidence… Just being rational…but I do get what U saying tho.

  • SonySucks!

    Another failure from Sony, just like the previous xperias..seems like Sony know very well how to trolls their own fans. ROFL xD

  • Cp2020

    I meant 2 say ‘ I know YOU own Z1 ‘ [ not me, i got XZ btw ]. Sorz bout mistype

  • -_-DnD

    -_- its just the camera. camera = LUMIA WIN SURE COZ ITS 41MP. but SPECS? HMMM goodluck for lumia LOL!

  • SonySucks!


  • SinaKing

    Always Lose ?!!!!
    Sony ?!
    One Of The Biggest Camera Producers in The World !?
    are You Fucking Kidding Us ?!
    Are You mad or something ?!
    Your are Blind Nokia Fans & You never Want accept Sony Improvements !
    Sony Is a Big name !
    Go & Think About Your F… Sold Out Company !
    HaHaHaaaaaaaaaaaaa !
    Micronokia whit that Bullshit Windows OS !

  • Micro

    I got it ;)
    In opposite what this troll is trying to yell, I never said Z1 is the best. It’s not. I am rational, that’s my point. There is, however, no way that Z1 performs that bad without intention to make it so. I can’t believe it because I saw it myself already.

  • Micro

    blah blah blah…
    keep trolling, I don’t care lol

  • SinaKing

    Bullshit Is your Close Mind !
    Free Your Mind From Fanboy Stuf’s ,
    Then You Can See The Light Of Truth !

  • samshit

    Got it…..just a brick Z1 with huge bezels, shit camera, pathetic battery life, the worst viewing angles display..and……will be abounded after Z2 release…yeah :/

  • SinaKing

    No , You Can’t Get It !
    Because You Can’t Even Imagine A Huge Name Like Sony In Your Mind !
    Try Trolling So More But You never achieve What You Want !
    We All Here Love Xperia Z1 & We Believe In Sony !


  • nidou bossy

    fuck you!

  • Raymond

    its so biased and edited ,look the distance of image from the other sample ,they have a huge margin ..If Sony has 27 mm lens and Nokia has 26 mm lens ,why there is a big gap on 1st, 4rth and 5th image sample…

  • Brad Williams

    Clear proof my arse!!!! that is nothing but a bullshit ad for a near defunct desperate company!!!

  • Chris

    I agree with you! It’s clearly Xperia Z1 are zoomed in and cropped cause like any other Xperia phone when you zoom in on a photo the quality is awful

  • sfordesign

    now this is something expected. sony still makes shit software. now somebody give us an explanation for that experiment that is posted on sony’s official site. i just want to know how those people able to make lumia 1020 taking almost the shittest photos among all

  • Brad Williams

    My Z is 9Mp at 16:9 on auto.

  • Micro

    My S shots 9Mp too on auto, but both don’t do oversampling, just cropping

  • Brad Williams

    I can’t agrue with that, I haven’t had a decent zoom since my Satio.

  • Micro

    True. Clear Zoom of Z1 can’t really compete with Lumia’s, that’s the fact. So I can’t believe in any edits there. But the photos compared at zoom level x2.5 (lumia) vs x3.0 (z1) with sensors that differs with 2:1 of Mp in real pixel resolution… bad joke. Done on purpose, can’t explain it other way. (check out the EXIFs on originals)

  • Brad Williams

    Personally, I think the guys at Xperia Blog were bored and wanted a laugh, so they posted this shit. :D

  • Brad Williams

    I did love the camera on my Satio but the phone had a serious failing…….Now what was that again??????? Let me remember…………………..Ahhhh, that’s right, it had a shit OS!!!! What was the OS???????????????? Ummmmmmm…….. If memory serves me right, it was fucken Nokia’s SHIT Symbian OS. :P :P

  • Micro

    watching fights is popular since the ancient Rome ;P yeah… could it be that simple? lol ;D

  • Tams80

    Unsurprisingly the 1020 is better.

    Still, some of the algorithms it uses are a little insane. I know there is a recent penchant for gold, but those the 1020’s photos are ridiculously so. The oversharpening is annoying to. These would be OK, if they could be changed, but for all its software configurability, contrast and sharpening were oddly ignored.

  • Tams80

    Symbian is fine, it’s just that when the Satio came out it hadn’t fully made the transition to a touch UI.

  • x-periance

    Who to trust?? Company that making DSLR or a company That just good in making phone?? Hurmmm….

  • Tams80

    You do know that both the Z1 and 1020 (and 808) all oversample by default. The 808 and 1020 oversample down to 5MP (with an 8MP on the 808) and the Z1 to 8MP. In other words the default settings for all three do just what you want them to: produce good lower resolution pictures.

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    Well, for a phone without a thick body and a hump, it certainly held on its own against the 1020.
    Overall, really impress with the Z1. Will definitely get it.

  • Error

    Sorry but Nokia rules

  • GuapoMe

    Make a video of the comparison, don’t just post stupid pics that we’re not even sure if it’s real.
    I don’t know why people can’t accept that Sony has the best mobile phone. Nokia sucks

  • GuapoMe

    nokia rules during 3310’s time during black and white phones were the only phones in the planet

  • Blabalaba

    The person who took this doesn’t know shit about photography

  • Andrie Putra

    hmmm… no wonder…. Sony Xperia Z1 with 20.1 Mp v.s Nokia Lumia 1020 with 41 MP .. can you see the diffrent ? resolution on camera ? yeah! that’s the answer

  • Ray

    Dude it’s 20 mp vs 41 mp. Obviously nokia gonna win here but sony still managed to stand on its own ground. Imagine if sony has 41 mp?

  • JEp
  • Ray

    No it’s failure to nokia because their overblown pixel, sd cardless smartphone still managed to got beaten by other smartphone.

  • Colby Leong

    I think this is more fair, but you have to remember that GSM did do a Z1 review based off a pre-production model, and passed it off as the final product.
    It’s not that I am saying the Z1 is the best camera out there, because simply put, next to the 1020 it cant be. Just look at the MP count, but at the same time it doesn’t mean that the Z1 is weak at every aspect. They’re both camera phones, and both do exceptionally well for what the consumers for those companies want. In the end it’s what you want in your pictures.
    PERSONALLY: I think the 1020 is better in more aspects, but Sony does do well in others, and for half the MP that’s something.

  • f(x)

    shitty auto mode! Lol! in fact not just this site but others site and tech critics said same thing about z1’s camera that “nothing special”
    Camera of Nokia Lumia 1020 and LG G2 are much better, find out the truth! i dare you.

  • Poor Sony

    Are you deluding yourself? Sony fanyboys just suck, hope you guys’re good at it, keep licking sony balls. LOL!

    I’m not surprised why sony’s getting worse each day.

  • Faisal Armand

    I haven’t found Xperia V camera comparisons on the internet, do it please :)

  • Chris

    I had Sony Ericsson C905 with 8mpx camera and the pictures were awesome. Now there are lots of camera futures and sensors and lots of megapixels but where’s the quality?

  • Cp2020

    nope….it must be You again.

  • Tobias Schmitt

    In order to oversample with enough details that don’t get smeared because of noise reduction you need a decent (big) sensor. You can oversample as much as you want – and for sure it helps – but for now nobody can cheat physics.
    Bigger sensors normally produce better pictures…

  • Geoffxx

    I actually agree with you, those pictures must have been shot with the Z1 front camera
    I would also like to know what Firmware the Z1 had – and I also think the lumina has a great but not that much of a difference

  • Geoffxx

    I have many Satio pictures on my SD card that is now in my Z1 and the Z1 produces much better photo’s and the Satio was good

  • thumble

    It is nt possible to believe any of those reviews becourse it is confuseing and you will thing is this really the z1 camera but of course this picture are taken from aomeone who do snt know how take pictures my z1 takes better pictures then this what we se here best someone can do is to find out on you own

  • DeLorean75

    This could make me switch to Windows Phone. Does any Android phone even come close to this?

  • Alex Marinos

    The pics on Xperia are just awful, if sony wont release an update for the camera asap it will stay in the shopping drawers. The noise on the photos is just too much. I bought Z1 last week and im not happy about the camera at all. My iphone 4s takes better pictures.

  • Alex Marinos

    I totally agree, the software on Z1 needs updating. Theres no way this phone can shoot pics with such noise but it does…

  • krabappel2548

    The person in this review obviously don’t know how to take photos with Z1 (on purpose??) This is a more realistic comparison:

  • Alex Marinos

    True, but having a Z1 for a almost a week i see no difference from the photos above and the photos i shot. Theres too much grain and noise when shooting on super auto with the Z1.

  • Cristi13

    Taking into acount that the company which makes dslr were making disappointing cameras in their phones until recently…. I know who i would trust.

  • Divine Jakiro

    Sony might can win if it has 41MP sensor, but nokia is not lose directly as well as they have a better jpeg creation.
    but actually can take photo that satisfy ourselves that is enough :)

  • x-periance

    Well … Good for you.

  • Indeed, just as there was with the early Z firmware. You’d think Sony would have not made the same mistake twice – given that most of the reviews of the Z1 will be using the early firmware and base their ratings on that.

    Go to manual mode and it’s fair to say the Z1 performs pretty well even against the Lumia 1020 (which I’d say is a massive leap, given the flexibility afforded by the lossless zoom, OIS and unique features of the Pro Cam app), but to be fair to those doing tests – keeping things simple by staying in auto mode is probably fair and justified, given that’s how most people will use the camera.

    The only thing with such a comparison is that given the fact the Lumia is a Windows Phone, for many it will be out of the running no matter how good the camera is. It’s great to see these comparisons, but as Steve would no doubt admit himself, many of the great cameraphones he’s tested over the years have been on devices that few people want – the N8, the 808 PureView and now the Lumia phones with PureView.

  • Guest

    I was really hoping for smt better from Z1, hopefully it ll be resolved with an update.

  • I must jump in and defend Steve. He’s been in the biz for years, much like myself, and has probably seen and used just about everything.. and he’s done many a camera test so does know a thing or two about taking photos!

    I’ve got a Lumia 1020 and the camera is amazing, even if it might get the colours a little wrong (which can be easily fixed). The Pro Cam app is amazing in that you can zoom in, or out, after taking the photo (thanks to the raw image being saved – my only gripe here being that you can’t actually save off those images, unless there’s a hack I’m not aware of) and the OIS makes it near impossible to get a blurry shot.

    But, what phone do I use? The Z1 (and before that, the Z) because a) It’s Android and b) The camera, bar auto mode, is more than adequate for my needs in most cases.

    Another test that might (should) level things out would be the Lumia 1020 vs the QX10.

  • Alex Marinos

    I was expecting smt better from Z1, hopefully it ll get resolved with an update

  • Howell

    The last photo (nail polish) is a FOREGROUND! if sony camera was not zoomed on that scene then definitely it will not be blurred like that!

  • Well, according to some people on Xda-developers, the Z1 is still to get the ‘proper’ camera app that will use the BIONZ image processing. No idea if that’s true or not, but the Xperia Z1 is sure to get tweaked here and there to optimise things. I also think that users will gradually learn to use the manual mode more, which makes a huge difference in low-light.

    Meanwhile, Camera360 is a good camera app that seems to offer good results and the ability to save photos with less compression.

  • Troll

    Agree with your first sentence.
    But Sony’s Camera always lose? My NEX-6 Begs to differ.

  • Yup, and I doubt most of the tech sites will re-review the phone when it does get updated.

    Please Sony, make sure your next big release (I guess that will be the Z1 mini) has fully optimised software on the models given out to the press!

    I would say that Steve is one of the people I’d say would re-compare if he got an update.

  • arcu de triumf

    Awful photos from Z1. My old SE K610i had better photos. Of course you can blame the photographer you can blame it on the wheather, the Sun, the whatever you want…The point is that this is the camera quality for all Xperias. They can put 500MP camera on mobiles. For nothing. That’s not the way to improve the quality. For that kind of money only the brand stands. I just want to ask the product manager from Sony: are yo happy with what you’ve done? Are you proud of these photos? Is anybody there that could check the mobiles before sell them? Don’t you look at the competition? Good luck with that management.

  • Alex Marinos

    I dont really count on reviews since i got the device and im testing it in everyday use, although you got a point on the fact that these phones are not the final versions to be tested.

  • All of the Z1 review units given out had .518 and who knows if any updated to .534, which seems to be a lot better. You can see in the above comparison that Steve has stated he was on .518 – so straight away that could explain some of the results.

    Some comments here and elsewhere suggest journalists were using prototypes or pre-production units, but that’s not true as the devices given out are the same units that went to retail. It’s just that an update was released very soon after, but not for the unbranded models that everyone got. I updated mine using flashtools, but I doubt most people have done that and are maybe only now getting .534.

    There’s also a newer version (14.1.G.2.213) that should be available very soon, but – again – how long until everyone gets it?

    Some people are clearly in denial over the fact that the Z1 can take some very bad photos, but only if you allow it by using the auto mode!!

  • Alex Marinos

    I updated FW the day before yesterday to 534 and i noticed various changes in performance AND camera use. On 518 superior auto and manual mode on auto setting (iso auto, BWB auto) looked almost the same in low light conditions. After the update to 534 superior auto got even worse, the iso setting goes throught the roof on low lit conditons producing even more noise, but on the other hand manual mode got better with this update making pics a bit less noisy when shot on auto iso.

  • Yeah, low-light does make the auto mode shoot the ISO up to a crazy level. For a laugh, go to ISO 3200 in manual and you’ll get a photo that looks like you’ve run it through a heavy blur filter in Photoshop!

    I’ve found that auto mode works much better overall though, namely in good lighting conditions or when using the flash.

    Manual is the way to go, every time. As the camera button always launches in auto mode (I can’t find a way to change that), I’ve now got a shortcut icon to launch in manual mode on the dock.

  • Micro

    That’s what bugging me – he suppose to know what he is doing. Don’t you see irony here?

    Q. Let’s say then he is a pro, and I’m just a stupid fanboy. How come I do better photos?
    A. I have some magic power or he just did it this way in purpose.

    it is obvious that 1020 is a winner here, nobody (reasonable) denies that. We deny the Z1 is THAT bad as it follows. Any test 1020 vs Z1 will make 1020 win, but not like this!

    and BTW, I personally don’t think that Qx10 could beat 1020. QX100 yes, but not QX10. That’s MHO of course.

  • The text does confirm he was running the Z1 with .518 so that’s possibly part of the problem.

    But what I would say is that since getting my Z1 and taking a load of photos, in a range of different lighting conditions (bright sunny days and indoor photos at bars etc), you can often get some stunning photos when you expected the image processing to really screw things up, or some really dodgy photos even when the conditions are excellent.

    It’s reasonable to just stick to auto mode when doing a comparison test, but that’s where Sony loses out because its auto mode sucks, just as it does on the Xperia Z, SP and any other Xperia with it.

  • Alex Marinos

    Still the phone needs updating, it should perform way better on super auto. I mean whats the fuss about bionz G lens with bigger sensor if it produces such bad quality photos.

  • Totally. I really hope it’s true that Sony is still to release the ‘proper’ camera software to fully realise the potential of this image sensor.

  • Micro

    Negative. I did my photos completely in auto mode. Plus, AFAIK .534 is not even related to camera, but even if it is, I still did better and I used .518. That’s the problem I see here. Z, S, SP yes, autos were average, not suck but not good either. But this auto does it’s job very well. Perhaps it will got even better after camera software update, but it is definitely not taking such a s**t that Steve showed there.

  • .534 contained improvements to the camera, but I’m hopeful that the rumours of an all-new version in the pipeline turns out to be true.

    Unfortunately, Sony doesn’t offer any other way to upgrade the camera app as it does with the album, movies, Walkman app etc (or hasn’t thus far).

    Camera360 seems to produce some good images though, although I find it a little fiddly (tries to do too much). I’m looking forward to it supporting my QX10, as the Sony PlayMemories app is extremely average.

  • Tomst

    What happened to this website..??

  • Too Much LOL

    I’m lolling too much. Where the fuck is the EXIF data?

  • Micro

    I won’t argue about the improvements to the camera, because I have not enough info about it. I can only tell what I see – I didn’t notice any significant changes even if they are there (perhaps they are).

    But my point is still that the comparison was made at least extremely carelessly. We are comparing here two uncomparable cameras, so just a little more effort to make it properly wouldn’t hurt Steve, the crown wouldn’t fall off his head IMO. Unless he was paid to do that (what would ruin another part of my world though), this is at least just a biased bullshit.

  • rockstar

    if you guys feel zooming have killed the photo please checks allaboutsymbina or windows phones ite to check full res images… remember nokia have 5mp images and z1 have 8mp images…. unfortunately i dont have used both phones but i do have xperia z and nokia 808… and please sony xperia z had a shtty camera(i fell for the waterproof ability nd to click photos while underwater that nokia cant do…. if you take full res image on xperia z.. noise is unbearable… and i think steve compres cameras well… there are lot of camera comparisons… dont look for scores given… u can check full resolution images not the cropped one gven here on the website … dont be a fanboy sony’s mobile cameras recently have been really bad….i find nokia 1020 colours saturated more but still it have mre detail in 5mp even than sony’s 8mp…

  • fantasy

    Guys can you explain this photos taken by Nokia phone. Kindly get one of the reviewer to take something similar to proof he is not an amateur.

  • josesl16

    These are 100% Crops, aren’t they?

  • foo


  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    Listen stupid idiot, im a sony fan, but the truth is, z1 is the best camera in an android smartphone, but when comes to 1020 lumia the result are closer in daylight, in low light without flash z1 wins (wich i didnt see any pic of that in this comparaison) but in low light with flash lumia wins by faar, simply z1 camera in low light and night sucks and that a shame because of the poor flash thats the big mistake of sony

  • docomo
  • lol

    Xperia™ L

    Experience Sony camera expertise in a smartphone

    Xperia L still suck compared than Z1, “experience based on my L”

  • Micro

    95% agree
    5% not because xenon flash would totally ruin the phone – xenons force thickness increase about 2 times (not to mention it’s a great battery killer). Z1 would then look like a metal brick ;) So i can’t agree it’s a mistake. It’s a phone, not only a camera (what makes 1020 only an expensive camera, good, but just camera)

  • rafimessi

    sooo much crap!! i got my z1 a week back n the camera is fabulous!!! i took a few pictures today!! chck em out!!

  • rafimessi

    cant upload picturs becuz thyr larger than 2 mb :/ ill have to crop em?

  • Micro

    use or dropbox or flckr ( preferred, and you’ll get free 50GB space if you register an account from xperia phone)

  • rafimessi


  • rafimessi

    yea i have to do that!!

  • Micro

    IMHO this is a real, professional comparison – it shows all weaknesses of each one, not glorifying any of them:
    And no fights, just facts. I miss it here.

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  • Mohit Gupta

    May you’re right in what you’re saying but still it’s hard to imagine the Z1 taking those pictures! Even the worst camera from Sony Ericsson (G900) took better photos than that.. Even my Xperia Z!

  • tb77

    The 1020 takes 5 & 34/38 MPix in Auto Mode – The Z1 only MPix, so Lumia is way better in Auto Mode. Please compare Z1 & 1020 in manual mode!

  • ik

    I like both Sony and Nokia but Damn that lumia 1020 is a camera beast

  • roeshak

    I’m sorry! All the fanboys crying foul need to get a grip. These pictures are obviously from the Z1.
    Yes they’ve probably just used auto mode when taking these pictures and so just like the Z, the white balance is totally wrong producing whitish pictures with washed out colours.
    But I’m sure the Nokia too is on auto mode so a level playing field.
    This for me is nothing new, considering the specs of both cameras, only the most self deluding Sony fanboys could have thought the Z1 one could match the lumia.
    The 1020 has a far more capable camera. Simple!! Did you guys really believe the Z1 could produce better results with a much lower specced camera. Come on! Even fanboyism must have its limits. It’s like you were expecting a Ferrari to outpace a formula one motor just because you love the brand Ferrari.
    The Z1’s camera is good enough to beat most other run of the mill smartphone cameras if used properly but it was never going to challenge the 1020. It was foolish to even hope for this.

  • Brad Williams

    I’m certain the C905 didn’t make it to Australia but I had the C902 and it wasn’t a bad camera.

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    Agree my friend, but if just sony make a flash like samsung it wil be greaaaat, it so powrfull honestly

  • [csizor

    Dafuq? My Xperia Ray took better pictures than those in the right. I’m getting my Xperia L this saturday and I’m sure it also will. And I’m getting the Z1 mini next year and it will also take great pictures…

    Someone is liying on this post.

  • Micro

    true.. this one I took once with C902, so old camera now, only 5Mp, no oversampling etc..

  • Tomoya Okazaki
  • guess who’s coming for diner

    True, just look at comment counts, Xperia S was a popular subjetc with lots of comments, now it is Honami Mini that has lots of com’ and fight over sammy/nokia/apple/htc etc…

  • Guest


    #itsover #ripsony #pray4sonyfanboys

  • Ghareeb Saeed

    I still have this phone LOL

  • Umar Khan

    I must say samshit got wooped by Micro on stating that samshit is messing with her mum’s laptop….hahhahahah

  • Umar Khan

    guys guys…. Author is totally right here, he only made one tiny mistake, he was comparing the front camera’s of both the phones and forgot the main camera were at the back of the phones.

  • Brad Williams

    Thanx for sharing Micro. This was with my Arc. Just the standard Arc not the S

  • Brad Williams

    And this was with the Satio.

  • Micro

    oh yes… no full-blown-just-discovered-best-ever-over-nokia-sampling and still perfect
    Sometimes I miss those old cameras..

  • Micro

    owww…. Satio..! *snif*

  • VVega

    OMG polish fanboy LOLOL

  • Micro

    oh, hi troll :D

    I know, you didn’t graduate do parent’s never gonna buy you anything, so at least you can hate around.. poor baby.. go on, we don’t care anyway lol

  • Brad Williams

    Yes, to this day I still miss its camera. :)

  • subm

    Horrible color and noise by sony camera

  • Alex Marinos

    an alltime classic applefan site review

  • Guest


  • Guest


  • Guest

    my mini pro on gingerbread!!!!
    some paranoma somr direct sun shot!!!beats moto g!!!!some paranoma too!!!!
    5 mp auto mode on all

  • Shubham Mutreja

    my mini pro 5mp cam with auto mode!!!!!!
    zoom it samsung nokia fanboyzzzz!!!!!
    all pics without FLASH in AUTO MOD!!!!!!!
    that sketch is made by me
    and there is photo captured bu mini pro of sun!!!
    yeah i captured sun and none of surrounding things were black due to that!!!!!

  • Shubham Mutreja

    thats my mini pro 5 mp auto mod!!!

    zoom it galaxy nokia iphone fanboysss
    and sony fans too like me!!!!!!!
    all pics without flash in auto mod
    sketch is made by me
    and photo of direct sun is also there!!!!

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